Kabir & sanchi are in love with eachother os…!!!by sanjana part 2

Hey guys this is sanjana here
Im so glad to read ur cmnts it means alot to me
Thnx to all of my readers

Now lets start the story

Kabir: oh no she doesnt eat anything.
And she has high fever

He treated her and called ishgya and ask them to stay wid sachi as he a important work

The day passed

At hostel room

Sachi was thinking about kabir’s decision

On the other hand kabir was tensed about sachi’s health

Kabir-(to himself) how careless she is aboit her health i jzt cant get that what happened to thz girl y she behaved wierd today

The day passed
Next day at sdch

All r in class except sachi

Kabir enters the class
All-gm sir


Kabir was searching for sanchi

Kabir to ishgya-where is sanchi

Pragya-sir sachi was feeling unwell so we forced her to take leave first she refuesed us but then agreed

Kabir- ok
Class end every on was doing there duties but kabir was missing sachi alot

Kabir decided to call sanchi

Sachi was reading a book jzt then her phone rang

Sachi-kabir sir..!!!
She picked up the phone

Sachi on phone: hello

Kabir:(hesistatingly)hellow sachi hru???
Sachi- pehle se behter hun
Kabir-acha ok are u free at evening today
Sachi yes sir but y
Kabir- so be ready at 4:00 pm sharp
Sachi- ok then

At 3:35 pm

Jaya calls sachi
Sachi pick up the phone
Sachi- maa hru??
Jaya- fine beta hru??
Sachi also fine
Jaya -beta can u come home plz im missing u i wanna see u n i made chakli 4 u
Sachi thinls that there is 25 min so she visit to her mom
Sachi-ok maa i ll come

Sachi goes to home where she was so busy with her mom after all they were seeing eachother
after a long time in this sachi cant realize that its 5:10 o’clock

On the other hand kabir plan a date for sachi but disapointed due to she not came there
Atlast its out limit kabir leaves in anger

Where sachi realize and reach the place and found no one there sachi feels so bad

The day passed
Next day at sdch

In the classroom everyone was present
Kabir enters the class and start a lecture
The class end but kabir even avoiding sachi

Sachi-(in mind) ohh noo sachi what u did kabir sir called and u were not there

Few day passed and kabir is still avoiding sachi
Kabir also felt bad for his behaviour

On day at sdch
Kabir called sachi
Sachi thinks that atlast kabir sir forgive me

At kabir’s cabin
Kabir-cm i
Sachi-sir u called me
Kabir-(working on laptop)sachi this is file of a patient read it carefully and we have a surgery today at 9:30pm

Sachi-(making a puppy face)OK SIR
She leaves
Kabir felt bad
Timeskip to night
After surgery
Kabir-(avoiding her) gud job dr. Sachi
Sachi-thnx sir

Kabir – its 12:45 and its not safe to go alone let me drop u
Sachi-ok sir
They goes to parking lot
Kabir was about to open the door of his car jzt then sachi grabbed his hand and goes to a place where they were only
Sachi- what u think of urself how mean u r haan
Dont u even thinked about me once that how can i bear ur ignorance han kabiiiir (getting emotional) i cant afford ur avoidness (while crying)dont u understand that how much i luv u

Kabir was shocked to hear her but happy at the same time he was on the 9th cloud
Kabir jzt hugged her tightly and whispered i luv u too sachi
They parted
Kabir- i luv u l need u i want to live with u
Sachi – so y were u avoiding me
Kabir – i was avoiding u that u can confess ur felings i knew it that u luv me and..
And keep her lips on his
Kabir was shocked to see the sudden gesture by sachi but after that he also response and this kiss change into a deep and passionate kiss
Few mins passed they feel short of oxygen and parted
Sachi was turned red
Kabir-make her see in his eyes and said: ohhhh gosh my sweetie turned red totally (winked)

Sachi- kabir tum bhi na
Kabir – lets go its lait night
Kabir drops sachi to hostel and went to his home
They both slept dreaming eachother next morning kabir was totally changed he get out of washroom and ready for hospital jzt then kusum enters in room and shocked to see every thing mess the towel is on the floor bed was totally

Kusum- kabir what is thiz tum jaise insan ke room ki ye halat

Kabir was blushing

Kusum- are u blusbing tell me what happened

Kabir-maa i luv sachi and she also luvs me (said in one breath)

Kusum’s happiness was on the top afterall she wants sachi as her D.I.L

KUSUM- KABIIIIIRRRRRR u dont know how am i happy luv u beta

Kabir- luv u 2 mAa

Kabir had b.f
And leaves

On the other hand sachi nerrates the story to ishgya tbey were sok happy to hear thiz

After 4 months they get married and live a happy life

So guys here the os end hope u all like it and plz cmnt below what u think and give ur suggetions

  1. Super awesome

  2. Oh no it ended too fast!!!!I didn’t realize when I reached the end.
    It was just fabulous dear.Wish something like this happens in the serial also which definitely is not going to happen. Only You ff writers can understand our emotions and wishes. Thanx a lot!!!
    Plz come back with a new ff or OS again. Personally I am going to miss it.

    1. Sajnana900

      Ohh so sweet of u thnx dear but as u know that its a os and i had already written a part so thats y it was short
      N one more thing that im busy nowadays so i dont want to write ff cz i cant update it daily n the entertainment is there where the epi update regulary so i dnt want u guys wait so thts y im writting only os

  3. superb Sajnana900 nice os please keep writing …

    1. Sajnana900

      Thnx dhruti
      N ya its sanjana i was in hurry so i was a mistake of sanjana to sajnana

    2. sorry sanjana keep writing …

  4. It’s amazing fantastic and sad that is was last past

    1. Sajnana900

      Thnx and ya i ll try my best for others for long

  5. Nice one

  6. RuCh23

    Great one sanjana ??? it was sooo cute and lovely hope to see another amazing story from you ?

  7. Very very beautiful story hae

  8. Moonlight25

    Sanju it was awesome…really liked it….i liked the fact that Riya wasn’t an obstacle in their love story…write another soon

    1. Sajnana900

      Ya cz i dnt like ria to interfiar in any matter

  9. Neha7873

    I also read the first part and it was awesome … waiting for you write something new again

    1. Sajnana900

      Sure neha i ll try

  10. Anee

    Wow sanjana amazing yaar you know when i read first part of your os i was eagerly waithing for next part. it was sooooooo amazing happy to meet another kaanchi fan.keep writing dear.don’t stop writting.

    1. Sajnana900

      Ya sure anee and thnx

  11. Abhilasha

    Sanju dear(I hope u didn’t mind) seriouslyseriously i was lost in it… It needed but I was a beautiful sweet story…. So cute and Loved it!!

    1. Sajnana900

      Thnx abhilasha and ya u can call me sanju

  12. wow nice os
    waiting for next os from u

  13. Nice one Sanju dear?….expected it to be a bit longer ??…hope to read some more of ur updates soon ??

    1. Sajnana900

      Sure riya and ya i ll try to make the next one to be longer

  14. Amazing sanjana just too too too too too good dear u nailed it nd their confession was awesome Luv u dear nd plzz write something soon will miss ur writing.

    1. Sajnana900

      Thnx and im busy nowadays so i cant update to 2 to 4 days after that i ll surely update an os

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