Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD asking Shyamali to tell what the girl expects from her inlaws’ home. Shyamali says how do I know? LD asks her to say. Shyamali says she is busy and gives him tea. LD thanks her. He helps Shyamali in kitchen. She asks him to go else she will be scolded. LD asks her to tell and gives his promise. Shyamali tells him that it is very difficult for a girl to leave her house. She comes with dreams in her eyes and has her hopes pinned on her husband to be supportive, loving etc. LD imagines himself giving flower to Radha. Shyamali says when she is sad, he makes her smile. LD smiles and again imagines himself with Radha and smiles. Shyamali gets teary eyes. LD asks her to continue saying as he is making notes in mind. Shyamali makes excuse and leaves. LD says girls gets shy even in Mathura.

Renuka tells Radha and Sudhakar that she studied Radha’s case and the only solution is divorce. She asks Radha to go to Mathura and take LD signatures. She says we live in a society so we have to take divorce legally. She tells them two options. Radha says she don’t want to drag LD’s family to court. Renuka says you are very sensible girl and is taking a right decision. Renuka says second option is mutual divorce. She asks them to register their marriage and then file for divorce. Isha says first option is better. We shall put him in Jail after filing a case against him. Renuka says let Radha decide it. Radha says she don’t want to trouble LD’s family. Sudhakar says second option is better. Radha says but LD won’t sign on the papers so easily. Renuka suggests her to go to Mathura and says she will explain her what to do.

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Isha gets LD’s video call on net. Isha asks how did you get my id? LD says I enquired about it. He tells her that Radha is his wife. LD talks to her and seeks her help indirectly. Isha refuses to help him. LD says he wants her to help Radha. He shows her a variety of sweet dishes and says you can eat this. Isha gets tantalize with the sweets and agrees to help him. LD says I won’t tell Radha. He explains to her that he wants Radha to feel home like feeling when she comes here. He asks her to say how to decorate her room and asks for Radha’s preferences. Isha tells him about Radha’s choices and says she likes Akshay, Shahrukh etc. Isha tells him that Radha likes spicy food. LD says as expected. Isha thinks Radha is going there to take divorce and he is asking me about her preferences. LD looks at Radha’s photo and says he is eagerly waiting for her arrival.

Radha tells Renuka that she will concentrate on her career once LD’s chapter gets closed. Renuka says we all have hopes on you. She gives her some papers and gives her best wishes. Radha thanks her. Renuka says you are like my daughter and asks her to make LD sign on the divorce papers with mutual consent. Radha hugs Isha and says I will miss you. Sudhakar gets Suhasini’s call. He says we are coming. Isha tells Radha to do dhamaal once she reaches Mathura. Radha says she don’t want to do anything.

LD stops Govind and holds his hand asking him not to be upset with his mother. Govind goes angrily. Sadhna tells LD that she will make her husband agree and asks him not to worry. LD says it is impossible to agree him. He seems to be upset. Sadhna assures that she will agree him. LD thanks her and asks her to teach her secrets to Radha as well. Sadhna hugs him and says naughty.

Radha thinks I am coming to Mathura, Mr Chipko. Sudhakar comes and gives her icecream. Radha says you are the best papa in the world. One of the icecream cone slips. Radha says she will eat quickly. She says there is definitely something and asks are you bribing me. Sudhakar says no and explains to her about destiny. Radha says she couldn’t understand anything. Sudhakar explains to her that you have decided to go to mathura as you have thought that it is the right way. He asks her if you see any reason then don’t let it oversee. Radha says LD came in my life as a villian. I wants to end that matter forever. Sudhakar asks her to see his other face. May be he will turn hero. He says you have two options, one to take divorce from him and second is to give a chance to this marriage. Radha is shocked. Sudhakar asks her to try second option too. Radha asks him do you think what people will say. Sudhakar sings a song about destiny. He wipes Radha’s tears. She hugs him. He says what matters to him is her happiness and says I am always with you. He jokes with her and asks do you like girls rather than boys. Radha says no and hugs him. Sudhakar laughs.

LD thinks he has to invite Radha to come here. He sends voice message to Radha and says he has done some mistakes. He says he will make everything fine. Radha gets his message and hears it. LD waits for her reply and swears that he won’t lit the cigarette if she replies him. He is about to lit the cigarette when he gets Radha’s message. He reads it that she is excited to come there and cannot wait, see you soon. LD gets happy and says yes I knew it. He kisses his phone and says thank you.

LD talks to Radha and asks what you are bringing for me from Mumbai. Radha says surprise and thinks she is bringing divorce papers which will shocks him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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