Molkki 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Virender’s kids continue to trouble Purvi

Molkki 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi loses her balance because of the wire and falls down. The kids jump with excitement. Virender helps her. Purvi tells him that she is fine. He walks away. Virender‘s mother asks her if she is fine.

Juhi and Manas remove the wire before anyone can see it.

Bhuri whispers another taunt in Purvi’s ears as she feeds her water. Manas asks Juhi if they did the right thing. Juhi tells him not to think so much.

Savitri thinks of the complication that Navin’s family has created for them for Priyu’s marriage.

Virender’s family sits down for a family picture. Purvi notices the empty chair next to Virender but he helps his mother sit next to him. Purvi realises that he doesn’t want her to sit next him. I thought relations were built to be close with each other but things seem to be different here. She takes a seat on the other end.

Virender’s mother asks the kids to stand next to their father. She thinks that they are Suman’s kids but they stand next to Virender. Purvi realises that they are Virender’s kids. Her mouth widens in shock. Purvi later asks Virender’s mother about the kids. She shares that they told the middleman everything. Did he not tell you anything? He told your parents and they must have known everything. Purvi says Ma would have told me if she knew about it. Virender’s mother says I also don’t know why you weren’t told. Marriages are made by God. I agree and understand that you dint know anything but this is your truth now. Let’s have dinner and keep smiling. Purvi sits next to Virender’s mother. She gets emotional as she looks at the wide spread of food items on the table. Her past flashes in front of her. I wish Ma, Baba, Priyu and Guddu get tasty food like me as well.

Anjali and Suman take Purvi to her room. Virender’s mother sends them downstairs afterwards and sits down to speak to Purvi. I knew that you had no idea about Virender’s first marriage and kids. A new bride has many dreams. She leaves her family behind. Virender has a pure heart. His tongue is bitter but he is like a coconut. He knows how to manage his relations. I also took a lot of time to know him. I am not his real mother. I am his step mother. His Baba married me when his mother passed away 25 years ago. He wouldn’t even come close to me when I came here. I started showering love on him slowly and tried to understand him. He came close to me. He will become good to you too if you can give him time and love. I have faith in you. You will handle him, his kids, these relations and this family. I am here for you. She wipes her tears. You look good when you smile. Purvi smiles. Virender’s mother leaves.

Purvi is thirsty. She goes outside to bring water but slows down outside the closed door. She feels as if someone walked past her. She becomes afraid and walks away hurriedly. She brings a jug of water. The bed is really soft. She tries to sleep but feels strange. Moh Moh ke dhaage plays. Virender is in his study room. Purvi sits on the carpet. She notices the time. It is quite late so she removes her jewellery. Virender’s eyes are fixated on a canvas. He thinks of Sakshi. Purvi wonders when Virender will come. She falls asleep on the floor.

Virender sees flashes of the car accident in the dream and wakes up with a start.

Purvi’s hands and feet are tied to the bed when she wakes up next morning. Virender’s kids laugh seeing her thus. Anjali comes to call the kids for breakfast. She is shocked to see what they have done to Purvi. These kids have troubled 12 teachers. Juhi is the mastermind. Are you fine? Purvi nods. Anjali tells her to be careful of Juhi. You have replaced their mother status wise but they cannot give her place to anyone else. The bed is as it was last night. It means Virender dint come here. It is bad as well as good. You would have understood that you have no place in Virender’s heart or in this house. Virender’s mother asks Anjali what she is doing here. Anjali says I came to check on her. Virender’s mother asks Purvi to come with her. I have to give you your responsibilities. Anjali gets tensed. Will it be the house keys? She notices how Virender’s mother had held Purvi’s hand.

Jyoti asks Anjali why she looks tensed. Anjali says we are doomed. Ma is going to hand the keys to Purvi. Now this Molkki will become the owner of this house?

Virender’s mother brings Purvi to the kids. They are your responsibility. They behave nicely with her in front of Virender’s mother. Juhi sprinkles red chilli in Purvi’s eyes on the pretext of giving her a flower. Purvi winces in pain. Virender’s mother asks everyone to help Purvi. Mama hears Purvi crying. Purvi mumbles that she cannot handle these kids and breaks down. I cannot do it anymore. Virender’s mother and Mama get tensed.

Precap: Purvi overhears Virender saying (/telling to Sakshi) that this marriage is a compulsion for him. I have and I will always love you. No one can separate Mukhi and Sakshi. I promise you that we will always be together. No one can take your place in my life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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