Harphoul Mohini 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul and Mohini to get married

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Scene 1
Everyone dances around Harphoul. Shalini says to Santosh our bad days are starting. Santosh says to Harphoul your life would be ruined. Mohini’s dad says we both want good for you. I don’t want you to sacrifice your life. Mohini says I said yes myself. They’re Saroj’s relatives. At least not strangers. Her mom is so nice. Mai and Shalini argue. Mohini’s mom and dad join a video call. Mai says this is my son Santosh and this is my DIL Shalini. Where is Mohini? Mohini comes. Saroj says here she is. Mai says she’s so pretty. Mai says you take all my worries away. She does her arti and says I’ve kept your shagun here. Mai calls Harphoul. She says he’s a bit shy. Harphoul isn’t coming. Mohini’s mom says to call him. Harphoul comes in front of the camera doing exercise with buckets. Mohini looks at him. Mai says when should we decide the date? Mohini’s dad says 4 days after today? Saroj says yes pandit ji gave that date. Mai says we will come there. Saroj says I can’t wait. Mai is very happy. She says to Harphoul couldn’t you come properly. He says I saw her. Mai says I imagined you both together.

Mohini’s mom says they’re so loud. Shalini says they will be shocked to see them. Mohini’s dad says will she be happy? Saroj says she’s like a sister to me. I would never do anything wrong to her. My aunt is very nice and so is Harphoul.

Scene 2
The wedding decorations start at Mohini’s place. Harphoul gets ready. Their haldi starts at their own places. Shalini dances with Harphoul’s friends. Mohini’s sisters dance at her place with Saroj. Mai says to Harphoul I am so happy for you. Mohini’s dad hugs her. He applies Haldi on her. Mai dances with Harphoul. Saroj asks Mohini are you happy? She says my parents don’t have to leave this house. I don’t know what will my future be. She says God will always protect you.

Balwant makes his men fight with Harphoul’s mask. He says I wanna see you in blood like this. Banwari comes and says Harphoul sent his wedding card. Balwant is shocked. Mai says to Santosh to get the food ready. Santosh says will she adjust here? She says God made this relationship. Banwari says to Balwant I will kill you if he gets married. I’ve to stop this wedding. His haldi should be red not yellow. Mohini’s dad shows her the wedding card. Mai sees the card and says God bless them both. Balwant says I won’t let this wedding happen.

Episode ends

Precap: Balvant asks his men to not let Harphoul reach station.
Harphoul asks Mai to go ahead and he will reach station after tailor.
Balvant’s man messes with Harphouls bike.
Harphoul meets with an accident and Mohini stumbles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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