Hamari Sister Didi 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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At home, Dadi mama consoles the crying Sooraj. He says mama cheated on him, he won’t talk to her. Dadi mama says if one cries a lot, eye sight gets weak. Sooraj says mama is bad, she doesn’t listen to Sooraj as well. Khushi tries the phone.
In canteen, Amrita says to Babay that she didn’t see Sooraj so sad. Today, he didn’t play his match due to his mother, and curses her motherhood crying. Babay tells her not to be dishearted. Amrita cries that she broke a child’s heart, her own child and this all because of that Karan. Babay asks what Karan did. She thinks about the police, and says nothing.
Bobby calls the number, and talks to the pharmacy. Amrita comes to the corridor, thinking about Sooraj. Bobby talks to the pharmacy, but leaves the paper with the number on the reception. Amrita comes to the phone, and is shocked to see the challan. She repeats Mrs. Amrita Karan Oberoi, as she reads it in shock. She thinks Karan telling her that he talked to them, and says this is what he had said in the police station. She is enraged, and asks what you think of yourself Dr. Karan Oberoi.
She comes to Karan’s room, he wasn’t in there. She comes down and comes across Dimple who asks why she didn’t leave till yet. Amrita says she doesn’t want to argue to her, Dimple asks what is going on in her mind. Amrita asks where is Karan, Dimple says she isn’t his PA. Amrita says she will look after him, herself. Mehr was talking to Veer on phone, when Amrita asks her about Karan. She tells her he is in room 102.
Khushi tells Karan that he is annoyed with mama, and won’t talk to her even. Karan asks her to try some noodles, icecream etc. Khushi says she has tried it. Karan says he is coming, but Khushi says he will cry more with that. He tells her to call him, if something is needed. Karan watches Amrita coming out, and asks Khushi to talk to her later.
Amrita comes to Karan, he says it is late, she should go home. Amrita shows him the challan. He looks at her, she was curt. She shouts how dare he, and points finger on him. People gather. She asks how he wrote it, what he thinks of her. Karan asks her to come in. She says we will talk just here, and he will tell her in front of everyone why he wrote this. He says he got this, in order to come out of the situation, so he said this. Did he think, how bad her reputation will go with this. Karan says that it isn’t a big thing, a lot of people lie like this. Amrita asks it is all easy for him, he must not speak what he can understand. He says why she is making an issue out of it. Amrita says Mr. Karan Oberoi, for people like you, modern and belonging to bigger cities, it must not matter, but for us, they do. She cries, and asks if he realized what people talked about her in police station, was this less that she put this stain in front of his name. He says he didn’t have bad intentions. Amrita asks if everything is a game for her, she says that after Avi has left, she has started her life with much difficulty. Please let her live. He asks if she thinks he has no sense, he got there because she didn’t get time after a long time. And there, he had no choice, he had to say something. Amrita says we have a choice in every moment. His first choice was, when he took her there, and she left her children there. And he thought people won’t know about it, he didn’t think what people will talk about her. The whole staff hears this.

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Karan says he took her there, because he wanted to talk to her. He wanted to say to her. He stops at once. He says it was his mistake, he is sorry. But, at this moment he wants to say that he cares for her, her children. She asks who told him to care about her, and had he cared, he must not have done it all. It isn’t his big city, this is Patiala. Here she is questioned. She asks what it was that he wanted to say to her. Karan says ok, ok I will tell you. He says she separated him from her with a jerk today, he smiles that she didn’t it right. He is here for months, and observing that she always cross the limits for others but stay behind herself. Just once, he wanted to do something for her. Don’t they work together, he has no role in her life. Doesn’t she do it all for Mehr, and Babay. She tells lies to every single person, but what she do for herself. Amrita says it isn’t his job to think about it.
Karan says ok, if she wants it. He told one lie in front of a single police inspector, she made a public issue out of it. That is ok, she wants him not to take any interest in her issues. From now on, this will happen. I swear.

PRECAP: Amrita comes to the cabin, and asks Babay and Mehr to leave her alone. Karan shouts in his cabin, that he doesn’t care for her.

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