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Shivaay Singh Oberoi stood in the middle of his room, sad, defeated…his phenomenon of Naam-khoon-khandaan has cost a lot to him, a lot that it took his Annika long three months away from him and he just behaved like a real Devdas but with out any dog or Daaru.,” For this silly reason, just because I am not son of Pinky Singh Oberoi, just because I am one illegitimate son of Oberoi family, My Annika has to sacrifice her love for me…”.

Annika..his Annika…his wife sat in pool side, away from him, giving him time to accept the truth, his birth truth. She tried hard, very hard to hide hurtful truth from him but it just come out by his played trick..She had to say that once again..And he just left to their room, closing the glass door behind him,”It was two hours before that Shivaay locked door, I have to check him”.
“Annika …I am fine. Mujhe akela chod do meri Maa”- Shivaay shouted back.
She left him three months ago, all alone he was left from then. She thought he have his name-blood-lineage along with his family,his brothers but she was too wrong to take a decision of his life by going away from him after hurting him badly or faking it,”I am not a fool, I am Annika…”. She ran to the poolside window once again, jumped inside his room like monkey..it is not the first time for her….

“Shivaay…”- Annika kept her hands on his shoulder.
Why she have to console him in a descend way..He feels like too small in front of her…what if she left him again like last time,” Just don’t leave me alone again Annika”.
Annika has accused his family, his phenomena, she accused his brother Omkara in his place for being illegitimate and his brother Omkara accept a big fat lie just for him, It pointed finger at character Tej Singh Oberoi once again after Shwetlana matter. All this reached a blunt end when his so called mother Pinky Singh Oberoi accepted her mistake openly on front of the whole family and the devotee Shakti Singh Oberoi …just leave his reaction of that spineless man, his father of long 33 years.

“I kept following you all thw time”- Shivaay accepted,” I said all that this women marriage, broken, divorce, I have nothing to do with you.. all that crap in anger …tum jaanti ho mujhe Annika…And I am very disappointed ki you know me this much well to take advantage of my weakness against me..us”.

“I thought it is good for you…you will be happy away from truth”- Annika make him sit properly, keeping two pillow on his back..,” I signed a deal with Pinky aunty…That she will never tell you truth and I will go away from your life…”.
“Its truth Annika..I have a righy to know truth..like you have…”- Shivaay took a deep breath,” You took such a step that broke the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi in to pieces…”.
“Shivaay meri galti hai…”- Annika said,” Mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha. But for a person like you, a tadibaaz who is much attached to naam,khoon, khandaan, who keeps on asking his enemies even about their name-blood-lineage …its not easy..its not”.

“When you are with me, beside me..I can tolerate anything means every thing..I said you before that tum meri taaqat ho Annika”- Shivaay said,” I kept in stalking you..to see you secretly…to bring you back here near me by hook or crook..I tried very hard and failed for forgiveness…Par saari galti meri nahi hai Annika..tumne hi mujhe…”.
“I was escaping from this city but OmRu stopped me on my way..”- Annika disclosed.
“I wonder..main kya karta tumhare bina..Tum Mumbai chod ke chali jaati toh..”- Shivaay hold her hands,” you were away from me…but at least we both were in the same city…breathing the same air..”.

“I saw your Chandni when I returned home from lock up that morning and then your khidkitod return to Oberoi mansion…”- A tadibaaz behaved like an Ishqbaaz,” I feel like kissing you hugging you tight to never let you go…But my tadi…your tadi come in between…”.
“Seriously, you have many houses in Mumbai..Farm houses, Houses all over India and you didn’t left Oberoi Mansion but chose to stay in my house…That is a logical joke..”- Annika laughed out,” Shree Shree Shree Kanji Ankhen wala tadibaaz Bhagad Billa decided to live in my house…”.
“I too wonder what was your need to claim my house…”- Shivaay gave a dry smile,” Tum toh mere Dil mein rehti thi…Ghar ki kya jarurat hai tumhe…”.
“Did you started milk business also…”- Annika tried to lift his mood,” you are buttering me too much my Billuji”.

“I said you before too Annika but let me remind you …”- Shivaay closed his kanji eyes,” that you comes before any phenomena..any ideology..any thing..with me..Just after OmRu”.
“I will bring your food, you stay in room”- Annika tried to get up but he stopped her,” I don’t feel like”….
“Bhaujai…Khaana”-Gouri came with a tray laden with food..alu poori, paasta, milk and Omkara with a jug of water..
“Shivaay…”- Omkara called softly…,” you have to take your medicine..”.
“I know…Annika hey na to take care of me..”- Shivaay went to wash his face..,” Om tum bass..just take care of the things you have now…”.

“Gouri Shivaay is fine..you don’t worry for your Bade bhaiyya..”- Annika assured.
“I know..in fact we all know..”- Rudra appeared to give special comment.,” He is the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi..his Annika is with him..So literally every thing have to be fine…”.
“Ok …let him take his food, medicine and some rest…”-Omkara headed back followed by Gouri and Rudra…
“They love me still even after all this , but I am jealous they loves you more then then loves me”- Shivaay sat, Annika served the food in a plate.
Shivaay just sat opening his mouth. Annika feed him a spoonful,” my turn now…You fed me that day and I am doing the same…”.
“We show attitude but loss miserably..You brought Ragini and I brought Vikram but later we discovered that actually they both brought each other…”- Annika said.

“On that day…I was so jealous hearing about your engagement in Dargha…You praised that tall palm tree, you declared marriage, you brought him between us…”- Shivaay chew his food, looking at her face,” So only I brought Ragini in to see your jealous reaction…”.
“Aur khud JSO ban kar baithe the…”-Annika teased,” Gouri and Rudra always sang JSO rocks..JSO rocks…”.
“Gouri and her antics…”- Shivaay looked at happy face of Annika,” I tried very hard to control my laugh looking at Ragini and her face during Mehendi ceremony…”.

“I was so happy at your Mehendi…My name was looking so perfect in your palm but reality hit me hard”- He tried to jugde her reaction who blushed…
“Your name in already written..haathon ke lakeeron mein…”- She whispered.
“Annika…I was so happy when I ran to you after leaving that ring…but you just…my breath got struck somewhere…you broke my dream there…”- Shivaay felt sad at that memory..,” I took one step towards you, but you just ran away from me. Om and Gouri teased me mercilessly after your departure that I became a real JSO and then ran to you…our telepathy told me about you in some problem..”.
“I took your name there…I missed your care terribly..”- Annika too felt sad that incident,” you are right…only we both can handle and tolerate each other…”.

” I am ready to tolerate you…For my whole life..”- Annika wiped his mouth and gave his medicine…who gulped the same.
“You make Shivaay out from Shivaay Singh Oberoi…”- He lay flat,” yeh deal kaafi mehenga padega..phir se soch lo meri Jhansi ki raani”.
“You said Jhansi ki raani right!!”- Annika smirked,” Let me see a lion tamed in cage of Ishqbaazi…”.
“I wonder Annika..what is more painful..”- Annika gave a confused look, she has managed to distract him so far and now,” being an illegitimate or being an orphan!!”

“People with large loving family,brothers, sisters, wife shouldn’t talk about that..”- Annika ran her finger on his hair,” Who are you talking about…with two words like orphan and Illegitimate..”.

“Hum dono ko fark padta hai toh sirf ek doosre se…”- they accept finally…,” nothing more or less…”.

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