Harphoul Mohini 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul and family leave for the wedding

Harphoul Mohini 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mohini dances with her sisters. Mai stitches the dress for her. She says I will stitch for her sisters too. She gets sweets ready too. The guy who told Balwant comes in. he says, my brother.. He passed away when Harphoul was 3 months old. You didn’t tell us. She says please it’s the wedding house. Go from here. Banwari says I will come to the wedding. Santosh says what is he planning? Mai says don’t worry.

Mohini says do we have to call so many people? Her dad says it’s your wedding. I will call everyone. Savi hugs Mohini. She says I will let Mohini apply tilak only. Her other sister says she will go in a weak. Savi says will you leave me didi? Mohini says all girls go to their husband’s house. Savi says don’t go, please. She hugs her. Mohini says don’t cry. I will come to meet you every day. You will wear a new dress at my wedding. Savi will be the monitor of the house once I leave. Savi says I will cry so much when you leave. Mohini hugs her sisters. Her mom says let’s go we’ve to do a lot of preparation.

Scene 2
Balwant comes outside Harphoul’s house. He says there will be no celebrations here. Harphoul won’t make it to the train. Harphoul’s friends tease him. Banwari says let me get you things. Mai says Harphoul let me do your arti. Banwati calls someone. The tailor calls Mai and says the dresses are ready. Harphoul says I will go. Banwari breaks the bike. Mohini and her family get ready to leave. Harphoul says I will go to train station after I take the dresses. Mai and family come to the station and are ready to leave. Harphoul is on the bike. He slips and falls. Mohini slips too while doing arti but she saves it. Some men see Harphoul. They say he met an accident. Harphoul says it’s just a small bruise. He tries to walk. Mai is waiting for harphoul. She’s worried. Harphoul tries to take a lift. The train is about to leave in 5 minutes. They sit in the train. Harphoul’s friends say he’s nowhere. We checked everywhere. Harphoul is on his way. Train starts. Mai is worried.

Mohini and her family get to the bus. Harphoul rushes to the station and catches the train. Mohini says where is Mali? She gets off the bus. Mali runs towards the bus. Harphoul runs to the train. Mali holds Mohini’s hand and gets on the bus. Harphoul makes it to the train. Mai says where were you? How did you get these bruises? Banwari is worried Balwant won’t forgive him.

Scene 3
Mohini thinks about her sisters. She packs medicine for her dad. She cries recalling her life in the house.

Episode ends

Precap: Harphoul takes off his clothes and jumps in the pool. He turns around and sees his clothes missing. Mohini is facing back and holding his clothes. She shouts at him for jumping into the temple pool.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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