Happiness Forever – Chapter 1

Hiiiii hello guys thanks for love towards this story let’s start this part


A small villa
A cute blue eyed boy of 5 year old running around the home

His Mom – beta listen if you didn’t listen to me I’ll leave you & go

His dad – Kamini please yaar don’t say like that

Kamini – just to make him understand shakti & nothing else

( Kamini is mother of Shivaay )

Little Shivaay – no mamma I’ll listen to you, don’t go away from me( by hugging her legs )

Kamini – that’s my good boy come & have your milk

Little Shivaay – but Mumma you know right I don’t like milk na ok I’ll drink

Shivaay drinks milk Kamini smiles to it after that .

Shakthi start to tell story to Shivaay slowly Shivaay drifted to sleep , after that Shakthi also slept beside him
Kamini slept beside Shivaay

Next day was a usual day for them , Shivaay go to his school, Shakthi go to his gallery after dropping off Shivaay

In evening, little Shivaay was waiting for his mom will come & pick up

It struck 6:00 Pm everyone left including teachers but no one has came to pick him up he became sad & Donno what to do even though he is a kid he is little matured enough he waited
At last @ 7:30 pm his dad came to pick him, & he could see his neighbours along with his dad he could see his dad was full sad
Shivaay with full Expectation” kya hua dadda ” ( what happened dadda )
Shakti told” nothing” he just lifted him & take him to home , After reaching home little Shivaay start to go in search for his mom around his home” Mumma ”
Little Shivaay reaches Shakti who was sitting broken tears were start to following
Little Shivaay Comes & asks dadda dadda where is Mumma ” start to pester Shakti
Little Shivaay – dadda tell me na where is Mumma
Shakti lost his cool & shouts – she Ran off
Little Shivaay who didn’t expect was shocked & scared – it’s a lie Right ??
Shakti in full Anger – no I’m not lieing she left us she don’t love nor me neither you
Little Shivaay get shocked & start to beat- you are lieing , you are lieing Dadda my mummy will not leave me she loves me lot ( he start to cry tears were flowing from his eyes )

Shakti was crying after see his Shivaay crying so much & he hugged his son & said “try to understand beta your Mamma left us ” both of them poured out their heart they both cried as could they can
Slowly Shivaay drifted to sleep since he was continuously crying it made him tired Shakti slowly made him to lie on bed & he looked at Shivaay the marks of his tears he was looking pale , Shakti kissed on Shivaay’s forehead covered him with Blanket & left from there

In Midnight

Shakti was sitting on the balcony in their home he was consuming Alcohol reminiscing his moments with Kamini
Little Shivaay got up from sleep & he comes out & see his dad is having Alcohol & he touches his dad
Shakti – hey Shivaay you are up from sleep
Shivaay – dadda what are you doing
Shakti – drinking beta ( smiling like a maniac )
Shivaay – give me also dadda I’m thirsty
Shakti  taking glass – no no it’s not for you
Shivaay – Dadda mumma will not come ah
Shakti – no your mumma is a bad girl she I’ll not come you know why your mumma left us because she does not love you or me she loves only ? beta will you listen to me

Shivaay nods

Shakti – don’t love any girl they are the cheaters girls will cheat you ok ??
Shivaay nods Shakti left the place with alcohol Bottle
Shivaay from there he decides not to love any girl  there a birth of Arrogant & Angry Bird Billu  has taken place

It has been 2 Week’s since Kamini Ran off nothing is normal
In School
Shivaay has taken place in a debate competition he has prepared well & rendered his speech well
But Judge has given the prize to a girl who also rendered her speach as well
But as per Shivaay she had grabbed the prize from him
He became violent after announcing the prize to that girl
He thrown a Stone which hurted the judge’s head , she became angry , Principal became embrased
Shakti was called
Shakti asked why he beat the judge
Shivaay Answered – because she has given to that girl , I don’t wanna a girl to judge me
Shakti adviced-  it’s wrong beta if a girl is a judge meant what wrong in it
Shivaay – dadda you told na girls are cheaters , so she cheated me & gave prize to that girl the judge is also a girl that’s why she given prize to that girl, the girls are cheaters dadda
Shakti – beta every girl is not like that , I just told when I was drunk , listen to me say sorry
Shivaay – no dadda I’ll not ( saying this he Ran off)
Shakti towards principal & lady Judge – I’m sorry mam on behalf of him
Principal nodded

Principal nodded & warned him not to repeat the same since Shivaay is the bright student
Shakti came home with Shivaay
Shakti – beta come here
Shivaay goes near Shakti
Shakti – will you listen to me
Shivaay nods & continues – Dadda I’ll listen to you but promise me you will not get away from me
Shakti – bas itni si baat ok I promise I’ll not get away because you are my world Billu , you know all the girls are not the same  so ..
Shivaay – no Papa I’ll listen to you for everything but not this for me all the girls are cheaters
Shakti was stunned by his reply even though he is understanding kid but this thing he was not ready to understand
But Shakti thought since he is a kid future he may change
Next day
As usual Shivaay went to school
In Lunch Hour
Shivaay was having lunch alone for other childrens their Mom’s were feeding them
A mom of Shiv ‘s classmate asked him ” what beta your mom didn’t come ah to feed you ”
Shivaay – Did I Asked you do your work
That aunt got stunned
After the Aunt didn’t talk anything with Shivaay
Like this he was left alone Shivaay doesn’t talk with any Girl or Women
Shakti noticed it from that he made decision for the betterment of Shivaay

Precap – Meeting OmRu let us see how this guy’s paths will cross , their new journey

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