Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Principal asks Guru ji to bring Bhima to school

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Bhima says this dharma and those books are wrong then. Bhimbai tells him to be quiet. Do you even realise what you are saying? Don’t say it outside in front of anyone or don’t know what they will do to you! They worship those books. Bhima says it is wrong. People should think that the woman who takes care of everyone and her home cannot be a Daasi. You do it too but you don’t appear to be Baba’s Daasi at all. We have seen the way Baba speaks to you. You both look like friends. How can you be Daasi then? She replies that not every man is like his Baba. She says every woman should be like my Aayi who is more of a friend to her husband. Meera hugs him.

Niranjan tells Dhansukhlal he has told Ganga exactly what he was told. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that Ganga has left for her home with Bala. He will only accompany her till the station though. Dhansukhlal laughs evilly. Ram ji should decide what he wants now – to get his son inside a school or to save his daughter in falling in the grave that I have dug for her!

Madhvi and her sister meet Guru ji. They introduce themselves as Bhima’s sisters. Bhima always tells us about you so we thought to talk to you. Madhvi holds out some coins for him. He asks them why they are giving their savings to him. They share that they want Bhima to study. He will help others study only when he will be able to study. It will help him. Guru ji tells them to have faith in their brother. He will win on his own. He has the blessings of his sisters always. They smile.

Ram ji’s boss is speaking to Ram ji about lunch but he finds Ram ji lost in thoughts. Ram ji shares that Bhima got thrown out of the school. I bought books for him so he can study and should not feel the pain of not being able to go to school. Guru ji assured me that Bhima will be admitted to school again but I am still worried. His boss says it will happen. Ram ji says this is not how I want him to study. I want him to gain knowledge on every topic. He does not think like a kid. Sometimes he says things which even adults cannot think of. He is worried for the society, country. I want him to become the voice of crores of people. He should be as fluent in English as he is in local languages. Two guys who oppose English rule call this against their ideals. What will you choose? We will announce you and your family as traitors if you will insist that your son should learn English. Ram ji replies in English. Learning English is not a crime. If you know their language, you will learn more about the war. They shoot him blank looks. Ram ji asks him if they understood what he said. They shake their heads. Ram ji reasons that they wont be able to understand what they are thinking if they cannot understand their language. Language is a medium to understand their thoughts hence I want Bhima to learn English.

Guru ji tells Principal about what he just experienced on his way here. Bhima is not just a student but a light that will clear out all the bad from our society. There are many who are trying to stop him but it should not be the case. He will be an example to the society. Principal is intrigued to meet Bhima now. He tells Guru ji to bring Bhima with him tomorrow.

Ram ji says my son is not rebellious but knowledge seeker.

Dhruv is furious but Bhima tells him to calm down. That guy said that he will break your house so he can bring out the negative inside you. No one is stronger than the mind. Dhruv says I was not good at studies so I really don’t know how smart I am. Bhima takes him inside. Whenever you are angry, take a deep breath and looks at your home. Dhruv does as told and calms down. He starts laughing instead. Bhima is happy to see him thus. Bhimbai is happy to see them smiling and asks them what happened. Why are you laughing like crazy? Dhruv speaks in between. Bhima offers to tell her everything.

Sakpal family is seated for dinner. Ram ji says it wasn’t good that Ganga left abruptly. Bhimbai says her kid is not well so she had to leave. Meera assures him that everything will be fine. Sometimes the rift between adults gets solved because of kids. That’s her home. She will manage. Bhima tells his Baba to check on Ganga in a few days. Anand says it will be fine. Jija ji is afraid of Bhima after all so he will be nice. Bhimbai reminds him that he is speaking about his jija ji. Bhima says jija ji would be happy to see Didi’s concern for her kids.

Dhansukhlal is with Niranjan. Ram ji must be happy thinking that Ganga went to her home but he would never think that she is with us. He throws some coins on the ground. Leave this town with your family tonight. Niranjan points out that the money is less than what he had promised. Dhansukhlal threatens him that no one spare him if they find out what he has done to Ram ji’s family. Leave town quietly. He goes. Niranjan looks on. I have no other option apart from leaving town but I have understood one thing. You all get afraid of Bhima when he talks about studying because you feel threatened. We all must study though so we cannot be fooled by people like you again.

Guru ji comes to Sakpal House and calls out to Bhima. Everyone comes outside. Guru ji tells Bhima to be ready tomorrow. Principal has agreed for your admission. Ram ji and Bhimbai asks him how far is it. Guru ji says 5 kms. Bhimbai wonders how a small kid will travel this distance. Bhima assures her he will manage. I can go if Guru ji can go. Meera says it will be difficult for you. Bhima says I will get to study. There is no alternative. Bhimbai tells her husband to talk some sense to Bhima. She asks Guru ji if they cannot find any other school. Bhima and Bhimbai tell Ram ji to make each other understand. Ram ji tells Bhima it is a mother’s concern. What is there to explain? Bhima gets thinking.

Bhima starts running in the corridor. Everyone asks him where he is off to. He says it will be one km if I can take 100 rounds from Dhruv’s house to and fro. I will complete 500 rounds. He runs off. Ram ji tells her to show faith in Bhima instead of stopping him. Let him see if he can complete it or not. Guru ji too tells Bhimbai no one can stop Bhima from studying. Being his mother, you know him well. Bhimbai asks Bhima to stop but he keeps a condition. I will only stop when you will let me go to school. Ram ji smiles proudly. Bhima is tired but does not stop. Bhimbai gives in. Everyone smiles as Bhima hugs his mother.

Precap: Ganga’s husband comes to Sakpal House and asks for Ganga. Bhimbai shares that she left for his home yesterday. He asks her why she hasn’t reached home till now then. Have you guys sold her off?

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