Spy Bahu 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi kills Shah to save himself

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The Episode starts with Yohan telling Sejal that they shall leave, as they might have seen us. The terrorist finds the broken glass and says it is broken with our bullet. They find a hidden bike and says it was not there before. Shah calls Abhi. He asks him to get patrolling done and says police secret team might be following. He says he is coming there. Yohan and Sejal come inside the godown to hide. Yohan says we shall take Abhishek’s help. He messages Abhi. Abhi tells Shah that it is not Police, but Yohan and his wife Sejal. He asks Shah to get them killed. The terrorists go inside the godown. Yohan asks Sejal to be there and asks her not to come out. The terrorist is about to shoot Yohan. Yohan fights with him. Other terrorist comes there. Abhi thinks today they will kill Yohan and Sejal, they are danger to their mission.

Sejal also comes out and fights with the terrorists. Yohan asks Sejal if she is fine and asks her to hide. Many terrorists come there and aim gun at them. Shah also comes there. Sejal says Yohan. Shah says so you reached me. He says I will kill you both. Sejal says I will upload your video and says I have recorded everything. She says I will press a button and this video will be uploaded. She asks Shah to ask terrorists to leave Yohan and come to her. She says then you delete the video, you (shah) and we will be safe. Yohan asks what is she saying? The terrorists walk towards Sejal. Sejal makes the water bucket fall down, and puts electricity wire on it. They get electrocuted. Shah runs seeing the terrorists electrocuted. Sejal and Yohan run behind him. Yohan says I know you are dalal/mediator and asks who was the master who shot me in Mumbai attack. Shah says like I had hidden, he is also hiding and you couldn’t see him, even after seeing. Yohan asks him to say. Shah says the master mind of Mumbai attack was…Just then Abhi comes there and shoots at his forehead. Shah dies. Yohan and Sejal see Abhishek there. Abhi says I shot him. Sejal asks why, he was about to tell us about Mumbai attack. Abhi says they are trained to shoot. Yohan says there was no gun with him. Abhi asks really. He silently keeps gun in his pocket and then takes it out. He says Shah wanted you to come in his talks so that he can shoot. Yohan thanks Abhi. Sejal says we have the recording in which Shah is saying it all. Yohan says we didn’t know about the master mind still. Abhi thinks to kill them and aim gun at Yohan. Yohan and Sejal are shocked. SK comes there with the Police team. Abhi keeps the gun down and tells that he thought some terrorist is hiding there. SK says he is Mr. Shah. Sejal tells that Mr. shah was involved in the Mumbai attacks and not Papa ji and Yohan. SK says until we check the video, we can’t come to conclusion. He thanks Abhi and asks him to come. Sejal shows the video to Tana ji. Tana ji says he shall enquire. Yohan looks at them.

Yohan, Sejal and Abhi return home. Sejal thinks if Shah was about to take Farid bhai’s name. She stumbles and is about to fall down. Abhi asks her to be careful and gives a silent threat. Aarun welcomes Yohan. Abhi gets hugged by someone. Aarun asks how we couldn’t identity that blo*dy Shah. Shail says you would have informed us. Yohan says there was no time, I didn’t go alone, Sejal was with me and searched all the proofs against Shah. He says even she fought with the terrorists so that entire credit goes to her. Aarun ignores and goes to Abhi, giving him all the credit. He says you will get bravery award for saving 100 crores consignment from going in wrong hands. He says you will stay with us as our son. Veera says ofcourse. Yohan says Aarun is selfish to keep Abhi on head, with whom he used to get irritated. Shail goes to get whisky. Aarun says it is time to celebrate. He asks Shera to come. Abhi thinks you made my work easy. Krishn says even Abhi went ahead in the favorite sons list. He asks what will happen. Shalini says same thing will happen with you. Drishti tells Abhi that she is happy as Papa accepted him fully, and understood his worth. She says I….He asks what? She says we have thought about baby’s room. He says he remembers. She says she wants to send Yohan and Sejal, as he is in the love. She says she wants to send them on date. He thinks Drishti gave him an idea to kill them. He asks her to invite them for his bravery award function. He says love will be confessed during the long drive. She says she will invite them and goes.

Yohan looks at the little girl’s (Sejal) pic and thinks don’t know why, Sejal’s presence make me feel your presence. He says I met you in Kashmir and I collided with Ms. Kotaria in Kashmir. He says you became my first love and Ms. Kotaria became Mrs Nanda. You left me and now she is also ready to leave me. Sejal thinks if her decision is right to leave him. He thinks he couldn’t bear anymore now. He says destiny snatched you and then Maa from me, this time I will fight.

Precap: SK Sir asks Sejal if Yohan isn’t terrorist… it definitely has to be someone from Nanda house.
Abhishek misses with Yohan’s car and makes a call saying Sejal and Yohan will be dead today.
Sejal and Yohan get in the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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