Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal Meets Her Dream Man

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kajal writes down her bucklet list in her diary and experiences blurry vision again. Rochak reads her diary and says even she wants to become writer like him. She says yes and asks to return her diary. He reads her first wish to travel around whole world and jokes that by breaking her piggy bank she can buy 1-2 new clothes but cannot travel even out of Jhansi. He then reads she needs a handsome boyfriend and taunts that she will never get a boyfriend with her rude behavior, then reads she wants to support her mother and says she should, then reads to check her grandmother’s trunk and says she should really. He then reads that she wants to see ghost, says this wish can be fulfilled, and forcefully takes her along as she has severe problem in her eyes.

Senior doctor calls nurse and asks to show Kajal Vyas’ test results. Nurse says Kajal left without informing. He asks her to send peon tomorrow and asks peon to go to Kajal’s house and bring her back.

Rochak takes Kajal to cemetery and frightens her as a ghost. Kajal cries in fear. Rochak comes in front and taunts that she wished to see ghost and is so much afraid. Kajal gets emotional and says she wants to see her father at least as a ghost as she didn’t even see him and he was gone when she was 3-1/2-year-old. Rochak consoles her and prays that all her wish should be fulfilled.

Next morning, Kajal gets ready for college and seeing money envelope she earned as a guide in her pocket keeps it in her mother’s cupboard thinking of supporting her mother at least a bit. When she turns she sees her mother standing who apologies for being rude last night. Kajal hugs her and walks out when peon meets her and asks if Kajal stays her as doctor wants to meet her as she as problem in her eyes. Kajal says she will inform Kajal and lies that she is Kajal’s twin sister. Once he leaves, mother walks out and asks who was he. She says he was asking address.

Kajal reaches college where principal calls her to his cabin scolds her for bunking classes, requests to at least attempt exams. A handsome boy walks in and introduces himself as new joinee Anshuman Khuruana. Kajal gets mesmerized seeing him and thinks she wished god for a boyfriend and god fulfilled it so soon. Principal goes to washroom asking Anshuman to fill application form and Kajal to write down on a paper that she will not bunk her classes. Kajal asks Anshum to give his pen and starts writing. Principal returns and asks Anshuman if he filled form. He seeing at Kajal says no as he didn’t bring pen. Kajal acts cool and says she finished writing and hands it over to Principal. Kajal then walks out of cabin smiling at Anshuman and dreams of dancing with Anshuman on Uff mere dil me thodi khali si jagah thi… song.

Precap: Anshuman asks his pen back from Kajal. Kajal tries to pick pen from her bag and gets blurry vision. Kajal’s friend informs that Anshuman is participating in drama. Kajal says she will be his lead. Doctor says Kajal doesn’t know that retinitis pigmentosa which is untreatable. Her brother gives her live wires to connect to a his school project and says if she fixes wrong wires, it will blast. She fixes wrong wires and it blasts.

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