Everything changes… A Shivika FF Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Oberois arrived at the Sharma mansion. Everyone thought, ‘this is it. This will be Shivaay’s future in-laws house.’ But will it? They all prayed that Shivaay will say yes.

They went in to be greeted by Raj and Anjali. While all were waiting for the real reason they were there, they had some light conversations. After a while, they heard a ‘click. click.’ They looked at the direction in where the clicking came from and saw their guest of honor. Annika.

She came forward with a tray of chai. Her every step said ‘nervous’ and ‘help me’ but everyone was to busy seeing the fake smile on her face. Except for one person. Shivaay always had a talent of reading what a person’s truly feeling, even if it doesn’t show on their face.

But he wasn’t sure why. He wanted to know. Annika was passing around chai and when it came to Shivaay, Oberoi’s got a big shock. Shivaay accepted the cup of chai. He always says that he won’t have any chai, only espresso. Why a sudden change?

Annika went to put the tray away and when she came back she sat across from Shivaay. She was looking everywhere except for what’s in front of her, cause she was afraid that his eyes will read what HIS once did.

“Annika. Why are you so far away from Shivaay? Come. Sit next to him.” Pinky said. Annika couldn’t say no, after all she was her future saas. The moment Annika sat right next to Shivaay the air between them filled nervousness from Annika and confusion from Shivaay. Annika’s curiosity got the better and looked right next to her.

When she looked up she saw a pair of caring blue eyes, nothing like HIS. He also looked in her eyes and saw innocence and fear. They were screaming, “Help me! Listen to me once!” But why did he feel that way? Whatever it was, it was definite that she had a past. And he made it his mission to find out her past. Even if it means he had to marry her.

“Pinky. Why don’t we give them some privacy. I have to tell you something. So shall we go?” Anjali asked. She had to talk to Pinky about Annika’s past before they say yes to marriage. Hopefully they will still accept Annika.

When it was just Shivika left in the room, there was an awkward silence. Shivaay could feel Annika was nervous as she was playing with dupatta. To try to relax her, Shivaay put his hand on her. Surprisingly to her, she felt relaxed. She would always panic when someone normally touched her, even if it’s on accident. Why was it different with him?

“Annika, are you ok?” Shivaay asked with care. Annika could only nod.

“Can you tell me one thing?” Annika nodded, not speaking one word up until now. “Do you want to get married?”

Annika looked into Shivaay’s eyes and answered, without hesitation, “yes.” Her family has been so caring looking for a suitable groom for her, but no one accepted her after knowing her past. She couldn’t blame them. Even she would say no to herself. She brushed this thought off when Shivaay asked where the restroom was. She told him and he went, leaving Annika with her thoughts again.

When Shivaay came out, he heard two familiar voices. He followed the sound of the voices, which lead him to a door. He put his ear on the door to hear what the voices were talking about.

“Oh my mata!”

“I know Pinky. I thought you should know before marriage. I didn’t know how you would react if you knew about it later. But please, don’t think of this as Annika’s fault. Will you still accept her?”

“Of course, Anjali. I think of her as my own daughter. And of course, I don’t think it was her fault. Every girl has that excitement. I’m just glad that he’s in jail. Men like him should be in there for a lifetime.”

Shivaay was left more confused. Who was this man they were talking about? Why was he in jail? And is he connected to Annika? These thoughts were in his head while he was heading back to where his future wife is waiting.


Om was trying to find the restroom when he saw a girl. He assumed she was Annika’s younger sister.

“Excuse me?” Om called out. Gauri looked at the direction of where that voice came and saw a man in his mid-20s.

Gauri unknowingly bit her bottom lip and asked, “H-haan?”

“Do you know where the restroom is?” Omkara asked. He was mesmerized by her beauty. Gauri told him the directions. Om said, “Thank you…”


“Omkara.” Om puts out his hand for a handshake. Gauri puts her hand on top of his and both were lost in each other’s eyes. There eyelock was broken when both of them realized what they were doing. Om left, leaving Gauri with her thoughts.

“What was that Gauri? Why were there so many emotions and thoughts going through my head when I saw him? And why was I so shy? I’m never shy. Gauri, tum bhee na. Why are you thinking about all this stuff. I better go back to Ma and see what Pinky aunty said.” Gauri was talking with herself and left.

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