love birds (part-22)

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this episode is starting from aditi is calling john through the mobile.johs says to aditi,I wants to tell important things to you. so we will meet in restaurant today evening.aditi nodes at john.she ends the call.she smiles.

Sankara comes to bihaan room.she sees him alone there.she goes to bihaan.bihaan turns at her.he scolds her.he says to that Sankara,why are you coming here.I told you know I hate you.I shame on you.Sankara says to him,stop it bihaan.what are you thinking in your heart.I accept you won in marriage .but you can’t win in your life.I will seperate thapki from you.I will kill her.I won’t give up you to thapki.bihaan gets angry.he didn’t say anything her.he turns his face from her.Sankara smiles seeing his tensed face.she goes from there.he freezes and recalls about what Sankara says to him.thapki comes behind him. she calls bihaan name.but he recalls about Sankara.bihaan thinks Sankara comes again to room and she was calling his name. he folds his hands angrily.thapki thinks what happend to him.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan where you looking? he gets angry.he raises hands against thapki.she gets shocked.bihaan sees that is thapki.he gets shocked.he sees thapki eyes.his angry gone from him.bihaan says to her,thapki….i… I am sorry actually I thinks about….thapki suddenly keeps her finger in his mouth.she says to him did you spoke with Sankara.bihaan gets shocked.he says to her, thapki how you know this..? thapki says to him I know bihaan.sankara loves you.she still crazy on have this problem only in this home.bihaan sees her.he says to her,how you know thapki,?thapki says to him,bi…. bi… bihaan I know you very well.I will find everything in your face.he gets teary eyes.she also gets teary eyes.bihaan holds her face.he says to her,thapki…I am so lucky.god gives such a wonderful wife like you to me.bihaan hugs her.bihaan smiles at her.they hugs each other.they smiles(ranjhanaa plays…..)

vasu calls everyone to downstairs. she says to them,tomorrow is sankranthi my two sons gets married in this year.I wish to them get happy always.thapki and bihaan gets happy.they agrees to vasundhara.

Sankara thinks about bihaan and her challenges. then she recalls about dhruv. Sankara thinks about dhruv’s love.she takes that saree.she wears that saree.Sankara waits for dhruv.dhruv comes to room.he sees Sankara.he stares at her.dhruv says to her,you are looking beautiful Sankara. Sankara didn’t say anything.dhruv gives his hands to Sankara.Sankara sees him.she holds his hands.dhruv smiles at her.they goes to restaurant.

thapki sits in front of mirror.she takes ear rings.bihaan comes to room.he sees thapki.he goes near to her.bihaan stands behind of her.thapki sees him.she Stares at him.bihaan takes necklace.he makes her to wear.(na na naa… plays)

she smiles and closes eyes.she stands .bihaan takes that ear rings he wears in her ears.bihaan takes back her hair.he holds his hands in her belly.she closes her eyes. she gets shy.he kisses her shoulder.then to neck.he kisses her cheek.she turns to him.he smiles at her.she goes from him.he holds her hands.he pulls her on him.she hugs him back.they dances each other for romantic song (ishq wala love….music plays….)he lifts her.he swirls her.they smiles at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)

Sankara and dhruv reaches restaurant. waiter comes to them. dhruv asks to Sankara what you want to eat?she says to him anything. then dhruv ordered veg pulav.waiter tools order.he goes from there.dhruv asks to Sankara,do you accept me in your life.Sankara shakes her head.she smiles at him.dhruv holds her hands.he claps the hands. one guy comes with flowers.he gives to dhruv.he goes from there.dhruv gives flowers to Sankara. he says to her,I love you Sankara. let’s begins new life.Sankara thanks him.aditi and john comes to same restaurent.they sees dhruv and Sankara.they gets shocked.aditi tells to him,if they sees us then problems will let’s go john.john nodes at her.they goes from there.

vasu talks about sankrathi festival celebration to balwander.she says to servant to arrange everything.

thapki and bihaan hugs in their room.bihaan seperate from thapki.thapki goes from him.but her blouse dori stuck in bihaan wrist band.bihaan sees this.he slowly removes it from his band. bihaan sees the dori opens because of stuck in wrist band.he goes to her.he touches her blouse back.she feels at him.he ties that blouse lace.thapki recalls about Sankara.she cries.bihaan hears her crying sound.he turns her face to him.bihaan sees thapki is crying.he asks to her,why are you crying thapki.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan I am so scared about Sankara.she trying to seperate us.bihaan says to her,I won’t believe anyone except you. I know about you.don’t worry.he wipes her tears.bihaan hugs her.he smiles.they hugs each other.(na na naa plays…..)

bihaan shocked seeing thapki in glamorous avatar.dhruv and Sankara makes kite flying.

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  1. Good episode Vinolin dear… upload the next asap

  2. Alia919

    I know u will make each scene beautiful..
    Keep it up…
    Lovely episode…
    Thahaan sence too good…
    Waiting for next episode….

  3. Wow nice . Thank God Shankar moves on in her life with dhruv. Upload next part soon..but wait wait I was thinking that it may be a threat by Shankar against thapki..

  4. Good one vino… waiting fr nxt part dear…

  5. Amazing episode . Finally Dhruv and Sankara ❤ story . Thahaan scenes as usual ? . Precap ? Plz continue …..

  6. Superb.waiting for next episode.

  7. wao….druv sanker love….i like it….update soon….

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