Bigg Boss 13 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Asim blames Sid for losing the game

Bigg Boss 13 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 45
Mahira tells Vishal to eliminate her after Sid and Sana. Inmates are filling their caves. Buzzer plays and Vishal comes out. He breaks Himanshi’s plate as her energy is less. Sid sees Rashami sitting inside and ask Asim to throw the stuff out. They can’t sit inside the cave. Paras says where it’s written? Devo and Rashami keep sitting inside. Sid shows the instructions to Paras and asks them to come out. Asim comes to Sid and says they have put so much stuff in my cave, you people didn’t do anything. Sid says we are not doing anything. Asim says talk to Shefali. Devo says we are doing our work. Sid argues with them. Mahira tells Rashami that he doesn’t give him the importance. Shefali says you can’t stand here. Mahira says talk calmly, she goes near her. Shefali pushes her away and says don’t push me. Mahira says you pushed me. Rashami tries to stop them and asks Shefali to calm down. Sid says uhh uhh. Mahira says it’s stinking here.

6 PM
Asim tells Vishal that your tunnel is empty but it’s going to be a trouble for you. He leaves. Arhaan asks Vishal to think. Vishal says I will secure myself first. Bigg Boss says today’s time of the task has ended.

6:30 PM
Vishal tells Sid that you are the strongest contestant in this house. Sid says this game is between two teams, you can’t be on both the sides, you should be fair with everyone.

Shefali tells Sana that Vishal is nice but he can’t be trusted, he wants to play on both sides.

7:45 PM
Devo tells Arhaan that Shukl and Asim will fight over Sana, Asim doesn’t like Sana at all, he provoked Shukla against Sana. Arhaan says this game will change completely, these friends will go on their paths, only Bigg Boss is playing. Rashami says we are going to be strong. Mahira might leave early but we are here.

Sana tells Sid that Vishal is a good person, he asked me to talk to you and gave me the boost. I don’t know why I didn’t talk to you, all were asking me to not talk to you. Sid says this is not normal, you can’t be on both sides. Sana says I was hurt. Sid says you are not taking a stand for me, people say stuff and you don’t clarify if you said it or not. Sana says I say things to irritate you. Sid says I didn’t expect that from you, I said that I wouldn’t talk to you ever. Sana says I don’t care about Himanshi here or not.

Day 46
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the khalnayak song. They all dance.

8:30 AM
Shefali asks Paras to clean the dishes. Paras says I am not doing it, the doctor told me to not wash them. Shefali asks Mahira to wash them as you are doing one duty. Mahira says I am already washing the dishes one time. Mahira says I am not doing it, you are not my boss. Shefali says then I will punish you both. Mahira says talk to me with love and I will do it. Vikas hugs her and says my kid please clean the dishes. Mahira smiles.

Mahira tells me that once I become the captain, I will tell them how to be fair. Shefali says don’t talk rubbish. Mahira says to stay away. Shefali says you are not even doing two duties like others. Mahira says stop it in the morning. Shefali says keep talking. Sana says guys stop it. Mahira says I am not talking to you. Sana says if you can’t work then stop saying rubbish. Mahira says you are just washing the dishes now with Arti, it’s not a big deal. Arti says we are working so stop saying this is a small task, it’s not even our duty. Shefali says Mahira has one duty only. Mahira says I will wash the dishes two times.

9:15 A
Vishal asks the inmates to not fight over it. Sana says if you are ill and can’t work then don’t do the task too. Paras says stop saying rubbish that I am ill. Sana says you are Mahira’s manager? Paras says stop with this rubbish. Sid says you started it. Mahira says to Sana that you don’t have a topic to talk about.

9:30 AM
Sana tells Vishal that I can talk to everyone but they keep dividing into the teams. Rashami tells Asim that we don’t talk much but you are not wrong. Asim says I know. Sana asks Vishal to come as you are neutral. All laugh. Sana says I am talking to Sid so you all have a problem. Rashami and Devo laugh at her and say we didn’t say anything.
Paras tells Sana that you change sides and you have no standing in this show.

9:45 AM
Vishal tells Sana that Shefali leaves her stand when she should as she knows that she is from a strong team and her team will keep shouting. Sana says I was talking to Sid but I feel my relationship with him is forced as he is in the game and I am not with him, I don’t think we can go back together.

Paras tells Rashami that Vishal is judging the sides right now. Rashami says Asim is moving away from Sid. Paras says I will be with Vishal like Asim was with Sid but let him analyze things first. Rashami says Arhaan might get overshadowed by him. Paras says it won’t happen. You make a connection with him. Rashami says are you mad, he is close to me, don’t say that, the camera is on us, I want to settle down next year so I have nothing with him, I like him but I don’t have feelings for him. We are too comfortable with each other.

2 PM
Himanshi tells Shefali that you could have given the food to our team members. Arti says there is nothing like our group mates and others. Sid says Arti you keep showing what you want to Arti, he leaves.

Sid tells Arti that you can try but you will be shown what you are, you are putting others down. Arti says don’t tell me how I am seen. Sid says you are wearing a mask. Arti says I don’t have to agree with everything you say. Sid says how many points did you get today? Arti says I don’t care, he leaves. Arti tells Sana that you are good if you agree with Sid all the time.

Vikas jokes with Sana and farts. Sana moves away and says he is very filthy. Shefali says chee… but sits with him. Sana says how are you sitting with him? Vikas laughs.

Sid tells Asim that we are not controlling the game. We had the chance with the first captaincy but Arti became the captain. Asim says what basis are they working on? Sid says Vishal must be dealing with them too.

Sid tells Vishal that you have to decide what you are bringing on your side.
Devo tells Arhaan that Vishal’s target is Sid.
Sid tells Vishal that you are intelligent, this is not the game, the game is long, if you go on their side then we are against each other in the long run. You have to decide, if you go on their side then you will be wrong. Vikas says I don’t want to make the captain from their side. Sid says I need to be clear with you. Vishal says trust on me, if I become the captain then I won’t change the duties. Sid says fine, I will support you but first break Rashami and Devo’s plates. Vishal says okay.

3:30 PM
Arhaan tells Rashami that there is one Arhaan here and he is loyal. Rashami says you don’t talk to me, you don’t have time. Arhaan says then don’t talk. Rashami gets angry and is about to leave but she kisses Arhaan’s cheek and leaves. Arhaan laughs.

Vishal tells Paras and his team that Sid has decided that he will make Vikas his competitor for the captaincy. Task starts and the inmates start throwing the trash in Asim’s cave. Asim comes to Sid and says we are sitting without doing anything. Sid says listen to me, you can’t stop them, it’s against the rules. Asim says I am fine. Vishal tells Asim that I like your friendship with Sid. Buzzer plays and Vishal comes out of the cave. He breaks Rashami’s plate and says her energy is low, she is not coming out openly. Rashami says you have broken it so now you will see my energy.

Vishal tells Asim that I want to become a captain, I am not a pawn, I am not on any side but I wanted to show that Sid is not a bad person.
Devo is smiling at Sid. Sid is glancing at her. Sana says that they are loving each other, I think we can set them up.
Arti asks Vishal what happened? Vishal says Sid said that Bhau will stand against me in the task. Arti says he won’t back out from his words.

Sana mimics Rashami and says how can you change so soon? Rashami says as you do. Sana says I came to you but someone covered her.

Sid comes to Vishal and tells him that he has to break Paras and Devo’s plates the next time. Sid tells Vishal that I have my friends and I have never been disloyal to them.

Devo tells Rashami that Sid is directing Vishal.

Buzzer plays and Vishal comes out of the cave. He breaks Sid’s plate and says he is already nominated and I think he is the real captain without the need for the position. He is the captain for me.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we gave you this task to work for the captaincy but we think that you people want to make Vishal the contender for captaincy so we will not waste audience’s time and will make Vishal a contender, so from now on Asim and Arhaan will be the demons of the task, they can’t become the contenders but they can make someone else a contender. Vishal’s cave can’t be used. The task is still on.

Sid comes to Asim and says you have to come out at any cost. Buzzer plays. Asim and Arhaan try to come out. Arhaan comes out and takes Shefali’s plate, he says she is biased. He breaks her plate. Mahira says well done. Arhaan hugs Rashami.
Asim tells Sid that there is too much stuff in my tunnel, you can take it out. Sid says it’s against the rules, we can’t go inside the tunnel. Asim says they are taking the stuff out from Arhaan’s tunnel. Shefali asks him to swim through the stuff.

7 PM
Asim tells Sid that there is too much stuff in my cave and you thought that plan would be to make them fill my cave completely and keep Vishal safe but your strategy was wrong, now he is gone and safe and I can’t come out of the tunnel. Listen to me once, ask Shefali to put a point. Sid calls Shefali. Asim says Sid thinks he is elder and knows everything, you keep saying that game is on me but you are not doing anything. Sid says I don’t give a *****, you go on the other side. Asim says what? when I don’t listen to you, you don’t hear my point, this is a game, all are thinking but you are not seeing my side of the things. Sid says we are filling the same items but Arhaan is coming out as he is using his mind but you are not. Asim says I will give my best.

7:15 PM
Buzzer plays, All inmates start to fill the tunnels. Sid tells Vishal that if you were with us then I would have given you the chance 100% over Asim as you would be fairer too.

Asim tells Arhaan that it would have been good if all three tunnels were filled. Rashami asks Sana if you are neutral? Why didn’t you help us? Demon buzzer plays. Asim and Arhaan try to come out. Asim says it’s too much. Vishal helps Asim but Arhaan comes out of the tunnel. Asim tells Vishal that I don’t know how he is going out. Vishal says Kisari is helping him with the bags filling and they have filled your tunnel too much. Arhaan breaks Sana’s plate saying she is not on the clear side.

Asim says that Kisari is stacking the tunnel so well, you people have given up. Arti tells Sid that how can he say that we gave up? We have been working so much and filling Arhaan’s tunnel. Shefali says we need the bags but Asim didn’t throw the bags out from his tunnel so we can’t use them in Arhaan’s tunnel.

Arhaan tells Asim that you have done the tasks well. Asim says it was Sid’s strategy to keep Vishal’s tunnel empty and now it has backfired. Arhaan says I am telling you from the heart that you are a hero.
Arti tells Sana that Asim is not helping us at all, he is not pushing the bags out of his tunnel and then how can he say that we are not doing anything? He is not respecting our work. Sana says that’s why I don’t want to work for him.
Arhaan tells Asim that I would want Vishal to become the captain. Buzzer plays. Arhaan comes out of his tunnel. Devo says he is a literal demon. Arhaan says Bhau is not suitable to become the captain, he breaks his tunnel.

8:30 PM
Inmates start filling Asim’s tunnel. Asim asks Sana if she is in the garden? You people are not putting the stuff. Sid comes to Arti and says Asim is not even trying so why are you filling Arhaan’s cave? It’s useless. Arti says I am standing with my team.
Asim tells Arhaan that both teams wanted Vishal to do this task, what different was Sid doing? I was yawning. Buzzer plays, Arhaan runs and comes out. Mahira laughs and gives him a hi-five. Asim coughs. Sid goes to him and asks if he is fine? Asim drinks water and goes away. Arhaan helps Asim too. Devo says we worked hard to put the bags inside so it must be difficult for Asim. Mahira says he is not a baby, we all get hurt in the task. Arhaan says Arti already became the captain, he breaks her plate. Asim tells Bhau that I can’t do it more. Bigg Boss says time for the demon task has ended and contenders for captaincy are Devoleena, Paras, Mahira and Vishal.

9 PM
Paras tells Bhau that this was won, we did the task well. Bhau says I wanted to become the captain but they said to give the girls a chance. Paras says they will never give you a chance.

Arhaan tells Rashami that if Bhau was in the game then he would know the reality but it’s okay, we should give our loyalty to Vishal as they will support Vishal as they don’t anyone to support, we should have saved one member from their group. We should have saved Bhau as then that will be the game. Kisari says Asim is going to burst. Arhaan says he was so angry that they were taunting him for not working, if Bigg Boss change the game a little and bring Asim on this side then it will be fun.

PRECAP- Paras, Devo, Mahira, and Vishal are sleeping. Bigg Boss plays a buzzer and says that contenders for the captaincy are sleeping, if they can’t follow the rules then they can’t become a captain. Vishal says this is messing with my mind, I am going to sleep.
Asim tells Sid that you don’t listen to anyone. We listen to you but you did what you wanted in this task and we lost because of you. Sid says you want to give the impression that I am jealous of you and I wanted to make you lose so you can leave. Asim says you can leave.
Sana asks Asim to clean the bedroom. Asim says tell Sid to do it. Sid says I am not talking to you. Asim says put your hand down. Sid pushes him away. Asim says you think I don’t have hands? I can get angry too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It wasn’t about how she looked, nor was it about what she was wearing. It has always been about that beautiful Heart she had been wearing forever.

    1. You are talking about whom

    2. lena heyanahi

      She who ?

  2. I hope both solve their issues…..otherwise it’s a big game changer …..I think Asim sometimes feel insecure ….there was nothing to fight… was a task so what if they lost…..sometimes strategy or planning did not work as planned……both were rite at their points……others are going to take advantage of that

  3. Everyone is obsessed with Siddharth every one wants to be with him so they are throwing dirt of each other in front of him so that he can chose sides in between their team in this task both Siddharth and Asim are wrong Siddharth wants to test Vishal on whos side he is but Vishal is playing great by making both teams happy Siddharth becomes insecure if his team mates become captain they show tantrums he don’t want that so he tries to neutral the game he also knows someone will become captain based on majority if Asim become contender for captaincy they will not make him Asim is insecure about nomination by becoming captain he will be saved he’s not looking at the bigger picture like Siddharth Shukla but Siddharth Shukla is egoistic but not wrong his plan is not backfired he explain it in th weekend ka waar when Salman asks and becomes right as always

  4. Both Asim and Sid are rite at their place…….Sid tried best but it didn’t went as planned……BB changed the game…..and kesari ne cave ko bahut acche tarike se fill Kiya ….Asim ko mushkil ho Rai thi nikalne mein…’s was just a task so what they lost…’s a part of game…..(.one more point iss hafte kuch Tah ni weekend ke vaar mein ….this topic will come out nice played BB) Others will take advantage of this……hope they patch up….it will turn the whole game……even Sid and Sana don’t share the bond they had earlier…Paras is smart player and at least their group doesn’t fight ….they stay together….never knowns everything will change …not interested in watching now….

    1. I think sid was right,Asim didn’t try. Asim boriyan nikal hi nhi rha tha bss chedd dekhkr ghus jaarha tha phle mujhe lga tha sid glt bol rha pr maine bad mein dekha to asim boriyan nikalne ki koshish hi nhi kr rhaa tha.

  5. Mahira is proving herself to be the most annoying contestant even sana looked mature in front of her today. I don’t understand she used to be likable before the first finale now all she does is shout or directly/indirectly talk about shukla or tries to jump in any fight against shukla and asim and it’s not at all thrilling to watch because of her shrieks that will someday claimed my eardrums if she kept going this way…besides her making that comment about asim when he was choking was cruel yeah he made fun of her limping(which I thought was an acting too)last week but he hadnt made such a callous comment over it..

    Asim was right his team wasn’t stacking up the sacks and straws tightly but since shukla can’t tolerate anyone’s suggestions than his own he started bashing asim instead, I don’t get one thing why aarti seem so against asim? She was instigating sgukla against him yesterday and today she again was b*t*hing about him?

    Rashmi team could try to manipulate asum but I don’t think he’ll join their team, even if he ditch shukla(which will be in his own fa or)he won’t support none of them as his experience with all of them have been really bitter, paras bullied him and still pass cheap comments about him rashmi was two faced with him debo was aggressive and mahira recently severed all friendship bonds when she started to jump in all his fights…if anyone I think he’ll aligned himself with vishal and bhau

  6. So mahira can bump her chest against someone but when they push her back it’s a ‘masla’ for her? Waah mahira waah kya logic hai tumhara, even in fight on kitchen duties she was overdoing her reaction agar screentime chahiye to at least apni izzat to barbaad mat karo

  7. If sid group broke up and nobody stayed with him I swear then he’ll gain even more sympathy votes so it better not happen, rival group isn’t saint either they’re a negative bunch and they do make sid topic of discussion evert week with their stupidity however if sid got into that situation then his jagrata on wkw will only become even more unbearable

  8. as far what i saw both mahira and shefali were chest to chest then mahira put her hands on shefali’s waist and move and then shefali push mahira and shefali rudely said do the barthan why can’t she talk normally and paras finger is not good that doesn’t mean he can’t participate in the task. in task he can use his mind and other hand but not in cleaning dishes why can’t shefali get that

  9. who the hell is he to tell vishal to take any one side.its his damn choice whom to choose or stay neutral
    i don’t think rashmi ever tell vishal to break sid’s plate but see the irony its sid who said first to break rashmi’s and always sid is the first one to instigate fights but blames on rashmi and group
    seems like sid can’t take any suggestions from his team and as arti said if ha mein ha milau tho sahi nahi tho galat
    wish asim also plays neutral like vishal
    when asim trying to pull them they said uper se swim jaise karte ho waisa aa and when he did that they were saying he didn’t even trying we are seeing from day 1 and asim performs his best in every task

    1. It’s the irony of the house you cannot survive without taking side so Sid took it as a opportunity to tell him to chose side

    2. they can survive without taking sides
      they enter alone and they come out alone they need to stop listening to others and take stand for themselves

  10. Siddharth is the most annoying person. He targets rashmi everytime but viewers think it’s rashmi fault, like what are you watching? And shefali always body shame somebody.. Why is salman silent?? Mahila was not right nor shefali. Shehnaaz is at her best fake self again! Vishal is playing better. Arti is a dumbo, siddhath will someday use her and throw her away. Asim is finally getting some brain.

    1. Shirin Esmail

      Totally agree. This is SIDS show. Others better pull up their socks.


    Till yesterday, I just read the daily updates only & read the comments from you friends. I saw yesterday’s episode & I feel that yesterday, Shukla played a good game. His plan was worked out well until BB not played a game with his plan. With my point of view, yesterday Asim was not played well. He was aware that most of the players will block his cave only as they have the majority one. Basically, Sid has no other option but to leave Vishal unblocked & try to block Arhaan’s cave as much as he & his team can. That’s why he talk to Vishal for knowing his point of view of this task. He was sure that if Vishal become the caption then most of the issues will be resolved. But, it was Asim who doesn’t understand the fact of the task & blame to Sid. Regarding Sid’s aggression or loud voice, I have seen most of the players are speaking loudly only…. Mahira, Paras etc. For my point of view, the good gamers are Sid, Rashmi, Vishal, Shefali (Sometimes) and Arti only. This is my point of view only. Secondly, just imagine that Shefali was a past relation with Sid, if Sid was really a bad person as most of the commenters are mentioning, why this Shefali is with Sid in this house.

    1. well shefali did saw everything outside and she knows he is strong contender and his fans are supporting him and why wouldn’t she take his side
      she will also realize just like arti when sid try to point his views on her and don’t let her talk
      and what arti said to himanshi is right food is for everybody and sid can’t take that and argue with arti


      If Shefali knows that Sid is a strong contender, then she needs to join the hand of other players who are always tring to demotivate him by any means so that he will do some mistake & such type of strong contender can be taken off from the show. But its not happened. Inspite of having a past relationship, she is not trying to degrade Sid as Rashmi started from day 1. Just like Shilpa Shinde started with Vikas, but after few weeks they both shared a good patch up but in this case, I don’t think Ras & Sid will patch up. In any case, I believe Sid is an aggressive person but with good heart & knows the game very well.

    3. well as far i’m seeing salman taking sid’s side and she knows what is happening with whom maybe thats why she is sid’s team and i don’t think she will be staying longer in their considering sid’s controlling attitude he don’t let his team to speak that much freely and disagrrements

  12. Why the hell Shukla pushed Asim…he’s taking advantage of his size…?????who does he think he is???

  13. OMG! again SID haters ganging up to target in the house, and few are desperately trying here in this forum to put him down too. Whether he behaves properly or aggressively their only aim is to show him in bad light… how irony and pathetic it is….
    If you watched the show properly from the day 1 to till now SID team never tried to break the other big gang but at the same time mean minded Rash, Devo, Paras and other guys in their group desperately trying to break SID group and they partly succeeded too, they first broke Sana, then time to time with Arti, and now they are doing their best to break the unbreakable friends cum brothers Sid & Asim… poor Asim seems to be falling into their trap… hope it is not succeeds ….
    Even though their group is small and now with the addition of Bhau, Himanshi n’ Shefali they look good and genuine… I dont know why Rashmi is so desperate to tarnish SID and playing dirty game all the time cunningly and pretend as if she did nothing…. so mean minded she is, arrogant and the way she talks is so sickening to watch… Stay united Sid n’ Asim and we love you… your team is also good.. go for glory we majority of viewers are with you…. wish all best…. 🙂


      I totally agree with you

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