Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Ishani and Sunny’s engagement

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima thinking Vansh has gone out, I have sent a message to Kabir. She recalls Kabir asking her to use the torch when she falls in danger, his aide will see her signal and come to save her. He says I know Vansh is very clever, just on and off the torch three times. She goes to the window and switches the torch on and off thrice. She sees Vansh back and sleeping. She thinks Kabir didn’t send any message, did he get my message or not. She sees Kabir signalling her. She goes and sees him. He asks her not to worry. She says except Dadi and Siya, everyone is dual faced, I m scared. He says you feel your life is in danger, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. Vansh points fun at him. He shoots down Kabir. Riddhima shouts Vansh. She wakes up from the nightmare. She sees Vansh awake and smiling seeing her. He says thanks for giving me a place in your dream, love starts with a beautiful dream, am I in your heart.

He says Dadi says that morning dream is mostly true, just remember what you had seen. Ishani likes the roses from Sunny. Vansh gets angry seeing Sunny propose her. Ishani says he is Sunny, my boyfriend, he loves me a lot, you have met him on the cruise. Sunny asks will you marry me. Vansh moves her away. He asks have you lost your mind, you can’t decide for marriage so soon. Sunny sees Riddhima and twists his watch. Vansh says you don’t know him, you can’t do this marriage. He asks Sunny to go and not come back again. Ishani says he is my BF, I love him, why can’t I marry him, I know him well, excuse me, do you have sole right to decide, you married by your wish, you didn’t know this middle class trash, just 3 days, we respected your decision, we are tolerating her, fine, we will go out and get married. Anupriya asks her to stop. She says we met Sunny on the cruise, we know him, he loves Ishani, what else do we want.

Dadi says Vansh, everyone has a right to choose life partner. Vansh says fine, do anything you want. He goes. Ishani says my engagement can’t be so light, we will have a grand engagement party, I want designer lahenga. Anupriya asks how will we manage. Dadi says it will be done, come. Riddhima says congrats and goes. Sunny looks on. Riddhima thinks I didn’t get any response from Kabir, what shall I do, shall I wait, I will see once. Vansh looks at her. He says I know where you are looking at, why do I feel you are looking for someone.

She says I was looking at the moon, its a full moon today. He says how romantic. Ishq Mein marjawan….plays…. He goes to help her. Song plays… They have a moment. Vansh sees some shadow and asks who is there. She thinks is it Kabir. Vansh leaves the room and sees Sunny. He asks what are you doing outside my room. Sunny says sorry, I was going to Ishani’s room. Vansh says person tells nonsense when he is trying to hide something, don’t act oversmart with me, my eyes are on you, one mistake and your dream to marry Ishani will break, you don’t know what else will break. Sunny says sorry. Vansh goes.

Sunny holds his watch. He says hats off to you, how do you handle Vansh, how did you marry him, anyways, don’t know how long you will stay with him, good luck. He shakes hands with her. He goes. She gets some note from him. She reads… You had sent signal at night, I have come to help you. The enemy looks at her. She thinks Kabir has sent Sunny.

Aryan says Ishani needs time to get ready. Sunny sees Vansh. Dadi asks Vansh to not make work calls today. Vansh agrees. He sees Riddhima. Dadi says she looks lovely. He says yes. She says I m talking of Ishani. He says me too. She laughs. Ishani scolds Riddhima. She goes. Riddhima asks who has sent you. He says the one whom you asked for help. She thinks if Kabir has sent Sunny, then he can help me in finding Ragini’s secret.

Riddhima sees Ragini’s grave and digs it. Vansh catches her and says brilliant, one who cheated me are buried inside the ground. He throws Riddhima in the grave.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I feel like it is a trap for riddhima. Hope she doesn’t trust someone so easily like she trusted Mrs. Desouza

  2. This show is getting interesting day by day😍😍😍😍😍😍.

    1. Hope it stays interesting as its right now
      No typical daily soap drama

    2. All shows are interesting until 100 episodes. Then thereafter they start deteriorating. Let’s see about this one.

  3. Interesting..very interesting…
    Daily eisahe tharhasae romantic moments vun donoo beech hojayaetho…
    Terror raisinghania romantic raisinghania banjayegaa, aur jasusi ridhima misses raisinghania banjayegi.🥰🥰🥰

  4. Oh…This I loved..BTW thanks for the update Amena:)

  5. Oh god pls save me…. I’m dying,Riansh are killing me…. I just can’t get over them….

  6. This is definitely a trap for Riddhima. But Riddhima will trust everyone and will forget that she is in VR Mansion where everyone is two faced. Even I feel Siya and Dadi are not innocent and Siya is not handicapped. She can be the most clever one.

    1. no i dont think so they both are innocent because dadi allowed riddhima to stay in VR mansion

    2. Yes Vidha! Even I feel that about Siya. Remember in season 1 Tara’s dad was supposed to be wheelchair bound, but in real he was just faking it? I think its the same here. She just looks too sweet to be real.
      And I think this Sunny is a trap for Riddhima. She should be more careful. Because this same Sunny was on the cruise also so how can he be working for Kabir?

  7. I don’t know why I feel that siya is not handicap. I also had feeling that she is the most dangerous person in that house.

  8. I feel Ishani is hiding something, love Riansh my fav couple on TV but Riddima has to be careful

  9. The show was getting interesting
    waiting for next episodes

  10. I think sunny is with vansh!

  11. I now think so vaansh and riddhima will fall in love because they are husband wife.

  12. I don’t think so bcoz everytime ridhimma did sth that she was instructed by kabir she would get some help and I also think that dadi and siya are innocent.

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