Harphoul Mohini 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Harphoul’s roka

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Scene 1
Balwant says I won’t let that land go out of my hand. If Harphoul marries and has a son, he will get this palace too and I won’t let that happen. Mai and her family go to Mohini’s house. Shalini says to Harphoul I thought you’d get a prettier wife than me. What did you want? Harphoul says I wanted someone with a clean heart and not like you. Shalini gets a call. She says why is he calling me? She picks up the call. Balwant says they will never be one. He cuts the board with Harphoul and Mohini’s names. Savi says someone sent this letter. She gives it to Achha. Balwant says that letter will give that couple poison. Mohini’s mom says we’re getting late. Let’s go. Achha leaves the letter.

Mohini’s family welcomes Harphoul’s family. Mai gives them Krishna’s idol. Achha gets a call. He sees the letter in his pocket. He goes to Harphoul and says sit on this seat. He gives everyone sweets. He says Saroj you’ve to be on our side tomorrow. Achha is about to read the letter again. Someone calls him. Beli says to Harphoul you look very handsome. Mohini looks very beautiful too. He says she can’t look better than me. Beli says you will see who’s more beautiful. Savi says what’s on your face? Harphoul says clean it. Savi says I won’t. They ask him to go room and clear it. Harphoul goes to the room. Mohini is getting ready there. He looks at her. The song aj din chadheya plays. Mohini says what are you doing here? He says I thought you were dancing? Mohini says are you crazy? She says my waistband is open and I can’t fix it because of my nail paint. You don’t know anything. He says I know everything. He ties her waistband. He says I’ve tied many cows. She says shut up. This is the ladies’ room. Why can’t you read it before coming? He says there was a guy’s picture out. She shows him the picture and says is that how men look in your city? Harphoul is shocked.

Mohini comes out. Mai starts the ritual. She makes Mohini wear chunri. Mohini’s mom gives harphoul shagun. Achha says now they will make each other wear the ring. Mohini and Harphoul make each other wear the ring. Mohini says how will I live with him all my life. Harphoul says now I’ve to tolerate her forever. They touch foreheads. Mohini says he’s a headache. Beli says hashtag HarMohi. Mohini’s sisters start the dance. Harphoul’s friends join. Shalini gets on the floor and dances on again. Santosh comes on the floor too. Achha and Mai join. Mohini’s mom hugs her. They all dance together on shava shava. Mai gives Mohini’s hand to Harphoul’s hand. Harphoul says to Savi you dance so well. She says thank you, brother. He makes rats with shadows and makes her smile. Mohini looks at him. Mai says his heart is like a child. That’s why he gets along with kids well. But he gets angry too. Mohini says I get angry too. Mai says then you make a perfect couple. She says I had to be strict with them because I had to be their father too. Mohini says don’t worry. I will handle everything.

Episode ends

Precap: Mohini’s father reads a letter and says there won’t be any wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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