Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Fake Laila steals in Happu’s house

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu asking Rajjo to open the door. Rajjo asks him to wait outside and says she is changing her clothes. Happu thinks what she is changing that she is taking so much time. Rajjo says I thought you took Laila to Disco as she likes it. Happu says I didn’t know, else I would have taken her and bring her back. He praises Laila and calls her open minded girl. Rajjo gets upset. Laila comes to Happu and asks him to come with her to kitchen to make tea. Happu says I am tired and asks her to take Rajjo with her. Rajjo comes out and asks happu to go. She asks Laila to drag him to kitchen. Laila takes him. Rajjo thinks Happu wants to go with her, but acting. She says she will catch him red handed. Laila tells Happu in the kitchen that she would have married him, if he had not married Rajjo. She hugs him. Happu asks her to make tea and tells that he has to sleep and go to police station in the morning. She hugs him again. Rajjo thinks her sister is trying to snatch her husband. Laila asks him to get milk from fridge. Happu sees Rajjo hiding beside the kitchen. Rajjo confronts him and tells that she don’t see any quality in him. Happu says I am still attractive. Rajjo says there is no attraction in you. She says I had 9 kids else would have an affair. She says she gave 500 Rs to Pandit and let her sister come here, says Atbeer Mama should have come and not her sister.

Amma hears her and scolds her. Rajjo apologizes to her and tells that she wants to kick Laila out else your son will marry her. Happu asks what is she saying? Amma tells Rajjo that Laila is behind him. She says Happu loves you and will not marry Laila. Happu says I would have told you about Laila, but didn’t say because of your fear. Amma says Happu is right. Rajjo asks Amma to kick Laila out. She asks Amma to call her and kick Laila out. Amma tells that she will scold the Pandit. Laila comes there and asks why you both are silent. Amma asks do you want us to play. Laila comes and hugs Rajjo. Amma asks what she is upto? Rajjo asks her not to stick to her husband. Amma says I already told you not to trap my son. Laila says I was not doing anything intentionally. Rajjo says who does such things. Amma says this is wrong. Laila says I know that I did a mistake and that’s why will leave. Rajjo says you can stay here, but in limits.

Laila says no, I will go and go from there. Amma asks Rajjo to give her 500 Rs. Rajjo asks her to forgive her. Next morning, Laila tells Rajjo that she is leaving. Rajjo asks her to visit them in 5-10 years. Amma says don’t come, just make video call. Laila hugs Happu and leaves. Rajjo says it is good that she left. Amma says Atbeer Mama haven’t come because of her. Happu and Rajjo ask her to call Atbeer Mama home. Amma says he is angry now. The real Laila comes there and shows pic to Rajjo. She greets happu with a hug. Amma says if she is Laila then who was she? Ranbir brings fake Laila, Shaila’s letter who writes that she has no interest in her husband and badmouths about her. She writes that she has stolen jewellery and 3 lakhs rs. She asks them not to complaint in the Police station against her else it will bring his bad reputation. Rajjo cries. Amma says your husband is saved. Rajjo says I can get husband again, but can’t get jewellery. Happu cries. He comes to beni and tells about the fake Laila. Beni asks him to catch her. He gives him bill of 5000 Rs. Happu cries.

Later Rajjo sees a bad dream in which Happu lost his job and they are thrown out of house. Happu says Ae Dada..

Precap: Rajjo tells Amma about her bad dream. Amma scolds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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