Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma and Rajjo lose in the election

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu talking to someone on call and ends the call. Rajjo’s side of kids come and cheers for their mother. Happu asks the kids to study. Malaika says it is important for us to support and taunts Happu. Rajjo asks Happu if he didn’t decide whom to support and that’s why not cheering for any party. Happu gets upset. Chamchi, Ranbir and Kamlesh come there and cheer for Amma. They say slogan favoring Rajjo and Amma. Kat tells kamlesh that kalesh will end. Happu tells that he can’t decide whom to support. Amma tells that she is going out and asks him to decide before he returns home. Rajjo also asks him.

They leave the house for the election campaign. Happu calls someone and asks him to be ready, says all planning is set in my mind. Later, Beni and Happu wait for Manohar to come. Manohar comes indisguise of a lady and flirts with Happu. Happu asks Beni to save him. Beni says he is our Manohar. Happu says I got worried. Beni asks Manohar to go and do the work. Happu says just as you do the work, then I will send you to film city in Mumbai. Manohar goes to Gupta and asks if he identified her? Gupta says no. Manohar says he is Sarita and overacts, asking Gupta to relieve her hunger and gave her a ticket to party. He strikes romantic poses with Gupta, while Beni taking the pics from far.

Later Happu calls Gupta in night. Gupta asks did you do something? Happu says your act is caught in the camera and tells that Beni has sent the pics. Gupta sees the pics and tells Happu that he has shown his value, says you was corrupt and now cheap too. He asks him to tell what he wants? Happu asks him to cancel the society elections so that everything becomes peaceful. Gupta says if you wanted to stop the election then would have told me directly. Beni suspects foul play. Gupta sends them pic and asks them to check. Happu and Beni find their pic while taking his pic. Happu calls him. Gupta tells that his Assistant took their pic and threatens to tell Commissioner. Happu says he was provoked by his friend and offers his support in elections.

Later Amma and Rajjo are cheering for the election. The kids feel ashamed that he is their Papa. Amma asks him to choose the party before the result comes. Rajjo asks him to think wisely. Amma asks him to be in her team. Rajjo says my party. Gupta comes there and says both of your win has lost. He tells that Mrs. Chopra became the president of our society. Amma asks how many votes, did I get? Gupta says both of you got just 1 each. Beni goes. Dada ji tells Amma that he will cheer for her election campaign in heaven. Kamlesh sings jingle for Kat. Kat says Kamlesh and Kat’s friendship will never break.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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