Nima Denzongpa 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima and Virat meet an accident

Nima Denzongpa 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat gets tea for Nima. He says cheers. They enjoy tea and the view. Virat says it’s so good. Nima says let’s leave early, it’s gonna be dark in a bit. Nima goes to the car to get her bag. She sees the driver’s phone ringing. Nima reads his messages. It says is it done or not? I wanna kill both of them. Phone rings, Nima says this is Virat’s home’s landline number. The driver says it’s my phone. Nima runs to Virat. The driver says on call it will be done. Nima runs to Virat. Nima says that the driver wants to kill us. Virat says what? The driver hits them with the car. Nima and Virat fall down.

Sunita and Maniya try to call Nima. She says I feel very restless. Maniya says it must be a network problem. Sia and Maniya are worried. Maniya says they had to be there at 6 but now it’s 11. No one is there. Alok comes. They’re shocked to see him. Maniya asks what happened? Alok is crying. Maniya asks what happened? Please don’t scare us. He says Virat and Nima are no more. Sunita screams and says no it can’t be true. He says their car fell down from the cliff. Sunita screams Nima.. She says this can’t happen.

Scene 2
Nima it in the hospital badly injured. She recalls everything. Nima says Virat ji.. The nurse says please don’t try to get up. You’re not okay. Nima says my husband where is he? The nurse says you were brought here alone. We found this wallet near another body. Nima says I’ve to go to Virat ji. She cries. Nima says, Virat Ji. The nurse gives her a tranquilizer.

Scene 3
After some days Nima comes to her home. She says how will I tell everyone Virat is no more and I am here alone? A car stops there. She says this is Virat’s car. Virat is in the car. Nima is shocked to see him. He drives past her. Nima is shocked. Nima says was it Virat or was that my imagination? Nima comes back to the chawl. The neighbors are shocked to see her. A woman tells her your family, daughters they keep crying. They thought you were dead. Varun comes into the house and says would Nima like to see you all like this? Please eat. He serves them food. Varun says please eat.
I can’t see you all like this. Bell rings. Varun opens the door. He is shocked to see Nima. Maniya and Sia run and hug her. They’re all shocked. Sunita says Nima. I knew you were alive. My heart knew it. Maniya says thank God you’re alive again. We would die without you. Nima tells them everything. She says my old house and family weren’t there. I had to come here. I was in a hospital for all that time and they took care of me. Sunita says God protects his loved ones. First, he sent Virat back, and now you. Nima says that means I saw right? Virat is alive? She’s very happy. Nima says when did he come back? Sia says he came back 2 days after the accident. Nima says I kept looking for him. Everyone said he’s not alive. He didn’t survive. Nima says I was shocked to see him today.

Nima says I was shocked to see him. He looked changed. Maniya says he didn’t know you were alive. Ever since he came back he’s changed. He doesn’t even talk. Sunita says he’s in shock. He lost Nima. Nima says I have to go back there. The person who tried to kill us is in that house. I’ve to go back there.

Scene 4
Gulshan hugs Nima. She says thank God you’re okay. Both of you are back home. She hugs Nima and says I thought I lost you. Mona hugs Nima too. She says thank God you’re okay. We were so scared. Nima asks Alok why are you silent? He says the news of your death ruined our lives. Our lives were empty. Don’t do this to us again. Nima says don’t cry. I am back. I came in the morning. I saw Virat in the car, he was playing loud music so he couldn’t hear me. I thought I saw it wrong but then aai told me he was alive. Why are you all silent? You’re all hiding something? Mona says he’s changed. He is using loud music and changed his attitude to control his grief. Alok says now you’re back. Everything will be fine. Nima says in heart someone from the house tried to kill us. Priyal wasn’t here. Then who? Nima asks Alok Priyal is in a mental asylum right? Mona says yes don’t take her name. She deserves to be there. Virat comes in and says so much noise. Nima cries looking at him. Virat is shocked. He asks what happened? Did anyone die again? Alok says what are you saying? Nima hugs Virat. She says thank God you’re okay. I thought I lost you forever. He moves her away. Gulshan says what are you doing Virat. He says what do you expect me to do?

Episode ends

Precap: Nima wakes Virat and tries to tell Virat that someone from this house is behind accident.
Nima hears a voice in the room and goes check, a hand pulls her from behind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh dear. Here we go again!!
    I think that the person who called the driver from Virat’s home was Alok.
    Because he immediately told Siya and Maniya that both Nima and Virat died after their car crash down the cliff. Which was a lie.
    Maybe Mona put pressure on Alok to do it .

    1. I think the same it must be Mona or Mona and Alok ,because why was Alok pursuing Nima And Virat before the hospital people come to take Prial I think both sisters made him do it or might had blackmailed him .If the show is not ending yet they have to drag the story any how .

  2. Hope it doesn’t end soon.
    Don’t think it’s dragging, but would like to see more happiness for Nima and her daughters, instead of the recent episodes of problem upon problem.
    As son as there’s some happy moments, then wham, we get major bad things happening.
    A week of peaceful happy loving family life would be appreciated
    It’s like out of the Frying pan and into the fire.

    1. Sorry for the words dragging I used because we heard its going to end in June but they keep causing the problems for Nima and her daughters lives can they not get any other story to show regarding Nima and her family or the written only know the kitchen politics in every show nothing else ?I only started watching it after Iqbal Khan s arrival but was enjoying the show but the story is stuck on Mona and Priyal .

  3. One more thing please why don’t you come to the forum because its so quite at least we can discus about the episode over there .thanks

    1. Please sen link for the forum

  4. According to my opinion my all doubts about Sikkim accidents goes to Alok and Mona because if Virat and Nima died then all the property and bankBalance & business everything is Alok and Mona’s.
    And Krish to send him any boarding school and no body will be stopped them. Everything is sort.
    Virat came back and Nima didn’t come they make Virat to wed Priyal but didn’t inform anyone about it. Mona can do anything to save her own sister and this is part of their plan. Because Nima got saved now Virat family doesn’t know how to tell her about Virat wedding.
    Before Nima start telling anyone about the driver mobile message. Nima has to think well before she says in front of anyone because her life and Virat life is in danger too.
    Can’t trust Mona, how was she greet Nima that was my doubt too.
    Poor Nima in her life no happiness always some kind of problem.
    Will find out what is going to come tomorrow.

  5. Bet it is Mona who stops Nima from checking.
    She is evil through and through.
    All this is her planning to save potty Priyal.
    I think the voice from the room is Krish, who Mona has locked up.
    It cannot be Priyal because Mona wouldn’t allow her sister to be locked up intentionally.
    Really hope that Nima stops forgiving her and takes her on to expose her.
    Alok is probably blackmailed by Mona to stop him from saying anything about this.

    1. Very true what ever you said and now the mother in law is being neglected as well .Nima have to do every the secretly .

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