Sirf Tum 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mamta welcomes Ranveer and Suhani

Sirf Tum 21st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Ranveer why did he leave her alone? He says he didn’t hold her hand to leave, and is holding her hand so tightly that she can’t free her hands, even if she wants. Rakesh, Dadi, Kamini and others come out of court. Suhani leaves his hand. Ranveer holds her hand. Rakesh asks Ranveer to bring the court order copy and asks Suhani to come with him. He leaves for home with family. Suhani cries and says that she was pretending to be strong and thought that it won’t be difficult to stay away from him if we haven’t come closer. She says I was dying about this. Ranveer says you just thought about herself. She says she is happy that she will marry the cute guy. He says I look cute now. She smiles. He gets a message and asks Suhani to come.

Riya threatens to kill herself. Mr. kapoor asks her to stop it. Mamta asks Riya to talk to her. Riya says this all happening because of you, you asked Ranveer to get up from mandap. Kapoor asks Riya to get down the mandap. Ranveer comes there and shouts Riya, asks have you gone mad? Riya says Ranveer, you have come, I know that you love me, though you don’t say. He says I love you, but as a friend. Suhani comes there and gets shocked seeing fire around Riya and gun in her hand. Riya asks her to get out and asks if anything was left out, you have ruined everything, why did you come? She says if I kill her, then Ranveer will come to me. Ranveer says I brought Suhani here, so that I can remind you of your friendship with suhani. Riya says Suhani is her enemy. Kapoor asks guards to throw her out. Ranveer says nobody shall come near suhani. Riya threatens to shoot herself if Ranveer comes infront of her. He says you are upset with me and wants to hurts me. He asks her to shoot and says do whatever you want, but I will not leave you this way. Riya says let me die, if you can’t become mine. Kapoor asks Riya to give him gun. Ranveer runs to mandap and snatches gun from Riya’s hand. He brings her down. The guards set off the fire. Ranveer asks Riya, if she has gone mad? Riya says I don’t want to live without you. Ranveer says I want to talk to Riya, with Suhani, and asks everyone to go home.

In the room, Riya tells Ranveer that she has done drama and embarrassed Papa and you. Ranveer says you are your Papa’s best daughter and my best friend. He says you have only taught me, not to take tension about outside world. He says Suhani and I fell in love, it is my mistake that I didn’t think about our friendship, if you are fine or not. She asks will you agree, if I ask you not to marry Suhani. Ranveer and Suhani get tensed. Riya says idiots, and says you both got tensed. He says you have a point, if you think that suhani is not the right girl then I will refuse for marriage. Riya says shut up, she is perfect for you. She apologizes to Suhani and hugs her. Suhani says I am happy that I got my best friend. Ranveer says you have forgotten your best friend, just as you got your friend. Riya says we are friends for ever.

Mamta makes arrangements to welcome Suhani. Vikrant scolds Mamta. Dada ji says your son has won his love and haven’t defeated anyone. Ranveer comes there with Suhani. Samaira says Bhaiyya and Bhabhi came. Roshni says you are very eager to make her bhabhi. Samaira says she will soon become bhabhi. Mamta welcomes Suhani and does their aarti. Ranveer and Suhani take her blessings. Mamta says I want to apologize to you both, as I became the thorn of your way, when you both need me. She apologizes to Suhani for saying bad to her dream and hardwork and for cursing her. She says you are a good girl and you will become a good doctor. She says my doctor bahu. Suhani smiles. Ranveer says that’s why I feel proud of my Maa, I had said that maa will forgive us when she comes to know about the truth. Suhani gets emotional. Ranveer says it is a small celebration, when you become bahu of this house then you will have a grand welcome, then you will shed tears of river. Mamta asks them to come inside. Ranveer holds her hand and walks inside. They touch Dada ji’s feet. Dada ji blesses them. Mamta signs them to touch Vikrant’s feet. They go near Vikrant and bend down to touch his feet, but Vikrant moves back and asks how dare you? Ranveer says I am known for many things, and on the top of the list is courage, and asks who can know this better. Vikrant says you came to mess up with me. Ranveer says I brought my would be wife here and you are coming between us. Vikrant says this is my house and shouts at him that she is not welcome here.

Ranveer says you are talking to my wife and this house bahu. Vikrant says you will repent. Ranveer says I will not leave my love’s hand, by scared of threats. Vikrant says you will fall, as I won’t let this happen. Ranveer says Suhani and my love will not stop, will blossom and increase. Vikrant says you have to pay a big price for messing up with me. He says son is son always and father is always a father. Ranveer says may be your son’s blood will be boiled up and he will forget the relation.Vikrant says ok, I will not give you any share from my family. Ranveer says you have done the wrong investment and tells that his Mother’s blessings and Suhani’s love is enough for him. Vikrant says whoever is with him, is not with me. Mamta says my blessing is always with Ranveer, and his happiness is with Suhani. Dada ji says my relation with Ranveer is such that I am always with him. Vikrant asks Vikram and Roshni. Vikram says I am just with you. Roshni signs Samaira to come. Samaira says sorry Mom, I am with Ranveer bhai. She holds Suhani and Ranveer’s hand. They all hold each other’s hand and make a chain. Sirf tum plays…..

Precap: Ranveer tells Suhani that they will go to her house and asks for her hand for marriage with Ranveer. Suhani smiles. Vikram asks Vikrant why he is not stopping Ranveer. Vikrant says when big blast happens, then even they will hear and asks them to wait and watch.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why ranveer always spare ansh.he must be in jail.he has attempted new track to stop ranveer suhani marriage Vikrant himself is going to marry asha.why can’t ranveer use his mastercard against vikrant.he must blackmail asha that he he will put ansh behind bars as he has all proof against him of kidnapping ranveer suhani and changing medicine during suhani case.vikrant ansh asha will get a good defeat.ranveer must also kidnap ansh and black mail asha to backout her wedding with vikrant.this will be check and mate to Vikrant.makers atleast this time show ranveer suhani win from these negative evils

  2. Sirf tum main sabki shadi ho jayegi sirf ranveer suhani ki chod ke.again same misunderstanding track.ranveer or suhani anyone of them will again sacrifice for Mamta as again Vikrant will black mail anyone of them that he will marry asha if you both either suhani or ranveer will backout the marriage for mamta.or Mamta herself might plead with suhani or ranveer.thier marriage makers will never show.

  3. Actually ranveer must be shown smart.he knows people like Vikrant ansh asha will never let marry suhani and he must close watch this people till he completes his marriage suhani.asha ansh r been thrown out and Vikrant have given ranveer a warning that he will never make this he must fail their plan.he must kidnap ansh or asha till he gets married.atleast hope this time suhani ranveer gets will be a flop if this time it doesn’t happen.every viewers r just waiting only for their marriage.

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