Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi’s Dream Comes True

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi gets happy seeing the girl his family has selected for him is none other than the girl/Gunjan he follows daily. He jumps excitedly when Khushi returns to take back photo. Yogi signals her that this is the same girl he likes and follows, what is her name. Khushi also excitedly asks is it and says her name is Gunjan. Prakash while getting ready to sleep asks Jusum to take a sweet box to see Shiv’s daughter and nothing else as Shiv is very simple and does not believe in formalities. Yogi runs in and happily hugs Prakash and runs away. Prakash asks what happened to him. Kusum says he is happy and thanked him. Yogi imagines dancing with Gunjan on a romantic song.

Next evening, Prakash gets ready and scolds Kusum for being late. He calls Dadaji and asks why didn’t

he get ready. Dadaji scolds to have some patience. Kusum asks Yogi to relax while she prepares tea for him as it is only 4 p.m. and Shiv invited them at 7 p.m. Prakash’s tantrums continue and he calls Yogi. Khushi informs that he is not at home. Prakash continues..

Yogi with his friends goes to barber shop for haircut, facial, etc. Yogi gives long list to barber. Friends ask barber to make Yogi a hero as he is going to see a girl. Barber says then he will make bhai a handsome hero. Friends continue teaching yogi how to behave with girl. After haircut and facial, Yogi returns home. Prakash scolds him and asks where had he been. Kusum handles situation false praising Prakash that he looks and speaks like Shahrukh Khan/SRK. Yogi also backs him. Kusum sends Yogi to get ready and asks Prakash to mimic SRK. Prakash says I love you Kkkkk Kusum.. Dadaji and Daadi watch his mimicry from window. Prakash gets alert and walks to Yogi’s room and seeing him relaxing applying multani mitti/soil facepack scolds him to get ready in 10 minutes. Kusum handles situation again. Prakash gives him 15 minutes to get ready. Kusum takes Prakash away.

Yogi tries all his shirts and tells Khushi she wants to look more handsome. Khushi says he should concentrate on impressing girl by his good attitude than wasting time on clothes. Vivek in his room irons his shirt and is about to wear it when Yogi enters and wears it. Vivek insists to return it, but Rani handles situation. Yogi inserts and asks how is he looking. Vivek smiles and says this shirt is fitting him well.

Precap: Prakash praises pastry and asks Shiv where is it from. Shiv says there is a minister’s son’s bakery nearby. Dadaji asks to bring Gunjan. Gunjan walks in with her mother.

Update Credit to: MA

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