a haunted mansion (part 8)

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sorry bear this boring episode today i will bring mystery in next episode

Anika stepped back when shivay’s voice blared into her ears she saw shivay coming towards her shivay:anika what are you doing here in early morning ??did you come for walk??

anika: ya I came for walk ,I got stuck with the breathtaking view of this lake ,look at those mountains which flings their reflection upon lake .
shivay:it is so beautiful ,what do you think is this a right time for romance ??you know what when we will grow old together we will recall these days where we had romanced.
shivay:ohh I am surprised with warming gesture of shivay singh oberoi , since when you turned yourself into romantic singh oberoi???
shivay: since we met , i hope you have watched movies ,i have an idea let’s close our eyes and wish something for each other and then throw pebbles inside the lake without opening eyes
anika: from where are you getting these romantic ideas??? did you watched ddlj??
shivay : is it mandatory to watch ddlj to get romantic ideas ???

shivay: anika i want to pageant my feeling in front of you and lake would be the witness. would you allow me???
anika: of course ,you can
shivay bend upon his knees and gave her ring which made up of leaves ,tears rolled down her cheeks
anika: did you learned technique of making ring from leaves ????

shivay: it’s not that difficult ,if my wife could fight with the world keeping her life at stake why can’t I make a simple ring to impress her???anika please don’t leave me ever in any circumstances we will fight every situation ,I won’t leave you alone ,I want to live with you and die with you.

anika: shivay please don’t say this you already fought with many troubles we should thank god that we got rid of that sisters ,they were like feviquick especially of that wicked woman tia ,I hope she never comes in front of my face otherwise i will break her teeth.
shivay:we should not talk about inauspicious people and spoil our moment even i would hate to see them.
anika: they disappeared after that deadly attack and I want to know where

shivay: anika don’t become spy now at least not here ,we will search when we will return to oberoi mansion .
anika: shivay believe me i am having strong intuition that there is something wrong and it is related to tia .
shivay :anika please stop

ishkara ,raumya and priveer joins them
ishana:you people have started quarrelling here also before you start look at the time and place ,it is such a serene place.
om:if you want to start you can
anika:no anika is having michmichi.
rudra :what a transformation bhaiya!sso turned into srk
saumya: ha bhaiya it’s good to see your romantic side otherwise you looked asur singh oberoi.

rudra:bad manners you can call him directly devil.
saumya was standing aside near the lake ,she felt someone’s presence but she ignored it ,she was about to turn but someone pulled her leg and dragged her inside lake .
sorry it was off beat but next episode will reveal mystery

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  1. Shivika

    Superbbb…..loved shivika romance

  2. Vincy


  3. Omg!!!! wat will happen to saumya…. Its awesome…. Update nxt one asap!!!!

  4. Aarti32

    Superb..N scary too

  5. Horror se Zyada to romance hai?..finally something at the end !!
    But is this death gonna be related to the kapoors??

  6. Suspense.. Keep it up

  7. waiting for the next one…

  8. Loved it

  9. Razna

    Woowww……iam waiting for tommorrows horrific episode….plz update it as….and todays part is much romantic but tooo shorter…..

    1. Sweetuishkara

      I will post it by today dear

  10. Maryam Zahir

    I am reading this Episode for the first time and it is lovely dear. I seriously want to rea further but plzzz provide links to previous episodes. It takes too Long to find Episode 1 or 5. Plzzzzzzz Plzzzzz if you don’t mind. I really appreciate your
    effort dear

    1. Sweetuishkara

      I will send you links

  11. JanviSingh

    Ab saumya ka kya hoga….
    N It was not at all boring dear..
    it added a much needed excitement…..??

  12. Awesome episode… Eagerly waiting for the next episode… plz post soon…

  13. Poor girl don’t let her die

    1. Sweetuishkara

      no one is going to die

  14. Mrunal

    awww how cute shivika…
    what’s happening..
    I’m guessing only… haunted mansion is trap.. and the real plan is of tia may be she is doing everything showing it like horror…
    don’t know just guessed…
    will looking forward to read next episodes…

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