Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yashoda surprised to hear Kanha

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The Episode starts with Inder dev tells that until they all apologize to them, they have to bear his anger. The vrindavan residents think where to go, to get saved from this thunderstorm. They pray to Narayan. A guy says we shall take shelter in Pataal lok. Balram asks Kanha to break Inder dev’s ego. Radha says before that, we have to save everyone. Balram asks if we need to go to Pataal lok. Kanha says something will happen now which will be remembered for years, and asks Radha if she remembers her promise. Radha says she remembers. Inder dev continues to bring thunderstorm on the mountain. Kans rejoices and says where that magical boy will go. Akroor says you will win Maharaj. Kans says anything can happen, and says they shall not think about victory until they win. He says Krishna’s death is my victory. Akroor asks what will you do now? Kans says we will plan an attack now, and this time I will not send any asur. Akroor asks what you are saying? Kans says he wants to send most trusted guy, and says you will go there and kill Krishna and all the residents. He says nobody shall be saved. Akroor says he will return after killing them. Kans says he will win from his kaal. He says you can never win from me, Krishna.

The thunder lightning falls on the guy and he collapses and faints. The residents get worried. The ladies think that they are more in danger. They ask Nand where they shall go now. Nand asks them to have patience and says we shall search the caves on this mountan. He asks everyone to hurry up. Inder dev calls all the Devs and says he needs their help. He asks Vayudev to create tornado on the mountain and asks Agnidev to create the fire and burn the Govardhan Mountain. He says they shall repent for not doing our puja. Vayudev says you are forgetting that our Narayan, Shri Krishna is with them. They find the cave and get inside. Nand asks if everyone came? Yashoda and Kirtida realize Kanha and Radha are missing. They come out to search Kanha. Vayudev says you can’t harm them until Krishna is with them. Inder dev says Narayan asked me to do rain. He asks them not to get scared and do whatever he is saying? He asks them to be courageous like him, as courage’s other name is Devraj inder. Agni dev says what happened to him. Vayudev says he is angry about something, how to make them understand. Narad comes there and says only mahadev can handle this situation.

Kanha asks Radha not to be worried, as he is with her. Radha says I am afraid and asks until when we will be here on this mountain. Kanha asks do you remember the promise given to me. She says yes. Kanha says nothing will happen to you and anyone. He says I want to make you Radha Rani and asks her to trust him for last time. She says she trust him fully. He says lets go to Govardhan’s bottom. Radha asks why we are going there, as it has water in it. Kanha asks her to trust him. She says lets go. Everyone comes out of cave and calls Radha and Kanha. Yashoda sees Kanha and Radha going down the mountain. She alerts everyone. Rohini says if they get drown. Yashoda shouts asking him to stop. The resident says if we go out from here, then we can’t be saved from Inder dev’s anger. Inder dev says everyone will die today. Yashoda is walking to stop Kanha. Inder Dev attacks Kanha and Radha. Kanha stops him and says you will not harm Radha. I will not interfere in your work. Inder dev gets angry. The Devs come to Mahadev and asks them to do something, as Inder Dev is very angry and trying to kill the vrindavan residents. Mahadev says when my Aaradhya is silent, what I can do. Narad says we didn’t understand. Mahadev says if Narayan has promised Inder dev then he promised his Radha Rani too. He asks them to enjoy leela of his Aaradhya, and says this is not Inder dev’s anger, but my Aaradhya’s Govardhan leela. He asks them to enjoy and says this will be remembered for years. He says get ready to see what you haven’t seen before. Devi Parvati says whoever sees this leela, will be very fortunate. Mahadev says you said right.

Kanha and Radha are coming down the mountain. Akroor comes there with the soldiers. The soldier tells that they shall surround the mountain and just as they get the chance, they shall kill them. Akroor asks them to wait for his signal. Yashoda catches Kanha and asks where is he going with Radha? She asks if you couldn’t hear me or ignoring my voice? Kanha says no Maiyya, how can Kanha ignore his maiyya’s voice? Yashoda hears him and gets surprised. Radha says you can hear his voice?

Precap: Kanha says I have to lift this Govardhan Mountain to save entire Vrindavan. Yashoda and Nand look on surprised. Mahadev says Yashoda and Nand baba’s lalla have picked the mountain on his little finger. Everyone witnesses the divinity while Kanha laughs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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