Hamari Sister Didi 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dimple comes to Karan and says she was thinking about getting a comfortable bed for him. He stops her from talking, and says he has a head ache. She sits beside him annoying, and says she wanted to help. He asks did she tell his home. She says they couldn’t, then didn’t try. He says he will tell mummy himself. She says she knows he always tell his mummy after the problem is solved. He smiles that she understands him. She says she knows him from college. He asks about funds. She says there was a management meeting after the incident, but everything will be alright. He says she is treating him again like a child. She holds her hand at him, that one must never scold a child. Amrita enters the room. Dimple says it was their signature hand shake from college. They both do that handshake, Karan laughs. Amrita also smiles, watching him enjoying. He says it was such a great time. Dimple says it was all because of Abhi, Karan says he was really naughty. Dimple notices Amrita, she comes in and tells Dimple that she came to give him medicine. Dimple takes a leave. Karan says he just had medicine. Amrita says she has to give him injection, turn around. He asks what? Cant she give it on arm. He says he won’t turn around. She says it is heavy dose, and IV was already given on arm. She laughs that he is feeling shy. He argues, he isn’t; and is a doctor. She says she is a nurse, and does this regularly. He tells her to get out. She says she will send Bobby, he argues that he is an intern; she must send some doctor. She agrees. He thanks her. She goes out annoyed.

Khushi asks Sooraj which cake would he like. Sooraj says he wants to eat Mama’s cake, she had promised that she will bring him pineapple cake. Khushi says she is busy, how will she come at this time. Khushi says she will make a chocolate cake for him, she can’t make pineapple cake. Sooraj says who asked her to make, mama promises but she never remembers it; he had asked her to get his homework done but she forgot that too. Khushi is annoyed, Sooraj says she doesn’t remain at home much even, he doesn’t like it without her. Khushi says she misses her a lot too. Mrs. Kapoor hears all this.
Bobby comes to store-room and takes some medicines from a nurse. She stops him and says everyone’s job is in danger. Bobby says she must think about him, as Dr. Karan is very strict with him. Amrita hears the conversation. Amrita asks for the courage to fight with the problem.

Mrs. Kapoor comes to the children, and says she has planned to go to shopping. They will buy video game, and will have chocolate cake. Khushi says she isn’t in a mood, Sooraj also sits unexcited. Dadi asks Sooraj to buck her up. Sooraj says he doesn’t have the mood. She asks Khushi about the film, that is just release but the kids were reluctant. Sooraj says he just have to go to mama. Khushi gets an idea.

In the hospital, Vaiju tells Amrita that Dr. Karan scolded her and Dimple saw that, now she will be out of the job for sure. Amrita tells her not to fear. Babay asks Amrita has she seen the environment. Amrita asks how will everyone work this way, and management has left everything to Dimple. She says some people want to give donation to hospital, she must ask Dimple to talk to them. Babay says this way, Muskaan family will break up. Amrita says they won’t lose hope.
The children come to the hospital.

She asks what they are doing here. They tell her they brought surprise for her. Sooraj says she remains busy, so they thought of meeting her as they haven’t met her well for so many days. She must come to canteen with them. Amrita says she misses them a lot too. Sooraj says now Karan is also fine. Mrs. Kapoor says that children haven’t seen their mother for so many days, that is why she brought them here. Sooraj says that when she is on duty doctor asks her for injection. Sooraj says he will ask her like this, quietly. She smiles. Khushi says she will check the BP for her. Malika comes to greet children. Khushi says she has brought noodles for mama, as she was busy. Malika proposes her to take a leave, as she is going to do Dr. Karan’s duty. Amrita asks is it confirmed, and then informs her about all the work. Amrita tells her not to go to Karan’s room for much time. Malika tells her to go now. She goes with the children and Mrs. Kapoor. Dimple watches this.

Kaka asks Karan to have fruits. He tells him to go home, as he had to; he is being taken here. Kaka promises to come in the evening with soup. Karan gets a call. It was Shukla, the manager at Mumbai hospital. Karan sits up in worry, when he gets to know someone was asking about him. Shukla says it was some Shaurav, he was asking where he is, what he is doing and does he have any enemy. He must take care of himself; they don’t know why he wants to know about it all. Karan says he did good not to open up; he must not in future too. Karan gets a flashback about the operation theatre, as if he had done some blunder there.

Amrita enjoys noodles with the family. Karan watches them from window and smiles. Amrita notices someone looking at her, and looks back to see Karan in the window. He closes the curtain. Khushi goes to take water; Sooraj says he wants it too. They both go to have it. Amrita thinks whether she should ask Mrs. Kapoor or not, then thinks she will have to ask it. She tells mummy ji that Karan is better now, she must know him from years as he is a childhood friend of Avi. Mrs. Kapoor says she has seen him growing up. Amrita asks Karan is a good, competent doctor, how did he come to such a small hospital in a small city. Mrs. Kapoor asks why can’t he come here, is she the only one to be great. Mrs. Kapoor says she called him here, as this mental hospital needed a firm hand and structure. The children return. Amrita says she has to go now, as there is much work. Sooraj hugs her, while Khushi says she will help her. Amrita was about to promise to come back home soon, Mrs Kapoor forbids her to as she won’t be able to fulfil it. They leave.

Amrita comes inside, the staff stood together. She asks the reason. Malika says Dimple called them all here. Amrita says she won’t eat them all up. Dimple comes there, and asks where was she? Amrita says she hadn’t taken a single break from 3 days, does she has a problem. Dimple says there are many problems, they will soon know. Dimple says she has made their shifts. They were all shocked, and worried. She says Amrita’s shift will be from 4 am till 12 am. Amrita stops her, saying she is the head nurse and divide the shifts. Dimple says they all know how well she do that, management has given her the responsibility so she will run the hospital. Malika whispers that she won’t leave anyone. Dimple says that she likes to help people, so she will be here from 10 am to 4 pm, with OPD attendance. She tells Bobby, that he will be here from 12 pm to 6 pm, with all Rectal examinations. Mehrs duty is from 9 to 9 at night. Babay has double shift duty being an intern, and will assist her too. She sends her to get a photocopy of the page, and bring the hot coffee for her upon returning. They all got shocked at this too.

Amrita interferes, Dimple reminds she is an intern; they have done this too. And they all like this, and have made the nurse station a living room. Babay leaves. Dimple says that there will be a new list, who gets notice. They must make sure no one from them is in the list. She goes inside. Amrita says they can’t work like this. Malika asks does she think her a maid. Amrita says they must go to their duties now, she will see this all later.

Dr. Suxena comes to Amrita and calls her to give injection to Dr. Karan. As they came up, Karan was not in bed. Amrita is worried, and recalls what Veer had said. She gets worried for him, runs in the hospital to ask everyone about Karan. The security men say they were changing shifts. Veer scolds them for being lazy. Amrita sends the staff to look for him.

PRECAP: Amrita comes out of hospital gate. Dimple and the staff runs out too, and bring Karan back to hospital.

Update Credit to: Sona

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