May I Come in Madam 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju meeting Sanjana. She asks did the parrot get fine. He says I m trying my best. She asks him to get lost. He says I have guilt. She asks really, come here, jump. He asks what are you saying. She says I want to see you guilty you are, you are useless, you could not do anything. Sanju says no, I kept bhajan kirtan, he will hear good things and change. She asks will this work. He says yes.

Sanju keeps bhajan kirtan at office. They all sing Raghupati raghav raja ram. Chedi starts dancing. Sanjana stops him. Parrot looks on. Chedi continues dancing. She holds her head. They finish. She says not bad, Sanju plays tabla well. He thanks her. She says no need to thank, when I fire you, you can join bhajan mandli. He says no, I m sure this affected parrot well. She says I m hoping. He goes to parrot and asks him to say two good things for Lord’s sake.

Sanju says I will do your setting with female Parrot. Parrot starts saying doha. Sanjana claps and says you did it, amazing, say again. Parrot talks badly again. Sanju asks what are you saying. Chedi says this parrot went on Sanju, he is not affected by anything. Parrot says you came to meet Ramwati at night, shall I say, Chedi says I got urgent call and goes. Parrot scolds Sanju and talks cheap. Sanjana says disgusting, its all my fault to trust you. Bhupesh says nothing will happen of this parrot, shall I talk about you in bhajan mandli. Sanju slaps him.

At night, Sanju sees Khiloni in bad state. Sanju asks did you chane parrot. Khiloni says I got beaten up, you are asking for parrot, yes I changed it in circus by hiding. Sanju says you are great friend. Khiloni says they have put me in tiger cage, don’t know why tiger did not eat me. Sanju says I know. Khiloni asks him to take parrot to office tomorrow.

Its morning, Sanju gets parrot and greets Sanjana. She says its big loss of 16 lakhs, my cultured parrot is misbehaving with me, you have guts to wish me good morning, don’t smile. He smiles and says I have good news. She asks are you finally resigned, glad to know you have self esteem. He says no, your parrot changed. She says I m fed up hearing this lie. He says this is not old parrot now, he changed, talk to him and see. She says no, he insulted me. He says fine, I will talk to him, listen. He asks parrot to say hello to madam. Parrot does not talk. She says he is not saying anything. Sanju says he is in guilt for saying bad things, I wish Kashmira also gets silent, then my life will go fine. She says I will forgive you then.

Khiloni calls him and says I have to say something. Sanju says madam got set, parrot is not talking. Khiloni says don’t let him talk, circus has their parrot. Sanju says it means this is old parrot. Khiloni says yes. Sanju scolds him and ends call. Chedi comes and Sanjana says parrot changed now. Chedi teases him. Parrot scolds Chedi and Sanjana. She looks at Sanju. Sanju gets worried. He runs with the parrot. Chedi says parrot never gets fine.

Its night, Sanju comes home with parrot. Kashmira asks what happened. He says madam fired me from job. Mummy says Sanju would have done something. He asks mummy to be quiet. Sanju scolds mummy. Kashmira asks what happened. Sanju says because of this parrot, he misbehaved with Sanjana. She says I will talk to Sanjana, parrot was already spoiled. Bhupesh says Sanju is gone, Sanjana will not listen. She slaps Bhupesh. She asks Sanju to listen.

Bhupesh asks mummy to go and have bath. Mummy asks does this parrot talk bad things. Bhupesh says yes, he talks cheap. Mummy says I will hear it from him. She laughs. Kashmira asks what’s need to go to Sanjana’s house at night. Sanju says I will try for final time, maybe I will get job back. Bhupesh says you will not get job. Sanju scolds him and asks where is parrot. Mummy comes from bath and gets parrot. He asks mummy did she spoil parrot, don’t know what nonsense will he say, now my chances to get job are gone. Mummy says parrot talks good. Sanju says you liked his cheap talk, parrot say everything here, don’t say anything in front of madam. Parrot tells dohas. Sanju says now he will say cheap things. Parrot says no, I changed. Sanju asks how did you change. Parrot says I want to take sanyaas after seeing mummy. Sanju asks what, are you saying true. Parrot says yes, take me along. Sanju hugs Kashmira and says parrot changed, great.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. He asks parrot to greet good morning to madam. Parrot greets Sanjana. He apologizes to Sanjana and says I have become old one, I left everything. He says dohas. Sanju asks Sanjana is she happy now. She says I like misbehaving parrot more, we are same. He asks what. She says yes, you make him naughty so that we talk cheap things together. Sanju gets shocked.

Sanju scolds Chedi. Chedi argues with him. Sanju asks whose diary is this. Chedi says its Sanjana’s diary, its her best friend. Sanju thinks to get the diary to make Sanjana his love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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