Swasan Separation TS By Chaitu

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Here nikil is not bad character he is true friend of swara this starts on swasan six month separation track

this starts from when sanskar came to gm drunk to check on uttara engagemet designs
Swara falling in Sanskar’s arms. She asks if you are drunk? Sanskar says only wine doesn’t leave him, and asks why she is so shocked? If she was waiting for someone else.? Swara says you are my client and have right to see your sister’s arrangements. Sanskar says thank you, atleast you agreed and taunts her. Swara asks why don’t you talk normally. She shows him designs. Sanskar says it is useless and asks her to change it all. Swara says time is less, it is not possible. Sanskar says I thought there is nothing impossible for great Swara. She says if your client is not happy then it is your duty to change the designs, and hopes that she don’t upset him.

Swara asks Sanskar why he has taken up drinking. Sanskar says it is his personal life and says just as I moved away from your way, you have started dreaming to marry Nikhil. He says Swara weds Nikhil…and says he will organize their wedding. Swara angrily asks him to go. Sanskar asks her to make Uttara’s function best else….He leaves
listening the harsh words from sanskar about her swara pushes him out closing the door she slides down crying bitterly

swara was crying heavily she just wanted to forget his harsh words it was killing her that how sanskar easily said those words to her how can he think that she leaves him and marry someone is there bond that much week she was knowing that she lost him but never taught that she lost his love also this was making her suffocate and her heart pains she just want to forget this moment so she started to see here and there to get something so that she can forget his words while searching she saw a bottle being a bachelor nikil kept alcohol bottle in his bag as he leaves alone in Bose mansion so nobody comes to know about it while searching her eyes lands on it  and started to drink it being a first time it was burning her throat but it is less than his harsh words

here outside the baadi sanskar was very much angry this time not on swara its on himself only he went towards the car and punched on the bonet

sanskar : how can you sanskar how can you say like that to her though in our relationship we lost trust but never our love got decreased how can you doubt her love how can you say that to marry nikil when you yourself know how much she loves you though she mistrust you kept you after her family ragini everyone but her love is for you only sanskar how can I say that he started to her how can I saying this he started to bang his hand on near by wall right now he just wanted to drink  and forget this in these six months it was the only companion for him so he started to search his car keys not getting it he becomes still more frustrated later he got that while seeing designs he left it on the table only so he goes back to get the keys and was about to knock the door but lights went off the first thing came to his mind is swara is inside and she is afraid of dark so he started to bang on the door

sanskar : swara open the door …swara

but she didn’t open he taught may be she went so he was about to go to gaddodia house but stopped seeing the window open he don’t want to face her and he got scared if his anger overpoweres him and said something and broke her more so instead to hurt her he entered through the window and took the car key while going he saw someone sitting on the couch near the window
sanskar taught who is that sitting in dark

he went towards her and got to know its swara he was shocked because she was highly scared of darkness and here sitting alone he remembers something


while searching kavya because of darkness she didn’t go to old that house how she sent him how he teased her
after a long drive at night swasan came to mm she holds his hand tightly seeing darkness and he making fun of her sacredness and took her in his arms and went to there room

flashback ends

listening swara voice sanskar came back to his senses

swara in tippsy mood said to sanskar
swara :ohh…sanskar you came back i think you left some more things to tell you want me to hurt beyond repair na ok no problem start im listening please continue
sanskar lights the lighter but again darkness surrounds as swara blows off

sanskar : swara what are u doing where are the candles you are afraid of dark
swara :not more sanskar as im not scarred of darkness anymore when my life is only in darkness then this is nothing it`s just dark a black colour u know sanskar in this 6 months this darkness became my companion just like alcohol for u same to same this darkness saw my every emotions ,my saddness my loneyness ,my carvings for u this was this was someone who saw my everything it never lest my me in this 6 months you know what day light use to hurt me because it indicates me that again a day came in my life where you are not there with me again to see everyone suffering everything and night is only for me where i can talk whole heartedly but nobody is there to listening me it hurted but still I lived in that (till now sanskar came to know that she is drunken and saw her holding the half empty bottle )

sanskar : if it hurted so much swara then why did u left me why because of your one decission we both are suffering
swara : you know sanaskar 6months are over but still you didn`t figure out from where it all started but no worries today i will tell you I just wanted you to know which phase i got through till today you tanted me you showed me how much you suffered but today i will tell you how much i suffered

saying this she again started to drink sanskar was about to snatch the bottle but swara withdraws it
sanskar: give me that don`t drink its harmfull you can`t take it

swara : no sanskar today i baddly needed this just to forget the harsh words you told about me and nikil and to tell about my 6 months sufferings

swara : u know sanskar you always think that i take u for granted i keep u after family no sanskar u are my first priorty inmy life when my family didn`t trust me u were there and i know how much u love your family for them u can go to any extent like that only sanskar to see your happiness i also went to extent to save our family no any wife want tio see their husband broken state sanskar but i saw u i cant see any one blaming you trust me sanskar going against you i never wanted to save this family sanskar i just wanted to show them you didnt do nothing u use to love bade maa more than mom but she pointed at u just to prove u inocent i did this but never taught just because of your anger u were ready to break our relationship

hearing her sanskar was guilt as it was fault of both of the he realised that one thing he said in anger became the root cause for there separation
sanskar: agar itna pyaar karthi ho tho why did u choose ragini over me

swara:hmm..ragini do u really think i can choose any one over u no sanskar mere life kii shruvath se end thak tum hi ho jo mein hamsha choose karthi hoon that day seeing her broken state mujhe hamara shaddi ka din yaad aya tha sanskar where she attemt to sucide i was scared if she repeatssame thing and above all that i was angry on u sanskar because i didn`t obey you u broke our relationship if you are sanskar maheshwari then i`m your wife swara sanskar maheshwari sirf naam hii nahi mera gussa bhi tumse zyaad hoon (she said cutely) because of her tipsy tipsy talks the heated argument also turned into joke sanskar smiled seeing her cute antics suddenly swara hugs him the intensity ofthe hug make him fall on sofa ans she sits on his lap sanskar was shocked

swara:please sanskar dont say those words again mein tumse gussa hoon par naurat nahi karthi hoon i know tumhari pehele mere life mein laksh ayatha as everyone taught me as a characterless girl like that only now u also thaught that after i left u i will go with another one but trust me sanskar you are the first and last love of my life me marjathi hoon par kissi aur kho tumhara jaga nahi desakthi hoon I LOVE YOU SANSKAR I LOVE U SO MUCH
listening those words after 6 months he couldnt bring his anger in between them now so hugged her tightly closer to his heart

listening his heart beats after so long she finds peace and sleeps
sanskar : u said so many things swara and made me realise we both are at fault for our separation this time i cant take more separation when i think now we can lead a happy life again some or the other problems occurs so i have decided something for that i need to find laksh fast

he saw her sleeping figure he kissed her forehead suddenly she winces he saw her hand which is bandaged he rememberered how nikil did her bandaid he slowly removes it and took firstaid box from drawer and did her bandage she wices he kissed that part after that he took her in his arms and went to bed room and lies her on the bed he was about to go but swara held his little fingure and murmers his name he lies down taking her in his embrace and kissed her forehead felling the warmth she missed in 6months she snuggled more to him today after like ages they are sleeping in each other embrace

early morning he got up and released himself from her and stared her morning beauty she frowned in sleep misssing him which she do every time he missed this a lot he kissed her lips and tuked her in duvet properly and went back to mm before she wakes up not wanting to give a unnecessary hopes for her he move out of the baadi which was seen by both nikil and ragini who was knowing sanskasr is there with swara so they didnt want to distrub them after he went they arranged everything properly and started their work after sometime swara got up having headache but she was feeling peace

swara: after these many months i slept peacefully my heart is feeling so lite i think its because of alcoho hmm..thats why sanskar drinks daily she remember his words(she forgot the night event she just remebers before she drank alcohol) and tears formed in her eyes but taught not to think about it as she need to concentrate on uttara engagement and joined with nikil and ragini for further preparations

To be continued

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