Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and his wives hide Kunti’s moustache

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with bahus hiding Kunti seeing Sarla coming and sings song. Sarla asks what they are doing? Bahus say that they are playing kho kho game. Sarla says she will also play and tries to see Kunti. Kanhaiya says you are also playing. Sarla says I didn’t know. Kunti asks her to go home and play with her bahu. Sarla asks are you ready with your speech? Pari is about to tell her about Kunti’s moustache, but other bahus stop her. Kunti asks Sarla to go else she will tell her weight to everyone. Sarla is about to go. Kusum asks her if she don’t want anything today. Kunti gets angry on kusum. Sarla goes. Bahus say that they shall try to take off moustache. Kunti says my skin will come out. Pratap makes fun of Kunti. Kunti scolds him. Rajindri calls Kunti. Kanhaiya asks her to talk. Kunti picks her call and gets shocked. Kanhaiya asks what happened? Prema comes and says there is a crowd outside as someone came to know that moustache woman is here. Kunti says even Rajindri was saying this. Prema says people are yearning to see Kunti. Kunti gets tensed.

Kanhaiya and Prema come out and ask who told them about moustache woman. Sarla says Pari kept the status message. Pari says she didn’t tell about Mummy ji. Kanhaiya says it is just a rumour. Sarla says let us go and see. Pratibha says whatever Pari wrote is right and asks them to come. Prarthana asks how did you come here? Sarla says I didn’t come here to have panjiri’s snacks. Pratibha asks them to see moustache woman and signs at Pratap who is sitting in disguise of a woman wearing saree and sporting moustache. Sarla, Vimla and others laugh. Pratibha says Pratap is preparing for the play. Sarla says we are laughing seeing woman with moustache. Kunti imagines Sarla and Vimla laughing on her. Sarla calling her Kunta…etc. She says if they come to know then they will not let me live. Pratap asks them to see the play. Sarla refuses. She asks about Kunti. Kanhaiya says she is sleeping. Sarla says she will come late.

Khatru reads about moustache oil and says he is thinking to apply hair oil and get moustache. Kanhaiya gets upset and imagines Kunti. He thinks what to do? A man comes to get Kunti’s sign. Kanhaiya gets tensed. Man says he needs Kunti’s sign and asks about her. Kanhaiya says I will sign. Man says she has to sign infront of me. Kanhaiya gets thinking. Pratibha talks to Kanhaiya and gets tensed. Kunti panics.

Pari jokes. Pratibha says govt officer came to get shop papers renewed. Kunti asks Pratibha to get the papers. Prema says she has an idea and tells that Kunti will sign the paper with Pratap’s help. They call govt officer and get Pratap meet him while Kunti signs on the papers.

Sarla and others go to Kunti’s house forcefully and see Kunti dressed as a man. Pratap says he is Mama ji. Kunti flirts with Sarla.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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