Santoshi Maa 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with an asur taking Rishi’s avatar and going to Gaumata. He says I m Santoshi Maa’s devotee, I know she is surrounded by sorrows, so I want to help her. Devi Paulmi thinks once asur get the Divya flower, then she will fail both ways. She laughs. Kaki and Santoshi worry for Paulomika. Mangla asks her to accept her crime. Inspector says maybe there is something if they are saying. Santoshi Maa thinks true devotees have to go through tough times. Santoshi stops her and believes she did not do this. Santoshi Maa says I m sure nothing wrong will happen with me, I have to go with them to know truth, I m worried for Paulomika.

Mangla thinks Paulomika will be waiting for me. Rishi says we can protect Santoshi Maa by the Divya flower. Gaumata says but the flowers give light to this place. He says I will get it before sunset, this is imp. She agrees. She gives him the flower and thinks he is not saying lie. He smiles getting the flower.

Santoshi Maa says true path is tough, but truth never loses. She goes with police. Paulomika thinks the men are acting to kidnap her. They laugh. Devi Saraswati sees the asur with Divya flower. She stops him and asks where is he taking the flower. He says I m taking this for Santoshi Maa’s help. She thinks was he saying true. She gets a mirror and sees his Asur reflection in it. She shouts stop, you can’t take this flower, I know you are part of some plan, give the flower to me. She takes the flower. Asur tries to get the flower. He says even if I die, I will not do without this. He burns along with flower. Devi Laxmi says its a big disaster, Devi Santoshi’s place has identity with that flower. Narad asks what will happen now. Brahmadev says I realized this, I don’t know who did this bad deed. Devi Laxmi says what will happen of Devi Santoshi’s place now.

People come to meet small don. Seshnath asks them to give some money to meet Tinu. Tinu thinks he has to do something to make Seshnath fine. Santoshi Maa smiles seeing her devotee. The car stops. Santoshi says Sadhvi Maa did not do anything. Kaki asks what happened to your senses. Mangla thinks I don’t need to worry for Paulomika, she is smart. Paulomika waits for Mangla.

Devi Paulmi tells Brahmadev that Devi Saraswati has burnt her devotee. Devi Saraswati says no, he was taking the Divya flower. Devi Paulmi says he was going to help Devi Santoshi. Brahmadev does not believe Devi Saraswati and says we will call yamdev to know truth. Devi Paulmi asks will you not decide till he comes. He says Devi Saraswati’s powers will be taken till yamdev comes. She gets shocked.

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