Nima Denzongpa 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat agrees to marry Priyal

Nima Denzongpa 21st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mona says to Priyal I told you all that you’re doing is wrong. You’re pregnant. I told you it’s not a joke. You’ve crossed all the limits. Abort this child and go from here. You will never get Virat. Priyal shoves her. Mona says you shoved me? I am like your mom. Priyal says you’re neither sister nor mother to me. Get out of my room. You’re dead to me. Mona says I raised a snake. Sunita comes to meet Nima. Sunita says Maniya told us everything. Nima says you and Virat hid Sia and Shiv’s problem from me? Virat says you were already worried. I didn’t wanna trouble you anymore. Everything is fine now. he says to Shiv to keep Sia happy. Sia says to Virat thank you so much. You’re a very good human. You saved our relationship and his career. Thank you. She hugs him. Sunita gives him money. She says it’s not needed anymore. Gulshan says what are you doing? Nima says she’s returning Virat’s money. Gulshan says Virat gave it to you, they’re yours now. Kids are supposed to take care of the elders. Sunita says Virat has taken care of us more than a son. I can’t take this money. His love and your respect are priceless. Gulshan says I thought so wrong about them. Gulshan says we should leave now. Gulshan says no not without dinner.

Scene 2
Virat says to Nima aai was so happy. It all happened because of your beautiful heart. Mummy changed too. Nima says people take time. Her concern was for you. My mom also forgave my many mistakes. Thanks for all that you did for sia and Maniya. He says they’re my family. He holds her hand and says I know what you feel. Why don’t you say it? I am I not deserving of you? Nima says it’s not like that. They hear Priyal screaming. She throws the food and says I won’t eat it. Nima says you don’t even respect food. Priyal says I won’t eat it. Nima says this food isn’t for you. It’s for Maniya’s child in you. She says this child will die hungry with me as well. Virat says don’t force us to misbehave with you. Eat this food. Priyal eats it. They leave. Priyal is angry. She says how do I get out of here. She says to the guard can I go out? She comes close to him and says you’re handsome. He says don’t dot his drama. Don’t try to trap me. She faints him and ties him. Priyal takes his gun.

Priyal puts the gun on Virat’s head. He’s shocked. Priyal ties him. Nima sees the guard tied. She releases him and says who did it? He says Priyal. She ran with my gun. Virat says shoot me. She says I will shoot myself and this child. Nima comes. Nima and Virat laugh. Priyal says I will kill myself. Virat says this is a fake gun. It was just to scare you. Alok and Gulshan laugh too. Priyal hangs herself. She says will you marry me or not? he says don’t do this. Priyal says I will kill myself. he says okay I will marry you after you deliver this child. Priyal says I am not a fool. We will get married in 2 days. Mona says what are you saying? Chinkey isn’t here either. Priyal says I only care about Virat. Virat says let me think. He says let me think.. Alok comes form back. Priyal shoves Virat and says stay away. You won’t listen. I only wanted and loved you. I will die for you. Tell Maniya her child died because of me. Nima says please don’t do this Priyal. Virat says how will you be happy in a one-sided marriage? She says you loved me before this maid. He says I never loved you. She says once we marry you won’t even think about Nima. Will you marry me? Nima says I beg you please don’t do this. She cries. Virat says I am ready to marry you. Nima looks at virat. Gulshan says what are you saying? Virat says yes I will. Priyal says how can I trust you. Virat says you know I keep my word. Nima says don’t ruin your life because of me. He says you’ve done enough for me and Krish. Now it’s my turn. Priyal comes down. She says no more games with me. I will kill myself if you do anything now. She says to Mona at least you congratulate me? Virat was always mine. She hugs Virat.

Episode ends

Precap: Virat asks Nima did she love him too. Nima hugs him and says I love you more than anything. Priyal sees that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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