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The Episode starts with Amba hugging Simran. She cries. Jagan gets angry and says you have hidden Simran, its another lie. She asks panchayat to decide. Amba asks won’t I save her, who was the enemy, how many lies will you say, you made Mannu a guy and fooled everyone and then lied that Simran is dead, why, are you not ashamed to lie. Raavi hugs Simran. Jagan pushes Simran and Mannu. Amba holds Simran.

Jagan says look at their drama. Mannu asks what would she do, we still have enmity, Simran wanted to marry Raman, would you let her marry, Raman would have not died that day, everyone has enmity. Jagan asks her to go to her inlaws, and not interfere in his house matters.

Harjeet slaps Rohan angrily. He says you proved you are useless, how could you support enemies, see Raj, he is doing a lot to take revenge. Rohan says you are saying right, there is much difference between me and Raj since childhood, today he cares for you, and I just care what my mum thinks about me. Amrit cries.

Rohan says I did late to understand her, I have kept myself away from her, not now, she will be glad to know one son knows respecting women, that girl maybe enemy for you, she is a helpless woman for me, she needed a hand, I have helped her, she made me her Lord, if I cheat her now, it will be showing down my mum, now I will not let anything happen to that girl. They get shocked.

Jagan asks panchayat to punish Amba. Mannu says her state has become like a kid, she does not remember she had a brother Mannu. Harjeet scolds Rohan. Raj stops him and says Rohan is also your son, he is angry now. Rohan says just enmity matters to you, even if family gets ruined. Harjeet asks him to get out of his house. Rohan says wrong, drunkard Rohan is not standing in front of you now, whom people will give some money and send. Mohan scolds him.

Rohan says I know my rights. Harjeet asks what rights. Rohan says I have 25 % percent in this house, you can’t make me leave. Harjeet asks Raj to move. He scolds Rohan and goes. Rohan hugs Amrit. She cries and sees Raj. Sarpanch says Amba did not do right to lying to us, but panchayat can’t say anything on this matter, if a lie saves someone’s life, its bigger than many truths, Amba’s lie to save Preet was a cheat to society, but today she did right to save Simran, her life was really in danger, we are forgiving Amba this time. Mannu thanks them. Jagan says fine, as you say, I have a condition, if their another lie comes out, if I m troubled, I will make them out of the house. Panchayat goes.

Amrit feeds Rohan. He apologizes to her. She asks him to forget old things. Raj comes and says I did not break promise, Preet took step to break our marriage. Amrit asks are you playing a game with me. Raj says you guys are against me because of my enemy. Rohan says I m not supporting enemy, I have saved an innocent girl, my mum is with me.

Nihaal asks Mohini what will happen if she gets angry now, Preet took her sister. Mohini says I will not lose so soon. Its morning, Amrit comes to Mannu. Mannu cries and hugs her. She says I left Simran at home, panchayat has forgiven mummy, so much changed in one night. Amrit cries and says I m glad someone got saved, it was not easy to reach here, but you faced all problems with courage. The servant says Harjeet called you to go to panchayat. Mannu prays nothing wrong happens.

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  1. its good for simmi when she comes to stay at bajwa s house, again mohini will be in loss because rohan will protect simmi and i am sure he will marry her.

    go on bajwa, you can’t win from preet and simmi now 🙂

  2. Rohan’s positive turn around is very heartening. Raj should go back to his determination of throwing mohini out rather than hating Preet

  3. Rohan way to go to stand up for what is right . Simiran has actually brought a new look into Rohan .

    Raj n preet should try n find out the killer and put mohini away , but mohini can’t go …. no more drama end of story ???

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