Veera 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan asking Ranvi and Veera to stop fighting for Lord’s sake. She leaves crying. Ranvi asks Veera is she satisfied by hurting Biji. Veera says you heard what she said, I heard what her tears said. He asks do you still think you are right. She says yes, just think being in her place, tell me when she lived for herself. She did her duties towards us, don’t we have any duty. He says I can die for her, but what you are doing is wrong. She says maybe my way is wrong, but my intention was right. She leaves. Gunjan thinks how to arrange money in this tensed situation, Ranvi and Biji won’t give me, how to get 3 lakhs now, I lost jewellery too, Biji will ask me, what will I tell her.

She says the safe, Ranvi said the safe will have money, he told me code also. She opens the cupboard and says the code was Veera’s birthday. She stops seeing Ranvi. She asks what happened. He says no one is understanding me. She says she understands him, we would have been better in Mumbai, and kept Biji and Chaiji with us, got Veera married here and stay happy. He says its not solution to run away from problems. She says why not, did you get any peace here, the relations got bitter now. She says she will make tea and leaves.

Amrit says don’t worry Bansuri, as Balwant won’t remarry if you die, as I m here. Bansuri says what, will you marry him. Amrit says no, I will stop him. Bansuri says you are my good friend. Simran says she will massage her legs. Bansuri is glad and says Baldev should have got a girl like Simran. Amrit says she will manage everything now, and Baldev will forget Veera. Bansuri smiles. Rajveer drinks and tells Kaka that he is very happy today, so he is drinking. He says I faced problems by my mistakes and you have also bear a lot, but not this time, I will surely get my love this time, Veera will be mine. I can play many games for it, and first I have to kick out Baldev from her life.

Its morning, Ratan makes the rangoli. Nihaal comes and says I came to see you are fine or not. She says Ranvi is angry, I will call Chaiji. He says Ratan ji, don’t misunderstand me, don’t you think you should give life a second chance, say it Ratan….. She is shocked as he changed his words from Ratan ji to Ratan. He says before you say anything, I want to tell you something, I want to marry you. Ratan is super shocked. He says he did not had courage to say if Veera did not see love for her in his eyes, so he decided to tell her. He says if you don’t have objection, if you are ready, I will convince Ranvi.

She says no, I don’t want to do anything going against Ranvi. She leaves. Baldev talks to Veera. He asks about Ratan, and gets angry on Ranvi. She says try to understand Ranvi, he has managed everything alone after our dad died, he fought the family too for me, knowing I m not his own sister, his thinking is not small. He loves Biji a lot and can’t see anyone else talking her responsibility, but he will realize soon. She says we can’t meet as Ranvi’s anger gets cooled. Baldev says whats this, if Ranvi gets angry, we have to obey him, why is he being hitler. She says if a plant gets dried, can’t leaves come again. He says why not, water it and leaves will come.

She asks will it happen soon. He says it needs time. She says I m explaining the same, I did not lose, I know Ranvi will agree, he is imp for me and I don’t want him to be annoyed, his anger will go soon and we will meet then. She ends the call. Baldev breaks the phone. His friends ask what happened. Baldev says I m unable to meet my Veera because of Ranvi, I wish to teach him a lesson of lifetime. Jaggi says tell me, just order, we will see him in 2 mins. Baldev says I wish to beat him and break his mouth. He says I m a goon of this Pind, and can’t do anything. He says Ranvi is after my respect and insults me infront of everyone, and I can’t do anything. He leaves.

Billa says we will see Ranvi now, we can’t let Ranvi insult Baldev more. Jaggi says yes, we will teach him a lesson, if Baldev can’t. Billa says yes, we will see him. Nihaal meets Chai ji. She says she will make laddoos for him and asks him to sit. Ranvi comes there and wants to avoid Nihaal. Nihaal stops him and asks him to see to him and talk, if I did anything wrong, I would have not come here again and not talk to you like this. He says but I came, and I m talking to you, you are right in your place, its your family matter, and Biji’s problem, you took the decision for her. He says I don’t want to break your house, I did this mistake before and can’t do it again, you did a big favor on me by forgiving me, you made me part of your family, what else I want from Lord.

He says he will go, as its Diwali, he has work. He says Chaiji, make many laddoos, I will come in evening and have it. He leaves. Ranvi asks Chaiji why is she looking at him as if he did a big mistake. He asks her did he do a mistake. She says there is no use to talk about this now, we have already discussed this, Ratan will say what she wants. She says stop doing this with Nihaal and Baldev, they both are not wrong, Baldev did what Veera told him, and about Veera, she just thought about Ratan’s happiness, she did not see her dad, so its easy for her to decide, but we can’t as he have Sampooran’s memories. She says Veera has always seen Ratan alone. She says very few children think this about their parents, you should be proud of her. Ranvi thinks.

Rajveer comes to Ranvi’s house. Ranvi asks whats the matter. Rajveer says I have search warrant if your home and godown. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranvi s too much yaar…. Nt at ll undrstndn othrs.. he s nt good to baldev n nihal chachu…. If he continues to b lik dis… Ll hate him… First he shuld look aft his wife gunjan…. Whose alwys aft money…

  2. de only problem in the story is ranvi.why should he stop others from being happy?what de hell is dis?????

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