Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu gives ultimatum to Beni to end the poetry mess from his house

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu singing song. Rajjo asks him to stop his bad song and says she couldn’t think of a poetry. Happu says real sher is standing infront of you. Rajjo insults him. Happu says you always hurt me. Rajjo says I forgot that poetry will come out when I get hurt. Happu says ok and tells that he feels that he is the blood drinking lizard, inauspicious and troublesome. Rajjo hits on his stomach. Happu says you asked me to hurt you. Rajjo says I thought you are saying truly. Happu says to tell you truth, you are blood drinking Dayan and I have become half in your company. Rajjo looks at him. Happu says even now poetry is not coming out. Beni writes poetry and thinks it is ultimate. Happu comes there. Beni says I wrote a good poetry. Happu says don’t tell about it, I have

been beaten by my wife due to this. Beni laughs. Happu says when you get married to Vimlesh, she will do the same. Beni says this is my dream to get married to her and beaten up. Happu asks him to save him from this trouble. Beni apologizes and says the fire broke out in the jungle and will blast it. Amma calls Beni and asks him to call his friend. Rajjo comes and says first mushaira will happen and then the best book will be published. Amma says dreaming is good. She asks if you think you will win. Rajjo says she is the winner. Happu says when Mushaira happens then see, right now stop fighting. Amma gets poetic and says she is sure to win. Rajjo replies that anyone can have a misunderstanding and it is not a new thing. Amma says if this is poetry.

Hritik and Chamchi are playing under the bedsheet as Prince and Princess. They argue. Hritik calls her Dadi’s spy. Chamchi says yes, I am a spy and feels proud to be the spy of a poet like Dadi. Hritik says even I am proud to be the spy of a poet like mummy. They praise Amma and Rajjo’s poetry. Chamchi says Papa doesn’t like mummy’s poetry. Hritik says Papa is afraid of Dadi and that’s why lie. They argue.

Happu is in the police station and talks on the phone. Commissioner comes there and asks what he was talking on call. Happu tells that he was talking about a case and planning to catch a thief. Commissioner says you should be a writer. Happu says Amma and Rajjo have become poets at home. He says if I become poet then my 9 kids will be hungry. Commissioner tells that I heard that you asked 5000 bribe and scolds him. He gets a poet’s call and praises commissioner. Commissioner gets happy and says I will handle your case. Happu says he is praising your poetry due to the case. Commissioner suspends him for 2 hours.

Kat is writing poetry. Malaika scolds her and asks her to study rather than writing. Kat says she is a poet. Malaika says you have no quality of a poetess. Kamlesh comes there and says you look soft and innocent, but in reality you are dangerous and hard. He says mother is the poet and the poetry is the baby. Kat says how will I give birth to the poetry. Kamlesh says we will translate the hindi poetry in English. Kat reads the poetry. Kamlesh translates in English. Kat gets happy and says she will write. Malaika asks whose poetry is this in Hindi. Kamlesh checks. Malaika says it is of Javed Saheb and he sent a gift for you. She puts something on his face. Kamlesh says raita is splashed.

Happu calls beni and says I did a big mistake by befriending you. Beni says I did a mistake by getting you married to Rajesh. He says if I had not get you married to Rajesh then would have married Vimlesh long back. happu asks him to marry Vimlesh and asks why you are spreading raita in my house. Beni says I didn’t go to your house. Happu says even Commissioner started poetry and when I told truth then he suspended me for two hours. He asks him to go home and tell Amma and Rajjo that their poetry can’t be published as it is not upto the mark. Beni says you said right, they don’t write well. Happu asks him to go and tell them else he will not let him marry Vimlesh. Beni says I will go. He goes to Amma. Amma asks him to hear her new poetry. Beni asks him about Atbeer Mama, his cow and sons. Amma says I want you to hear my poetry and you are not listening. Beni says he wants to tell her something and says you might get violent hearing it. Amma asks him not to say then. Beni says it is important. Amma says I will slap you. Beni keeps the utensils away. He tells that poets’ life is bad. Amma says I know. Beni thinks to tell her truth.

Precap: Amma and Rajjo are sitting and telling poetry during mushaiyra. The poet don’t like their poetry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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