Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma fixes Nitu and Mangal’s alliance

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu as Nitu asking Kamlesh to ask where does she stay? He asks her where do you stay? Happu says in your heart and runs away. Mangal Pandey hears them and beats up Kamlesh badly. Happu wipes the floor. Amma asks her to clean properly. Malaika comes there and Happu has to clean the floor again. She says Amma wants her to make the house as Rajmahal. Malaika asks him to iron their clothes and asks not to argue with Dadi. Rajjo comes there and tells that Nitu was drunk last night as Beni made her drink. Amma asks if it was costly or cheap. Happu says I didn’t know. Rajjo says I will question Beni, as he claims to love Vimlesh. She takes Happu to Rajjo and asks what is he doing? Beni tells that he is writing a letter to Vimlesh as she has sent him a Sherlock Holmes book. Rajjo says may be this letter will be the last and accuses him for making Nitu have a drink. She says I will tell Vimlesh and will not let ruin her. She asks what is the mistake of this helpless woman? Happu tells that she has mistaken him. Rajjo asks her not to take a stand for the lust pujari. She says Vimlesh was crying and asked what is her mistake? Beni asks Rajjo to listen and thinks he has to lie. He tells that he had kept juice in one glass and drink in other glass, and gave the wrong glass to Nitu. Rajjo threatens Beni not to talk to Vimlesh and says I thought you are a good guy, but you are such a creepy man. Beni gets upset and thinks I thought you are educated.

Mangal Pandey comes to Amma and asks for Nitu’s hand. Amma tells that Nitu is lucky to get such a loving man. Nitu/Happu comes out. Amma tells her that she has fixed her alliance with Mangal. Happu gets tensed and tells that she is already married. Rajjo says you had said that your husband is useless. She goes to bring sweets. Amma tells that the world is bad and tells that someone tried to make her drink wine. Mangal asks Amma to tell who was that guy and tells that he will kill him. Amma asks him to calm down. Happu tells that he will not marry a stranger and don’t want to be betrayed again. Mangal tells that she is right, they shall know each other and asks Amma to send Nitu with him. Amma sends Nitu and Mangal to the garden and says their Jodi is good. Mangal and Nitu sit on the bench. Mangal says my heart beat increased seeing you for the first time. Happu says even mine, but I can’t tell you the reason. Mangal Pandey asks her to look in his eyes. Happu tells that she is married and don’t have anything now. He cries and asks will you force a married woman to marry. Mangal tells about his distressed life and tells that his parents died when he was a child. He says then his Chacha and Chachi also died. Happu says I have a feeling that I will die if I marry you. Mangal says I won’t let anything happen to you and kisses on his cheeks. Happu shouts and tells that his beard pierced in her cheek and asks him to get it shaved.

Kamlesh comes to Kat and tells that someone has hit him on his eye. Kat says my father is not here, then who did this. Kamlesh says many people disliked me. Kat asks if Malaika hit you. Kamlesh says I know how she beats me and tells that the attacker was a guy. Kat says I am worried for you, you are looking like a Panda. Kamlesh says I know. Kat asks if he has beaten him at some other place. Kamlesh says yes, but I can’t tell you. Kat asks if he wants cold drink and orders coke. Kamlesh says we will drink with straw and then….

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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