Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chumma baba gets arrested

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu saying your blessing isn’t needed. Chumma baba shouts on him. Jha asks him to talk with manners with CM. Chaitu and Chumma baba argue. Chaitu takes Ghotali. The people stop Chaitu for insulting Chumma baba and protest. Puttan asks Chaitu to apologize, they are blind devotees, they will see them later. Chaitu goes to Chumma baba and apologizes to him, while insulting him in sugary words. Chaitu gets Ghotali home. Imli says maybe Genda was lying. Chaitu says I have four daughters, I know Chumma baba’s bad sight. Imli apologizes to Ghotali. Jha says think what Chumma baba does with common people. Imli says its my mistake.

She throws his pic. Puttan says we will knock him down. Chaitu says we can’t shoot him, he will become immortal for devotees, we will have to make a temple for him then, re-open the cases on him, cancel his bail, get him arrested, put the land in litigation case. Chumma baba gets angry knowing this and comes to meet Chaitu. Chaitu asks who has let him come here. Chumma baba reminds more cases registered against him. He challenges Chaitu to do anything they can. Puttan says this man is not scared of you and anyone here. Chumma baba asks him to take blessings. Puttan refuses. Chumma baba says Chaitu will come to my ashram and say sorry. He goes.

Jha asks Chaitu why didn’t he do anything. Chaitu asks what shall I do. Jha says you have to do something. Chaitu says that man challenged me. Khoji says no one could arrest Chumma baba, is there any chance to catch him. Inspector says we are requesting him to surrender. Puttan says its not easy to catch Chumma baba, he has threatened us in office. Imli says tv and media will make him fall down. Rajneeti and Party make a fake video to defame Chumma baba. Imli also comments against him. Even the party men give statement against Chumma baba. The people speak against Chumma baba on news channel. They request Chaitu to do something. A girl files FIR against Chumma baba. Chaitu provides security to her. He says we will arrest him tomorrow, Imli has to support me in apologizing to Chumma baba. Imli and Malai apologize to Chumma baba.

Chaitu makes a plan. Chumma baba dances on his birthday. Chaitu comes there and praises him to please the devotees. Chumma baba gets shocked seeing the time bomb. They all pass it away. They worry that the bomb can blast. Puttan asks Chumma baba to kiss the bomb and defuse it. Chumma baba gets worried and says let me go. Imli asks him to stop, it will be his insult if he leaves. Genda and her uncle come and look on. Puttan says no one will go, respect Chumma baba. Chumma baba gets exposed. He accepts his lie and asks them to save him. Puttan defuses the bomb. Imli says Chumma baba doesn’t know to do any miracle. The people get angry and ask about other miracles. The lady says I m an artist, Chumma baba paid me and I did acting.

Puttan says good. Genda says this man is not a saint, he is a cheap man. Everyone catches Chumma baba t beat. Genda slaps him. Puttan aims the gun. Chaity asks everyone to move back. He says we ministers have looted the people, don’t loot their devotion, else people will beat you first. He gets Chumma baba arrested. Chaitu asks Khoji not to promote that saints. He promises such saints won’t come back again. His daughters hug him.

Khoji tells about the terror attack. Puttan gives them tips to get saved. Janta guides Puttan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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