Har Mard Ka Dard 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Romila coming out of house and throws the flowers given to Sonu by God. Anju picks those flowers. Dadi asks if flowers came free with fruits. Anju says Romila had thrown these flowers out of house. Kanno asks her not to tell Vinod. Bunno says we have to tell him. Vinod comes. They hide the flowers. Vinod says he heard everything and haven’t felt bad, as Sonu haven’t thrown these flowers and have place for me in my heart. Bunno asks him to win sonu. Vinod says he will win Sonu’s heart and will make Romila realize that he respects her a lot. He thinks of an idea along with Bunno. Bunno gets bad ideas. Vinod asks him to think something good. Bunno asks him to do something when he used to cheers her up. Vinod says she used to get happy seeing my face, but not now. He says he has an idea and goes. Bunno prays to God to unite Sonu and Vinod.

Vinod brings many balloons. Sonu gets happy. Dil Ullo ka Patta Hai song plays…He dances with Sonu. Suddenly Romila comes infront of him and collides with scooter and falls on the pot let there. Romila turns. Her face is blackened by pot mud. Romila scolds Vinod and tells that I would have died today.Vinod says he brought balloons as Sonu likes it. Sonu says you have insulted my mum, and now….Romila says you both are separated because of you. Vinod says they are staying separately because of her wish. Romila takes Sonu inside.

Later in the night, Anju asks Vinod not to lose hope. Vinod says it seems destiny don’t want us to unite. Anju says you both are rab ne bana di Jodi. Vinod tells that Sonu’s birthday is coming and says we have celebrated her birthday happily last year and says this year too, he will celebrate her birthday. He writes card for her and thinks to tell her that he can’t live without, although he is alive but can’t take breath or be happy. He apologizes to Sonu looking in the mirror and gets emotional.

Romila and Tikku wish happy birthday to Sonu. Romila says how she can forget her birthday. Sonu hugs her. Romila says you would have been happy if listened to me. She asks him to go back to Vinod if she wants and says she will bear. Sonu says she will not go. Vinod wishes Sonu looking in the mirror and thinks they were happy together, but separated.

Vinod, Bunno and Kanno take the stairs. Neighbor see them. Vinod climbs up the stairs. Neighbor asks Vinod what is he doing. He says he is changing bulb of his mum in law’s house. Neighbor says ok. He gets inside and sees Sonu sleeping, smiles.

Sonu comes out of house and sees happy birthday Sonu message from her happy. She happily tries to go, but Romila stops her. Sonu goes inside the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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