Twinj OS : Dinner Night By TuttiFrutti (For Fenil Bro)

This os contains some romantic segments though mild but do not read them if u aint comfortable…(I repeat its
mild and nothing to worry about. Read, comment and enjoy )

“This won’t help either.” Kunj said sternly looking at his pouting wife.

“But you know na, that Babe had a Mata ki chowki today and I could not really skip it. She would’ve got hurt you know…Please forgive me…Am sorry…we will go for dinner tomorrow na…” Twinkle pleaded tugging at his arms.

“Oh yeah! She would have got hurt but what about me? Yesterday you went with Anita Aunty for some Stupid kitty party, Today Babe kept Pooja, And tomorrow you will have yet another excuse. From past one week I was planning for a dinner date but you have time for everyone else except your husband.” he jerked her and went away.

“But Kunj…” she once tried to convice him but was cut in-

“No Buts and Ifs Twinkle…you have already spoiled my mood please let me do work now. Leave me alone. Go! Don’t expect anything from me if you don’t even have time for me.” He was really angry now, he sat on the bed and resumed working on his laptop.

Disappointed and dejected Twinkle looked on helplessly…she knew that he was right indeed…he pampered her like a baby…fullfilling her every big and small wish and here she was so engulfed in trying to be the best daughter in law, that she neglected him, she really felt guilty but damage once done is done, nothing can be changed.

Sighing she closed their bedroom’s door and took her night clothes out, just then a naughty idea came into her devilish mind to woo her Mr.Sadu Sarna. Taking the clothes she went inside the restroom smirking ,leaving Kunj busy with his work. It was ‘t like Kunj had not noticed her going into bathroom and spending whole half an hour in …the delay worried him…Has she fainted? Was she fine inside or not? He wondered. His mind urged him to ignore but his heart was restless …His anger was fine but he won’t be able to tolerate seeing his Twinkle in trouble…What should he do then? Should he go in and check? He was still juggling between the thoughts when door clicked open But he was in no mood to forgive her so easily. Diverting his gaze he tried to drown himself back into work, for he was determined to not to give in so Soon.

Smirking Twinkle walked towards him like a seductress, and stood near the edge of the bed. He secretly looked up still pretending to work but the sight he saw made him gulp. She was standing there dressed in pink silky robe with a deep neck showing off most of her cleavage with a knot tied securely at her petite waist…its length was above her knees showing a large part of her smooth silky thighs enough to leave Kunj carving for more…

The wet hair and intoxicating fragrance of hers was enough to give him rush of hormones. He took a short leave from his work and admired the piece of gem his wife was…and busied himself back. But it was too difficult for him to ignore her now and even Twinkle wasn’t in a mood to be ignored then.

“Darling!” she said in less of cribbing but more of a seducing voice, taking his laptop she kept it on the bedside table and took its place and snatched his file away.
“What is this Twinkle? Give me my file back…” Kunj demanded. His anger was gone long back but he was
pretending to be cross at her for he could see that his anger was giving him sweet surprises.

“Why are you still angry Sadu Sarna? She asked caging his neck with her arms
“Yes! For god’s sake will you give me my file back ?” He said trying to free himself failing miserably. Gosh! It was so difficult to stand up against her charms…He thought.

“Do you really want the file Sadu?” she asked tightening her hold on him tracing his lower lip with her
thumb, sending jolts down his stomach.

“yes!” He said…’Who wants the file i just wanna kiss you.’ He thought inwardly

“Are you sure about it?” Twinkle asked moving dangerously close to him her luscious lips tempting him more.

He just nodded for his words were not daring to spill out seeing such bold avatar of her otherwise bubbly wife.

“Fine then…as you wish.” She said getting up but was soon twirled back into awaiting arms of her husband.
Kunj looked at her for a second and without wasting a moment he joined their lips together in a passionate kiss…

She took a break from the kiss to catch her breath…”I am still angry.” He said in a husky voice and she knew what it meant…She steadied herself in his lap and leaned in again and engaged in a wild passionate lip-lock…High on their hormones no one amongst them was in mood to control themselves… Leaving her mouth he explored her body creating deep sensation inside her resulting in loud mouns, igniting him even more…

“Still angry?” she asked backing out… as s*xily as possible…

“Hmm…” he nodded in yes, his eyes dark with desire, while she eyed him hungrily.

She was in charge of the night and Kunj wasn’t be barred…They were lot many shades of the siyappa queen that the Sadu Sarna was yet to discover…

Leaning close she opened buttons of his shirt replacing it with her open wet kisses…Unable to take it more he pushed her making her lay down…” I think i should get angry with you more often…” They were tangled, wild and passionate that night…And both blushed into deep shade of crimson thinking whether they should go out for dinner in lot more days to come or not…
Hello Friends !! This Is Shirali and here came with one OS for Beautiful Pair Twinj. You will think why I added Fenil Bro name….let me answered I was his silent readers from the start “Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu-Kaira FF” He is inspiration for me. I wrote one OS for him on “IshKara” also. I m missing his ff don’t know now a day he is not updating his 3 Ffs and 1TS. He is updating OS now a days.

Do share your views !!
Love Yaa

  1. it was awesome shiru

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much

  2. Fenil

    Omg Shirali, you again gave me surprise.
    I love this OS.
    Really amazing.
    Nicely written.
    I will update soon my TS and FF.
    Actually sisters r requesting for OS so i have to fulfill their wish first.

    1. Baby

      plsss start one twinj too 🙂 heard alott about u well m a vry old reader n writer of TU currently X-writer busy wid studies n exams…..n wuld love to read bhaiya if u post one 🙂 i hv seen u active now on twinj page n really happy to c more ppl coming here……. 🙂

      thanks hope u will make a decison soon 🙂

    2. Fenil

      I saw ur reply here just now.
      I’m really happy to hear you.
      Best of luck for study.
      Currently i can’t say already three ffs are on floor and one i m going to wrapped up soon.Shivika TS also going to packed up in two part tep ffs will takr time or anyone i can stops.i m not able to handle it now days because of study and office.
      Will think about request.
      One more OS is coming .
      Thank you so much.

    3. Anshikajainn

      Ohhooo so topper busy h studies and exams mein ..??

    4. Baby

      thanks alott bhaiya 🙂

    5. TuttiFrutti

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  3. Lama

    Woooooow yr….
    it was tooooooo amazingggg….
    u just nailed it….
    loved it yr…

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  4. Nishuu

    It was awesome dear
    Loved it
    Plzzzz post next os soon

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  5. Baby

    hey shirali ♥
    really beautiful name 🙂
    well dis os was amazing ♥
    it was beautiful it was cute romantic hot superr s*xy naughtiness evident ♥
    loved it to core ♥
    lods of love ♥
    keep smiling n yeah do keep uploading more n more on twinj plsss 🙂
    i wuld love to read urs ♥
    well ur username is really cute ♥

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much Baby.

  6. Presha

    Loved it….

    Too good…
    Do write more..
    Love u

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  7. Awesome one
    Amazing superb

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  8. Sana785

    Hey shirali…. Awesome and superb os….. Plzz do write more…
    Love u…..

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  9. Amazing & superb is
    Plzzz write more dear

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  10. Amzing superb

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  11. awesome super yr!
    keep writing post on twinj! u & told fenil to write post on twinj as we r luving ur posts!
    keep entertaining
    luv u

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  12. Anshikajainn

    Its awesome

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