Har Mard Ka Dard 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod hearing Sonu’s voice calling him. Sonu is also sad thinking about him. A song plays adhuri…He comes out of house to see Sonu, but goes to his house. Sonu then opens her door and thinks about Sonu’s words. In the morning, Vinod calls Sonu and asks for tea. He then realizes she is gone. Sonu wakes up and thinks she has to make Vinod’s tiffin ready. Romila says you don’t stay with him. He gets ready for office and searches his file and calls Sonu. Romila rejects the call. Vinod gets the file. Kanno says Sonu told her.. Vinod gets ready and leaves for work.

Lawyer asks Romila if Sonu is missing Vinod. Romila says she wake up to make his tiffin. Lawyer says she didn’t miss him and tells that it was her daily routine. He says Sonu will not miss him after whatever he told her and lies about him. He takes money from her.

Mishra ji and Gulati ji see Vinod upset. Vinod blames Mishra ji for the situation between Sonu and him. Gulati asks him to get Sonu back. Vinod comes home and sees Sonu on road, and says he wants to talk to her. Sonu says she don’t know him. Romila asks him to stay away from her daughter and tells the people standing there that this man is teasing her daughter. She takes Sonu with her. Inspector comes there and arrests Vinod. Vinod says she is his wife and asks him to see his ID card. Mishra ji and Gulati ji come to Police station and free Vinod. Inspector says he is freeing him as his brother in law is also an Inspector. Mishra ji asks Vinod to who was that girl teased by him. Vinod says he was trying to talk to Sonu.

Anju is worried about Vinod and asks Bunno to go and check. Bunno sasys Bhai said that Mishra ji and Gulati ji are coming to free him. Vinod comes home. Dadi and Anju ask him tell. Vinod tells that he was caught because of Romila. Kanno asks Vinod to win Sonu’s heart again and become Raj and win Simran. Vinod says I will win her heart and will use same tricks which I have used in college.

Kanno and Bunno talk about vinod. Vinod says he is going to college. Kanno says we have an idea to win Bhabhi’s heart. Vinod says he has used many ideas to win her heart. Kanno asks him to use first idea. Bunno asks what was first idea and asks him to think. Vinod asks him to see and watch. He tells that he had written love letter for Sonu. He says Sonu has kept it safely. Vinod opens the box and sees it empty. Kanno says she must have taken love letter with other stuff and says she will come running.

Vinod throws the love letters towards Sonu. Sonu goes. Romila gets that letter and looks at Vinod’s house.

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