Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bharat says to Shorvori that you are going to be mother, he says your child will be born after my child and we share clothes. He says to Dada that you are promoted but why you are not happy? you were more happy when i got the news to become father, everything alright? Shorvori gets sad.Ambika says there is no problem, we all are happy,she makes Shorvori eat curd and says this is great news, Bharat asksShorvori to take care, he leaves. Dada glares Parth and starts leaving.Mohini(aunt) asks when to book their tickets for America again?all look on, Dada says tell travel agent that no one is going anywhere, Parth is surprised to hear it, Indi holds Ramnik’s hand for support, dada says to family that all should go to beds now,he leaves. All leave. Suyog and his wife are happy. Mohini thinks that my son and daughter in law are happy like not bengali Shorvori but they are pregnant.
Indu prays to lord.Ambika comes there, Indu hugs her and cries. Ambika says next generation is blessing, that baby stopped separation,that baby will remove gap between all of us.
Parth hugs Shorvori and says i am going to be father, i am so happy, he dances with Shorvori in his arms, he says thank you so much, he makes her sit on bed and says so much changed in 4years. Shorvori says i joined your office for 2monthes and you were whipped around me, Parth says you knew everything and kept coming in my cabin, Shorvori pulls his cheek and says you were crazy behind me, and your proposal for filmy, Parth says it was great,Shorvori says you asked me if you want to be mother of my kids, Parth says you thought i was joking but see it became true, Parth lies on top of her, Shorvori says i was sad that we wont be in Jalpa’s baby shower but now everything is fine, tomorrow is function,let me prepare for it,Parth says give my mouth sweetness first, he kisses Shorvori.
Its morning, Suyog is putting plates on table, he says to Sejal that after two years, Parth and Shorvori will have breakfast with us.
Parth and Shorvori are having breakfast in their room, Parth says to her that juice is good for you, drink it, Shorvori says Dada stopped us and came to our room, maybe he forgave us and will join us with family.
Suyog says to Sejal that dada stopped them so everything will change now. Dada comes there.Mohini says now family will be one, rules are of no value.Ambika says Mohini, Mohini says i was just saying that its good that dada forgave them, should we put their plates on dining table, Dada says call them both.
Parth says to Shorvori that i hope it happens. Suyog comes there and says all your wishes are true now, dada called you both downstairs, they both get elated, Shorvori asks Parth if i am looking fine? is this dress fine? Parth says your beauty is in your glowing face, lets go.
Parth and Shorvori comes downstairs, all are happy to see them. Mohini and Sejal huffs. Parth smiles, Suyog hints him to take seat, Parth is about to sit but Dada says stop there, he says i didnt call you here to forgive you but to clear misunderstanding, two years back, you left your family for this girl and i wont forget this ever, i was against this relation but we did your grand wedding so no one knows about this family’s conflict,i was tired of pretending thats why i wanted you both to go to America but when i got to know that your wife is pregnant so i had to change my decision but i havent compromised on my rules, i didnt send you to America due to humanity, i would have done same for any of my employee if she was pregnant,thats all i wanted to say, Parth holds Shorvori’s hand and leaves from there with her.
Parth brings juice for Shorvori and asks her to have it, Shorvori says i am not in mood. Ambika comes there and says oldie did too much drama downstairs, she shows thread to Shorvori and says your dada made this for Jalpa, we will give it to Jalpa but i found one more sacred thread,you know who put it there and for whom? Parth says it must be dada for our baby, Ambika says yes because baby would be his grandson, so dont frown now,be happy and get ready,she caresses Shorvori’s face and leaves, Parth hugs Shorvori.
Ambika is in mandir, she is sad. Indu comes there and says you kept sacred thread for Shorvori then why did you lie? Ambika says if i cant give her anything then i can give her some happiness,this baby will fill gap between dada and grandson, let this baby just come in world.

Scene 2
Its Jalpa’s baby shower, Jalpa arrives at home. Ambika does her aarti, all are smiling, Parth and Shorvori are there too. Band music starts playing, Ambika says it must be Bharat, Bharat comes there dancing with band, all smile at him, Bharat says i danced so much, Dada says we forgot everything seeing you dance,he charities money for Bharat.
Jalpa is gettingmehndi applied to her hands.Shorvori says its great,Suyog hints at Shorvori that she is looking great and his wife is just so-so, Shorvori laughs.Parth comes to Jalpa and says remember 18years back,you took me to mandir and promised to not eat sweets till you become mother, today you have to eat it, he makes her eat sweets, Jalpa says you are becoming father too so happiness will be in your life too, Bharat says Parth and Jalpa have deep connection, he takes selfie with all family members.
One guest says to Indu that your daughter is looking beautiful, Mohini comes there and says you must be talking about my daughter, my daughter is moon and Indu’s daughter is black patch on moon, Mohini asks Indu to leave, Indu leaves silently.
All are singing around Jalpa.Parth smiles at Shorvori. He imagines Shorvori’s baby shower and all family members happy with them, Parth comes there dressed like pregnant woman,all laugh,Dada says be careful my grandson, Parth sits beside Shorvori and asks to do rituals, all apply color to Parth andS Shorvori, dada showers flowers on them, and charities money for them, Ambika asks you want boy or girl? Parth says both, she asks how about eyes? he says like Shorvori’s and smile like me,Dada says what about ears? he pulls Parth’s ears, all are happy but imagination fades. Ambika pulls Parth’s ear and says come out of dream, Parth says see Dada is calling you, she goes to check.
Parth sees Shorvori greeting everyone in function, he tries to get her attention, but she hides from him, Parth tries to talk to her butShorvori goes over to guests, Parth sneakily pulls her hair,she glares at him, Dil se Dil tak song plays. Shorvori hides behind pillar,Parth catches her and shows her mehndi cone, he makes heartbeats with mehndi on her hand and makes heart,she asks what is it? Parth says its my heartbeat from my heart to your heart, Parth leans to kiss her but Suyog calls him, Parth says he is always on wrong time, Parth goes.
Suyog says to Parth that dancer ditched us, what we will do now? Bharat asks where is classical dancer you both booked?call her, he leaves.Suyog says help me, Parth says search some dancer on internet. Thaani comes there and says i am here and you are disturbing whole village? Suyog says we want classical dancer, Thaani says i change weather, i can do anything and i am great, Thaani enters there in style, Parth looks at her.

PRECAP- Thaani vulgarly dances with Bharat in baby shower, she throws at color at him,Dada gets angry and asks who called her here? Suyog gets tensed, Parth looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Presha

    Hey awesome yaar but precape kya hogs teni ka

  2. Rashmidesai is ossam asusal and iam looking forward for her performence inthe show she is so versatile n most beautifull iam following the show only bcz of her

  3. Rashmi is superb nversatile superb expression n iam follwing the show only for rashmi all other actress ie jasmine sidarat are performing really very well but shourvery is the best

  4. hai naz, sanchayita,twinj, nitee, angel1k, presha ,queen ,dharavi,pallavi,swedha,shradda sharma,chinnu ,honey ,deepti (sry if i hav misssed any)………
    todays epi was good,, ambika is so sensible women,, parth dreaming part of a happy family was nice…. hope the baby melts dadaji’s heart….. taani came @ last
    nd waiting for the precap…

    1. Hey nivu,
      How r u?N I too found Ambika a very sensative girl…Wanted to ask u smthing…some of them r watching this serial for sid some for jas n some for rash,for whom r u watching this serial…

    2. Hi Nivu, I read your comment on kkb…. I’m done commenting there…..for now. Everyone is complaining but you think Ekta Kapoor cares? I’m waiting to see what awards she is getting on zee rishtey…..that hasn’t passed as yet, right?? If she wins, I will believe that she bribed from the top, there’s no way she should get awarded for her crappy serial.

    3. hi nivu…i want to be ur frnd

    4. Nitee

      Hi nivu.. how was your day?

  5. hai frnds,,,, it was a nice episode….
    nd waiting 4 the precap

  6. arey for god’s sake ,ker name is Teni and not taaaaaani…what the fcuk are u updating…

    1. excuss me this u should tell without using any vulgar words….maybe atiba is confused wid the name….mind ur language don’t use it again…..

  7. Hey guys,(sry for not mentioning the names)
    How r u all? Today’s epi was not like what I expected…I thought that dada would accept them but it happened just the opposite.N moreover very less Thaani scene.But I loved the epi…

  8. Good start.

  9. Hi everyone, sorry sorry, was so busy today ,I even ate lunch and dinner past the usual time….. Well…… Episode was OK, it’s in the infant stage and we can’t expect any rocking scenes as yet. I think Dada is too harsh with Parth and his wife, as Twinj says. It seems like there’s a past that is preventing the family to wholeheartedly accept Parth and Shovori, which we aren’t privy to as yet. She was working for the family but it’s unclear why they treat her this way. Gosh…. I so ? Siddharth, he reminds me of a past love interest ?. Anyway, goodnight to you all. Chat tomorrow………

  10. I thnk we can call them shopar

    1. Nitee

      yeah I too think the same ShoPar

  11. Angelk1

    Hey twinj an nivu. Nice to see you all here. I will update my story soon. Anyway, i was hoping thaani would make an appearance in the begining, but she didnt. Anyway, if shorvori pregnant then where did the surrogate mother thing come along, unless shorvori loose her baby.

    Dada is mean, he should help parth an shavori. He should know his separating the family by this.

    1. Nitee

      Hi angelk1… I had read ur comments in Beyhadh, ur analysis for that show was too good…

      1. Angelk1

        Lol thanks. Sometimes i get to deep in a show.

  12. Bharat is duing over actin..dun lyk reshmi..watching dis show for Jasmin only

  13. hai twinj dear,, i watch DSDT mainly for siddharth dear….. he is soo handsome nd cute. my 2nd fav is jasmine dear and im excited to watch jas role as bar dancer here….

    @ Naz dear,,, im fed up with kkb’s dragging… totally agree with u r comment. i too wonder what she will get tis year in Zee rishtey awards… LOL..
    can i be u r frnd??

  14. hey i m really liking the plot and parth….and shorvari is so cute and amazing but teni is awsm…guys i want to be ur frnd….plzzz

    1. Nitee

      sure zain

      1. hey dear my name is adeeba and i m a twinj lover…wbu???

  15. Harshiti 4evr

    Hey guys…em new here…can i join u all??
    I think the show is gud. It will be accepted by the audience as the story unfolds…
    And yes as for d name i think we can call them pari… PArth+shorvoRI=PARI

    1. Nitee

      Hi dr… u r most welcome..
      And yes Pari is good but I think Shopar is different…wt u say?

  16. Nitee

    wow… jasmine’s entry was awesome…
    Hi Atiba, Thank u for ur update and one more thing I think you were mistaken jasmine’s character name is Teni not Thaani, plz correct it from next update

  17. Nitee

    I thought parth’s family would accept them after knowing about shorvori’s pregnancy… But I was wrong that dadaji’s ego is too big that not let him to see their family members happiness.. Parth’s dream scene was so nice, I wish it could happen in real..

  18. Where is 1st February 2016 written update?

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