Everest 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun thinking in his room. He comes to talk to Anjali. He shows his old pics to her, and says its from my orphanage, where I have spent all my childhood. He says its just story that I m London’s banker’s only son, my real identity is this, He shows his passport. He says I m very sorry for the spider thing. I know what is fear, what is to fight with one’s weakness, this is my fear, you can joke on this. He leaves. She sees the pic. Akash asks the reception will he get butter chicken here. Anjali comes and asks can I get Arjun. She keeps his passport and goes to see him. Akash stops her aand asks can we go to see the city. She says lets wait for Colonel. He says he has gone to police station, only we are left, shall we. The little boy asks where are they going. Anjali says market, will you come along.

The boy says yes, I know all shops. Akash says yes, if we have expert with us, no one will fool us. Arjun plays cards at a pub. He wins again and takes the money. Arjun says what should I do if you can’t play. He takes money and goes to take tequila. He talks to a lady and orders wine for her. He asks where does she stay and flirts. The man asks his goon to get money. Arjun stops the goon from taking the money and they fight. Abhiyankar and Chand are asked about boy, and arrested for kidnapping the boy. Abhiyankar says you can ask the boy. The inspector asks him to come. Abhiyankar asks hotel staff to inform Ramesh.

Arjun is also arrested and says I did not do anything, ask this girl, don’t arrest me., this man lost and started fighting, I was defending myself. They ask his passport. Arjun says I don’t have it now. Tashi comes and says he is with us. They still take Arjun. Ramesh rushes and talks to Abhiyankar on phone, and says I m coming, don’t worry. Akash and Anjali come back with boy. Ramesh tells them that Abhiyankar and Chand are arrested because of this boy, his family complaint that boy is kidnapped. Akash says we will come along.

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Abhiyankar talks to Akash and says you stay there with Anjali. Ramesh asks the boy to come. The boy gets scared and runs. Ramesh says I don’t have time, Anjali get him. Anjali says we have to explain him. Ramesh says explain him. Anjali says you go police station, police will come and take him. Akash says we will keep him safe here. Ramesh says fine, but please explain him. Tashi comes and says Arjun is arrested. Ramesh says what. Tashi asks Anjali to give Arjun’s passport. She gives him. Tashi and Ramesh leave. Abhiyankar talks to police inspector, and says we are not goons to kidnap any boy, he came behind us.

He is shocked seeing Arjun come there. Arjun tells Abhiyankar what happened. The inspector arrests them. Abhiyankar says calm down. Arjun says if I did not do any crime, I won’t go to jail. They are put in lockup. Abhiyankar says its not our country, we don’t know their laws, calm down. Abhiyankar and Akash go to talk to the boy. Ramesh comes to police station, and defend his team. Abhiyankar asks Ramesh to tell everything true. Ramesh says we are not goons, we are good people.

The inspector says I know this. Ramesh says we can give any proof, we are doing Everest summit so we are here. He says the boy is in hotel, you can come and take him, why will we kidnap him, do you think we are mad. The inspector says boy’s mum will come and ask him, if he says the same, we will leave you. Ramesh says what if boy’s mum is bad, its her mistake, she did not keep an eye on him. Ramesh says sorry, I know it. Abhiyankar says no…Ramesh says I can handle this and bribes the inspector. The inspector smiles and puts Ramesh in the lockup.

Ramesh says I will report to police. Arjun says you tries to goose the police inspector, and will report in police, its brilliant. He says Akash and Anjali are remaining, lets call them too. Ramesh says sorry. Anjali talks to the boy. He says we are not friends. Ramesh asks for water. Abhiyankar says now we have hopes from Akash and Anjali. Anjali and Akash talk to the boy saying its Abhiyankar’s mistake, he is lockup now for bringing this boy along, maybe they will beat him, Everest cancel now, we have to go back. She says no, if police knows we did not force this boy to come, he came by his wish, police will leave Colonel. Akash says who will tell police. The boy says I will tell police. They smile. He says his mum is always angry on him and he hates her. She provokes him to give statement. They call him stupid. The boy says he is smart. Akash says your mum loves you, she is afraid that you are lost.

Abhiyankar tells the boy’s mum that he is fine. The boy hugs his mum and says he loves him. The inspector asks Ramesh not to give money to police, as they are honest. Abhiyankar says I did not dream I will go jail. Arjun says going jail is not joke and gets angry. Anjali talks to Akash about Gaurav and Shikha Maa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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