Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 56 (last)

hi sissy’s … how r u all?  i think in TU  ragsan readers r getting less. i dint get more comments in my other few ffs. dont know y.

this is last part of this ff. hope u like it..

lets start…




Ragini, swara and nitya stopped Milan from going inside his room.
Rag: wat so urgent bhaiya? First our gifts. Then entrance for ur suhag raat.
Trio laugh.
Mil: Sis, y r u making me feel shy?
Rag: bhaiya is blushing.
Mil: I’ve no urgent. I’ll sit here only.
He sits on sofa there.
Swa: if u won’t go inside bhabhi wil come holding stick to beat us.
Rag: let it b. we will take our gifts some other day.
Sanskar, laksh and arjun were smiling seeing them. Milan took some gifts and gave to 3 of them.
Mil: this is not for giving me entrance ticket. This is my love for u.
Nit: so sweet.
They push him inside and closed door.
San: now it’s our turn.
Ragini blushing: sanskar, shut up.
San: arey, wat I said wrong. Its gud mahurat na.
Rag blushing hardly: shut up idiot.
She goes from there. Sanskar follows her. All laughs at them. Then nitya and swara saw that their hubby staring them.
Lak: I think they understood.
Arj: ya. Smart wife.
Swa: nitya, come soon, I’ll show u my new dresses.
Both left from there. Laksh and arjun laugh.
……… ……….. ………….. ……….
Rag: who will talk like this in front of all? What they will think of us?
San: they r also couple. Wat they wil think. This only that how much sanskar loves her ragini. (Hugging) lets plan for baby.
Rag opens her mouth: sanskar, u r father of 3.
San: so? Let’s make 4.
Rag: u became too naughty now a days.
San: not naughty sweetheart. It’s romantic.
Rag: romantic? Really?
San: hmmm… every girl wants romantic hubby. U r lucky that u got more romantic hubby. Let’s romance.
He hugs her. She breaks hug.
Rag: door is open. Kids r playing here only.
San: nitya is making them sleep.
Rag: nitya??
San: yes. She missed satwik, sanskruti and sanket in these years. She wants to spend more time with them. Satwik also wanted to b with arjun. They all r sleeping with them. And swalak r…..
Rag: r….
San: u know wat I mean?
He goes close to her and took her in his arms. Then he turns off the lights.
……. ………… . . .
Mrng all were teasing Milan and savita. It was savita’s first arasoi. Trio ladies joined her to help.
Savita: I’ll do didi. U all just tell me everyone’s fav dish.
Rag: ok bhabhi, u only do. We wil just help u little.
They prepared everything. Men were waiting at dining table.
Mil: sir, thanku for everything. I never thot that I’ll sit with u for bf. U r making me and my wife feel special.
San: I already told. No sir. Ok?
Mil: ok sir.
San: again??
Mil: sry. Wat to do? M habituated from years. Suddenly can’t change. I’ll call sir only. I attached to that word. It makes me feel close to u.
Arj: if ur emotional talks over then can we hav bf?
San: lets start. Milan, u first.
Milan takes spoon ful of halwa and make his wife eat. All claps. Same she also does.
San: now continue guys. Ladies, u also take ur seats.
Rag: thanku.
‘all forgot me?’
All turned.
Rag: maa..
Shar: all forgot and started to hav bf without me? I’ll go back.
She shows fake anger. Sanskar comes with bowl.
San: see maa. Ur favvv sweet. Specially made for u only.
Shar saw that. Still with fake anger: really for me?
Ragsan: of course. And sry.
They hold ears. She takes bowl and eats from that.
Shar: it tastes gud. This time I’ll forgive u.
Ragsan hugs her.
Arj: aunty u r forgetting something.
Sharda remembers that whenever she prepares sweets or something special, first she makes arjun and ragini eat, then only she eats. Arjun comes to her. Ragini too stands beside arjun. Sharda takes spoon and was abt to feed,
They saw there.
Satwik: u all forgot me. Leave my place.
He goes and stands between arjun and ragini. Sharda gets emotional and making trio eat sweet. They all hug. Sanskar admires their bonding.
Shar: few things of mine were remaining in home. So I brought them all.
San: so sweet.
Swara get teary eyes.
Lak: wat happened swara?
Rag: missing uncle?
Both hug. Swara cries.
Swa: he always loves me. I don’t knw y he did like that. M missing his love for me.
Rag: m sry. It’s all coz of me.
Swa: don’t b sry. He deserves it. But m just hurt that HE did it.
Laksh hugs her and wiped her tears.
Swa: sry all to make ur mood off.
Arj: who told mood is off. Let’s plan for a trip. Milan and savita will go to thier honey moon. We all wil go to trip at other place.
Mil: y other place? Same place. Where u all r there, there only our happiness exists.
Rag: ok then maa will select place.
Shar: ok. Pack ur bags. It’ll b surprise. After getting ready I’ll tel.
All: ok
…………. …………… …………… ………..
Next mrng all got ready with their bags. Sanskruti, satwik and sanket stood first to know which place.
They thot she’ll tel Switzerland or paris. But she says
Shar: the place is my village. My birth place.
All: wat?
Shar: yes. If u hav objection then u can change place.
Arj and rag: we will go to village only.
All went in cars. They reached sharda’s home. It was not of modern style. But it was big.
Shar: all go to rooms and get fresh. We wil meet at hall.
All changed and gathered at hall.
Shar: so now we r going to see whole village. But Not in car. In cart.
Satwik: cart? Wat is that naani.?
Shar: come I’ll show u.
She showed them cart. Kids get excited. They ran to sit in that. Sharda looks at all. They too goes. They roamed all village. They drank coconut water and eat fruits. They all enjoyed. They came home at nite. All were tired.
Rag: maa.. can I tell u something?
Shar: ??
Rag: when u told village, at first we got little sad. But after spending today, we all r really thankful to u that u brought us here. We enjoyed a lot.
All agreed to her. After 2 days they get ready to go back. All take group pic there.
.. …………… ………… ………… ……

At mm
All left to their home. Ragsan were in their room.
Rag: finally we all r together. No sadness, nothing. M really very happy.
San: I promise u. this happiness will stay forever with us.
Just then trio kids ran to them. Sanskruti and sanket hug ragini and satwik hugs sanskar.
San: with our kids we r complete now. thanku for everything that u gave me.
Rag: do u remember our first meet?
San smiles ya. Those days were also very memorable.
Rag: I had thot u as mad.
San: I was mad. But u taught me everything. U showed me the rite path. Whatever u taught, I did in UR LOVE.
San: tere ishq me jana. I love u so much ragini sanskar maheshwari.
Rag: I too love u so much sanskar maheshwari.
Kids: we also love u so much.
They all hug each other happily.



…………………. The end …………………………………


This was last part of this ff.
This ff is very close to me. This is my first ff.
last year  I started this ff. thanku all of u for supporting me.
Pls tell ur views abt this ff.
Which part u liked and which not.
Any suggestion u wud like to give.
Do tell in comment.

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