Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman is doubtful about Shravan’s feelings

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman meeting Vikram. She says it won’t be good to face Shravan at home. He thinks of Sophie’s words. He says when I told you about the case before, its good you have sympathy for Shravan now. She says no, Beena got him, why will I have a soft corner for him. He thinks you are saying you have no feelings for him, why don’t I believe it. He asks her for coffee. She says yes.

Shravan meets Bunty. He says yes, I still have feelings for Suman, don’t tell this to anyone. Bunty says I won’t tell anyone, where will you go on this path. Shravan says everything is over for Suman, her ways is different. Bunty says I can’t see you in pain. Shravan says trust me, I won’t be hurt, I have hurt Sophie a lot, life is strange, one I love doesn’t love me, I can’t love the one who loves me. He gets sad.

Suman sits sad. Kanchan comes to her and asks why are you sad, what happened. Suman says nothing. Kanchan says I know your moods. Suman says I was thinking of Shravan. Kanchan asks what. Suman says we were together at some time of life. Kanchan says anyone could have misunderstood on hearing this, what’s in your heart, tell me. Suman says you will be upset to know this, I strongly feel for Shravan, I still love him. Kanchan asks did you go mad, you are fighting a case against Shravan. Suman says I m not able to control my feelings, when I heard that he is going on a mission, I was so worried, I know that he is an army man and has to go, I was scared, he isn’t mine, even then I m scared of losing him, I shared this with you, don’t worry, I won’t hurt anyone, don’t tell anyone. Kanchan says I won’t tell, I was wrong, you should confirm it once. Suman asks what will happen if I confirm. Kanchan asks her to talk to Shravan.

Its morning, Vikram and Shravan go on a jog. Vikram says I m a lawyer, I won’t ask you anything that you get punished. Shravan says ask me anything you want. Vikram says case hearing is starting, you stay at Suman’s house, the situation would be uncomfortable for you. Shravan says yes, but there is a solution for this, Suman and I won’t feel awkward by facing each other, I won’t stay here for long. Vikram says they will miss you. Shravan says out of sight, out of mind, what will happen if I remember, what matters is who remembers me. He goes. Vikram gets sad.

He recalls Shravan’s words. Shravan asks Suman to sign on the medical certificate. Suman says we will finish your tests first, do you have a problem to stay at our house. He says Vikram spoke to me, I thought you have a problem, he is concerned about you. She gets a call and says yes, I had applied for a loan, thanks, you had transferred it. He says your good time has begun, your loan is passed, your engagement is next. Ek duje….plays… He goes. Beena says you have arranged the money. Ramesh says I will give sweets to everyone. Amira comes and hugs Suman. Beena says Suman has worked hard. Beena goes to make tea. Suman says thanks for helping me. Amira says I m breaking the promise to someone, I just gave the cheque, Shravan paid the money, sorry, I didn’t wish to lie, he wanted to help. Suman says its okay. Amira goes. Suman says does Shravan have feelings for me, where are you Shravan.

Shravan is seeing arrangements. Bunty comes and dances with him. Sophie looks on. Shravan asks Bunty to help in decorating the gate. Suman comes to him. She says Shravan, hi, I had to talk to you. He asks her to say. She thinks shall I ask if he also loves me.

Vikram asks where is Sophie. Shravan says you go and see. Vikram says you go and look for her, I would go if Suman wasn’t here. They see Suman. Vikram looks at Shravan and Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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