Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and Tiwari kicked out of house

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu on call with sushma says if your husband is unemployed throw him out, Angoori walks to her and asks you look upset and angry, Anu says vibhu i threw him out of the house, Angoori says thatd not new,the news is amaji threw tiwari out of house for his pride,he even insulted my family, Anu says she did right thing,Angoori says but i feel worried, Anu asks why so, he isn’t a kid,let him face hardship, Angoori says okay.

Vibhu in line of beggars for food,in temple,tiwari joins too. Vibhu and tiwari see eachother,Anu and Angoori hiding and watching them. Tiwari says i come here usually i and enjoy the taste,Vibhu says same , Anu and Angoori decide how tasty langoor food is and they use to have it when kids.

Tiwari says i know bhabhiji threw you out,Vibhu asks what are you doing here,Tiwari says ama and Angoori threw me out, Vibhu asks who is this Meenal sponsored by,pandit says sir Anurag and Meenal, Meenal and Anurag walk in, Meenal says dont hide faces i know you two are thrown out of house.

Vibhu waiting for Prem, Prem tells he has new business, Vibhu says what a timing, keep me as manager, Prem says all posts are full, Vibhu says you forgot your best friend and appointed others, prem says remember our new year night, when i offered you managers job in import export business and you denied, Vibhu says situation where different then.

Saxena meets the singing team and says i found my guru and london uncle how did you get her, Uncle says im here hiding from your aunty. Tiwari says Saxena come with me its important, saxena says I’m with my guru, how dare you interrupt, Tiwari says im in hardship,ama and Angoori threw me out of house,help me get a job, saxena asks qualification, he says 5 th fail.

Boys go for interview, Jaydip says no people will remain unemployed thats our aim, and you will be provided basic training and will have to make collection in nights,teeka asks what collections and from where, jaydip says good question, you have to collect some rents from our people heres rent book and if someone doesn’t agree use knife,teeka says whats all this.

pre cap : Angoori asks vibhu to go do some work, Vibhu asks her for food.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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