Getting you love with my love or obsession part 5



kuch dooriyan… 

Kuch nazdikiyan…

Un faaslon se kya…

Honge ye do ek…

Ya Phir…

In nazdikiyon se…

Aayega ek naya toofan…


Everyone is shocked that sushant wanted twinkle and kunj to marry each other.

Twinkle was also crying…

Twinkle went near sushant who was also crying in kunj’s embrace and puts her hand on his head.

Tw : sushant…

Ku : sushant… mumma is saying something.

Sushant turned towards twinkle his face drenched in tears… Twinkle cleaned his face and cupped his face…

Tw : sushant I can do any thing for your happiness… but I can’t fulfill your this wish… I can’t do it…

Sushant : mumma please for me… I promise I will never ask anything from you…

Ku : sushant… listen to me. We all are here for you then why you are worrying this much.

Sushant : but I want a father like you who will pamper me with whom I can share everything like everyone.

Kunj looked at twinkle who was also looking at him.

Bebe : twinkle you take sushant in room.

Tw : yes bebe.

Manohar : now what…

Ku : when will that day come when will twinkle ready to become mine…

Manohar : leave everything on babaji kunj… just give her time.

Ku : but by seeing twinkle’s state today do you all think that twinkle will agree to marry me.

Usha : kunj stay positive nothing will go wrong. Just have faith on babaji. He would surely make you both one.

Ku : I hope maa. I just hope I have waited for this moment for years.

Next day at sarna office…

Twinkle was giving her presentation. Aliya was clinging to kunj. And our uv was staring at twinkle mesmerized by her.

Kunj in his mind… this blo*dy luthra cant he keeps his eyes in his pocket uvraj luthra the girl you are staring is mine. And this silly girl can’t she see how this blo*dy uvraj looking at her.

His chain of thoughts broke when aliya puts her hands on his thighs. Kunj closed his eyes tightly and holds her wrist tightly then jerk her hand away. Aliya smirked.

Twinkle gave her presentation all clapped for her.

Uv : wow twinkle amazing. You have done very well.

Tw : thank you.

Uv : ummm Twinkle…

Tw : yeah…

Uv : can I take you for coffee..

Kunj snaps his head and looked at them.

Twinkle surprised… what.. but why.

Uv : just normally… I mean just casually.

Tw : but I have to complete my work.

Uv get disappointed… oh okay no problem.

Kunj grinned… stay away from my girl… you can’t get her uvraj.

Twinkle went from there…

Aliya : ahem ahem that was something… right yuvraj.

Uv : what…

Aliya : yeah don’t act to be innocent.

Kunj angrily looked at them.

Uv : yeah you are right.

Kunj widened his eyes. And gritted his teeth.

Uv : actually I have a crush on her.

Aliya : ooohh lovely.

Kunj : aryan aryaan…. shouting or should we say roaring angrily… why not he would be angry after all they were talking about his girl.

Aryan : yes sir.

Ku : where is that file which I gave you…

Aryan bow down his head.

Ku : Damn it I’m asking you something…

Another employee comes there her name is piya.

Piya : sir actually that file is not completed yet… stammering.

Uv : kunj just relax what is wrong with you. It’s just a file.

Ku : yuvraj please you don’t poke your nose in between.
Uv rolled his eyes…

Ku : and you both what are you looking at me. Just get lost from here and I want this file complete in an hour. Got it.

Aryan : yes sir.

Uv also went out.

Aliya and kunj was alone in conference room kunj about to sit on chair but before he can aliya sit on chair.

Ku : now what you want…

Siya : come on kunj don’t be a spoilt sport… You know what I want…. smirked.

Ku : you can never get what you want aliya because that was already someoneelse. Go get a life aliya.

Aliya got angry. Kunj opened the door and looked at aliya who was fuming in anger.

Ku : and one more thing don’t you dare to create any drama because it doesn’t affect me.

Aliya : stop kunj… my dear kunj you are forgetting something I’m not those who gave up so easily just remember one thing twinkle will never be yours… n I mean it.

Ku : watch your mouth aliya. Don’t take her name from your mouth…. don’t you dare to do anything with twinkle otherwise you will see my wrath…. gritted his teeth.

Aliya : let’s see.

Kunj angrily went to his cabin.

Aliya : twinkle… I won’t spare you…. bang her hands on table angrily…
You love your son so much now you just wait and watch what I will do with him… she calls someone… conversation was mute…. aliya smirked victoriously.

Kunj was sitting in his cabin just then uv come in.

Uv : kunj I have checked these documents you just cross check it.
Ku : yeah…. And another one…

Uv : that one I’ll discuss with twinkle.

Ku : nooo….

Uv : now what happened… seriously kunj I think you are not well.

Ku : it’s nothing like that… I will call twinkle here only then we can discuss with her.

Uv : alright.

Kunj called twinkle in his cabin. Twinkle was explaining the budget suddenly kunj phone rings.
Ku : one second.

Kunj went in side.

Ku : hello doctor…

Doctor : hello Mr sarna…
I have called to inform you that we have find blood for sushant… and one more thing please keep him away from any injury.

Ku : okay… thank you doctor.

Uv : so shall we continue…

Ku : yeah… kunj looked at twinkle.
Uv : what happened kunj.

Ku : nothing just doctor ‘s call.

Uv was confused while Twinkle looked at him.

Uv : doctor… is everything alright.
Ku : for sushant treatment…

Uv : who sushant.

Ku : seriously you don’t know who he is…. shocked.

Uv : yeah.. but tell me now who he is.

Tw : my son… sushant.

Uv : what…. shouted… uv was so shocked that he stands up from his chair leaving his things on floor.

Kunj smirked….

Kunj in his mind…. now I get score kunj 1 yuvraj 0…. yuvraj now you have to go… hehe. Thank you doctor thank you for your call.

Uv is shocked that twinkle has a son…

Uv : you have a son…. how…. I mean…. when why…. uv is totally shocked.

Tw : my husband had martyred five years ago.
Actually he was a commando.

Uv : what…

Ku : uv first sit down.

Uv nodded….
Do you still love him…

Twinkle looked uv with wet eyes.

Tw : hmm

Kunj heart pricked from twinkle reply

Tw : by the way sir what has doctor said.

Kunj : doctor said they found blood for sushant. But we have to keep sushant away from any injuries.

Uv : what has happened to him.

Kunj : he have anaemia. And doctor have found blood group for sushant.

Uv is keenly looking at kunj as why he has so information about twinkle and her son and why he is so interested in her.

Just then aliya entered and smirked.

Aliya : kunj…
Uh sorry I have listened your conversations…. I’m feeling pitty for that poor soul…. he has anaemia… I just pray that may God gives you strength and sushant too.

Twinkle nodded.

After office hours ended….
Aliya was driving her car…. and thought….
I don’t need to make any plan it seems that God is also with me this time because tomorrow whatever is going to happen I don’t think that sushant will survive after all he has anaemia tchh tchh tchh poor sushant…. now you just wait And watch twinkle you have snatched my kunj from me now I will snatched your son from you then you will get to know how it feels when someone heart break.

Other side twinkle reached sushant school but didn’t find him he was not in school… Twinkle asked ishan…

Tw : ishan did you saw sushant anywhere.

Ishan : no I don’t know where is he.

Twinkle got worried…
Twinkle asked school also all school staff were finding sushant but didn’t find him….

Kunj came to pick up ishan and shocked to see twinkle crying and rushed towards her.

Ku : twinkle what happened…. and where is sushant… looking for sushant.

Tw : sushant isn’t in school we all tried to find him but he didn’t found…. cried.

Kunj shocked….

Ku : twinkle relax please don’t cry please handle your self…. I will find him okay… please don’t cry.

Tw : I want my sushant back…

Kunj take twinkle to sarna mansion all sarna family also got worried for sushant… police was also finding sushant…

Now it’s night time…

Twinkle was continuously crying… usha bebe and Nikkei were continuously consoling Twinkle…

Nikki : twinkle please eat something other wise you will get ill.

Twinkle denied…

Bebe : twinkle puttar nikki is right don’t do this with yourself.

Just kunj get a call…

Ku : hello… yes inspector… what.. okay I’m coming.

Manohar : what happened kunj… what inspector had said.

Ku : they have found sushant.

Twinkle stood up…

Tw :where is he… is he fine… please tell me he is alright.

Ku : twinkle… Twinkle please calm down… I’m going I’ll bring him with me… okay..

Manohar and anand also went with kunj.

Tw : my sushant…. fall on her knees and crying hardly.

After sometime manohar and anand entered in sarna mansion.

Tw : where is kunj sir… and sush…. sushant…. please tell me….. chocked.

Just then kunj entered with sushant in his arms sleeping on his shoulder.

Tw : sushant… rush towards kunj.

Ku : twinkle relax… he is sleeping.

Kunj gives sushant to twinkle carefully not to disturb him. Twinkle hugged sushant tightly and kissed all over his face.

Tw : thank you sir…. thank you so much.

Ku : you don’t need to thank me twinkle sushant is very close to me. He considered me as his father.

Twinkle looked at kunj tearfully.

Tw : but where was he… where you have found him.

Ku : police have found him at back of his school.

Tw : what.

Usha : but what sushant was doing there.

Manohar : don’t know…. Twinkle you go upstairs and rest in room… Twinkle about to say no but manohar said…..
Yes you are staying tonight… and tomorrow is Sunday so don’t worry…

Twinkle nodded and went in room.

Everyone worried for sushant.

Next day… Sunday…

Everyone having breakfast so sushant is silent everyone looked at him.

Ku : hey what happened to my champ.

Sushant : I’ll not talk to mumma… huhu.

Twinkle come to sushant and bent down to his height.

Tw : sushant I alright told you I can do everything for you but I can’t fulfill your this wish. I can’t do this.

Sushant : it means you don’t love me.

Twinkle is shocked….

Tw  : sushant what are saying…

Sushant : yes if you love me then please marry kunj uncle…. please mumma I’ll never ask anything from you…. please mumma please.

Twinkle was in deep thoughts…

Tw : okay if your happiness lies in marry with your kunj uncle then I’ll marry him….. Twinkle said with trembling voice and with heavy heart.

Sushant : really mumma…

Tw : hmm

All sarna family happiness has no bounds.kunj rooted on his place with mouth open he didn’t believe his ears that twinkle is ready to marry him… his dream is going to be true.

Bebe : twinkle puttar…. today I’m so happy… caressing her.

Nikki : now I have someone with whom I can gossips.

Ku : but I’m leaving everything on twinkle I don’t want to force her for anything.

Manohar : twinkle are you happy.
Tw : I’m happy because I have you all in my life.

Usha : and kunj.

Tw : kunj sir is very nice person I’m marrying him just for sushant.

Manohar : I’m very much happy today my other son is marrying..

Bebe : now start marriage preparations from tomorrow I can’t wait to make twinkle my daughter in law.

Twinkle and kunj looked at each other…

Nikki : ohhoo look at them…. eye lock… ahem ahem.
Lets go twinkle we have to do shopping also come on.

Anand : yeah let’s go kunj we also have to do our shopping.

Nikki : and devar ji no secret meetings before marriage.

Nikki dragged twinkle and anand kunj… 


Helloo every one how are you all…. hope you all like today’s update… I tried to write long part. Tell me through your comments how was it.

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