Patiala Babes 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Makes Up Her Mind

Patiala Babes 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadaji and Biji return home after finishing advertisement modeling. Minnie enters with Mickey. Biji and Dadaji say they got a new ad today and seeing Minnie’s sad face asks what happened to her and asks Mickey to speak at least. Minnie informs that she wants to go to Australia for studies. Mickey says Minnie wanted to prepare them to be self-sufficient, so she made them models. Biji asks if she informed Babita, if she is happy, how can she live alone without her. Minnie says earlier papaji was not with her, so she was emotionally dependent on her and now HS is with her and loads of other things, so she will not miss her. Biji says even then she should have informed Babita first. Minnie says she will not let her go and just wants to be with her like a trophy bearing her anger, slaps, etc.. NB walks in and asks Minnie to go not for her but Babita’s sake as truth is Minnie has always borne Babita’s burden on herself, be it divorce or establishing a business, that is the reason Babita does not value hard work and sold Patiala Babes easily. Minnie asks if even she felt bad. NB nods yes and says she had a lot of expectations, but they all went in vain; Babita thinks life is bed of flowers and when the delusion of marriage will go down, she will realize the truth and then will expect Minnie to take burn on her and this cycle with continue to repeat; anyways she didn’t expect this from Babita.

Minnie informs HS that she is going to Australia for studies. HS asks when. She says in 15-20 says. He asks if it is very necessary to go. She says yes, everyone dream of it. He asks if she informed her mummy, she will shatter without her. She says he is there to support her. He says he is there, but he cannot fulfill her void. Minnie says once their children are born, Babes will be busy with them and will be fine. He asks what about his Veer Balika. She says as he says she is his Veer Balika and cannot get weak. He asks if she is going for studies and there is no other issue. She says no. He asks if she is going due to recent unfortunate events. She says no. He says her mummy still has immaturity and childishness in her, but she loves her a lot. Minnie says she knows. He emotionally says they are not father and daughter, but he is deeply attached to her and feels she is Imarti’s childhood and is an open book, he loves her a lot; he is also very transparent, but her mother doesn’t understand him, he just has to act very strong; he can cry and speak his heart out in front of his Veer Balika as he knows she will handle him, but if she goes away, how will support him. He then says its an internet era and he will speak to her over phone. He acts as calling her and asks how is Australian’s climate, here it is very dark and looks like clouds will burst any time; if she can hear him. She says signal is weak and disconnecting. He says he couldn’t connect to her at all and cries loudly. She also cries loudly and tries to console him. He asks if she trust him 100%. She nods yes. He says let us go and speak to Babita.

They both return home. Babita asks where were they, if he scolded Minnie, she knew he wouldn’t have, until he explains that if she continues fighting with relatives, how will they bond. HS says Minnie is going. Babita asks she cannot go out at this time and goes to get food. Minnie tells HS that they will not tell her truth. HS says Babita will shatter if she hears truth, so they will tell her slowly. HS’ constable delivers his cabin’s personal belongings in a bag. HS asks Minnie to get something from bag. Minnie opens bag and finds Ashok’s letter for HS in which he requests to let him keep contact with Minnie and a letter for Minnie. Minnie angrily confronts HS how can he hide her father’s letter from her.

Precap: Minnie confronts Babita and asks what is she hiding.
Babita asks if she doesn’t trust her mother, she will always be her untrustable father’s daughter.

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  1. Verma4

    Please Minnie- go and leave Babita to her super ego. I hope Hanuman see’s the light before it’s too late.

  2. Please Mini go Australia to your studies.Then Babita will understanad her mistake.

  3. Very emotional mini I broke down badly seeing minis plight really directed very efficiently draws crowds attention.i never supported the marraiage as I know it’s always the child who will be most affected . really mini awesome but yea Babita role too strong for. Mother’s heart .the role is best judged babitas fear love insecure all correct .dear mini luv u u r awesome.ur tears and smiles make u special .u r a born actor

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