Parineeti 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: The wedding starts

Parineeti 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajiv’s friends are at his place. His friend teases him. They ask where’s Monty? They say yes. A girl asks Pari are you Neeti’s sister? She says yes. Sanju’s friends ask what happened? You look worried. He says I am fine. Pari comes there.
Sukhwinder comes to Neeti and hugs her. Neeti says where were you? How do I look? Sukhwinder says very pretty. Neeti says are you hiding something? She says no. Neeti says you’ve been emotional. you were saying something at the airport too. Sukhwinder says I am fine. Don’t worry. I was just worried for you. I couldn’t give you the best life after your dad left but I did what I could. When I found out you’re gonna marry I was heartbroken. But when I met Sanju I felt like you made the best decision. I hope he keeps you happy always. Neeti hugs him. Neeti says he loves me a lot.

Pari comes to the room. Rajiv’s friends are drinking. He’s not there. He is in the restroom. Pari says it’s your friend’s wedding that doesn’t mean you can drink here. Rajiv hears the voice and says is that Pari? Whose voice is that? He comes out. Pari has left. He asks who came? His friend says the girl who did decoration. She was mad at us for drinking. He says Pari can’t scold. Rajiv says it’s not allowed in the house.

Scene 2
Vicky, Harman, and Gurpreet come to the wedding. He says let me get the luggage. I can take it inside. Gurpreet says you don’t look well. He says yeah I don’t look well. He is scared of Neeti and Pari. Pari helps Neeti get ready. Pari says you were there with me in my heart at my wedding. Pari chooses the dupatta. Neeti says I hope we stay best friends forever. She says let me apply Kala teeka. Sukhwinder calls Pari. She rushes. Pandit ji comes. Pari asks pandit ji is it okay if husband and wife see each other before the wedding? he says it’s fine but doesn’t keep the face open in the mandap. The driver comes in. Pari felt like she saw someone. She says I feel so weird. Neeti comes to Rajiv’s room and looks away. She says how do I look? He says look here. She says you can’t see me. It’s bad omen. I’ve decided to do ghunghat. They see each other in the mirror. He says you look very pretty. Rajiv thinks about Pari. Neeti asks what happened? She says my dream came true. I am so happy. The driver sees them.

Pari looks around for pandit ji. Pari’s family comes. She hugs them. She’s very happy to see them. Pari says I am so happy. Vicky says Sukhwinder told us how well you’re handling all this. Harman says she’s grown up. Sukhwinder says Pari told me about the wedding. She’s so wise. Harman says they’re together since childhood. Rajiv says Neeti.. if I make a big mistake how will you react? She says don’t say such things today. He says but if I do.. She says we will see when it happens. If it’s intentional it won’t be forgiven but if it’s a genuine mistake I will decide. She hugs him and says you look so good. She leaves. Pari calls Rajiv. Rajiv takes the call. She says sorry I disturbed you. Do you have some time? Can you come to the wedding? He says I am busy in office. I will call you once I am free. Pari tells Gurpreet he’s busy in the office. Gurpreet says it’s okay. Let’s go meet Neeti. The driver sees Pari there as well.

He leaves. He gets a call and shouts don’t call me again and again. He looks at his scars and thinks about when Neeti and Pari hit him. Pari and Gurpreet come to Neeti’s room. She comes in. Gurpreet says you look so pretty. Neeti hugs her. She says I am so happy you all are here. Pari is my angel. I reunited with my family. I thought you all must be mad. Harman says elders forgive kids. Neeti asks where is Vicky? He says I am here. You look very pretty. She says I always look pretty.

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti makes Rajiv wear garland. Pari gives him garland. Rajiv says I can’t marry you neeti. He takes off his sehra. Everyone is shocked. Pari says Rajiv?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What if the precap turns out to be Rajiv’s dream?😑

  2. I pray is not his margination

  3. If they don’t make Neeti marry Vicky the are gonna turn her into a villain. This will have been a very good story about two friends who treat each other as sisters while pari is with Rajiv then Neeti with Vicky. I also don’t understand people who act like Neeti is guilty while whitewashing Rajiv meanwhile he is the cheater especially on Instagram like Neeti is also innocent and being deceived like poor Pari

  4. Rajiv is the master mind her, he’s playing two innocent gals
    Pls makers don’t make Neeti a villian
    Let her be with vicky atleast

  5. Stupid serial. Best friends my foot. Did not share photo of would be husband???
    He don’t deserve either of them. How soon people forget he deceived Pari for land left her and now when she saves him feels he loves her. Then helpless (my foot) now wants to marry Neeti. Both should just leave him

    1. Cammie - Malaysia

      Agree w you n Marion

      Bekwaas serial

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