I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 45

After some hours

Aarav:dhi..mumma awake..mumma kya hua?
Ankita:mumma ..aap u ok rit?
Anjali:haan beta..Shyam ji kahan?
Ankita:i will call
Anjali:Ankita ..take Aarav with u ..go nd eat dinner..i will come with Shyam
Ankita:tk Mumma..

Anjali slowly stands nd went for Shyam
He was standing alone..

Anjali went there..held shyam’s Hand and place her head in Shyam’s shoulder

Anjali: i gave so much tension to u na?

Shyam: not like that dear..i just worried..nd also i can’t see u like that..

Anjali:thank u so much for this support Shyam ji..i was so fortunate to have u..nd u have made all my tension, problem, very ease..i love u ji..nd i am sure..we will find our daughter soon..don’t worry ji..nothing will happen to me..wen u r with me..don’t worry..

Shyam smiled and hugged her..

Shyam:definitely Anjali..

He kissed her in forehead..

Scene shifted to Arnav Khushi..

Khushi:bolona Arnie..


Khushi:nd she was calling like me Arnie..that wa not a problem..lekin

Arnav hold her hand and he narrated the story

Khushi: how can u be so good Arnav..u save that girl..nd u brought up her like ur own daughter…u r really good..

Arnav:its not that a big deal khushi..i just thought to send her to any safe place,,but somehow i thought to keep her myself ..its kind of selfish

Khushi :aise kuch neih hai ji..u should accept the truth sometimes my dear..

Arnav:ok madam..next…

Khushi:kya next..chal ..everyone will come at anytime ..

Arnav:kya..this is very bad..jo tume shru kiya..usse complete karo..

Khushi(smirked): mae ne kuch neih kiya.

She get up from him nd walk..

Arnav held her hand nd pulled her close..

Arnav:koe problem neih..mae complete karunga..

Khushi closed her eyes..Arnav closed his eyes..

Ting tong…
Bell rang from outside..

They opened their eyes..saw each other ..khushi smiled..nd then Arnav…

To be continue…

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