Tum Saath Ho Jab 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Younis too wants to know what she wanted to say to her Ammi. Najma thinks of what to say when Saba brings water for her Abbu. Her phone starts ringing too which irritates her Abbu. He cannot understand what they both talk about. He tells her to tell Naima not to call every now and then. She picks the call and coveys the message but realises that it is someone else. He too takes the phone and starts reprimanding Naima when he too realises it is actually his MIL’s call. She doesn’t let him talk so he ends the call by pretending that there is no network. This woman doesn’t know that you should listen on the phone too. Why dint you tell me it was your Nani’s call? She says I was about to but he doesn’t let her talk. Tell your Nani that there was network issue. He turns around but finds Najma and Mariam gone. His attention is diverted by Waqar’s burp. He scolds Waqar for gaining fat.

Altaf is on call with someone. I said I will talk to him. End the call, Imran doesn’t have a phone! He cuts the call irritated. Imran comes home just then. Altaf greets him happily. He even finds Imran all smiling. He even gives a chocolate to his Mamu. Your favourite (Najma) has given it to me. altaf jokes about it. She is taking coaching from you but has sent chocolate for me. imran points out that it was him who saved half chocolate for him. Altaf calls it Najma’s Guru Dakshina. Teach her well. Imran has already enough of torture for the day. Don’t trouble me anymore. She talks like anything and just about anything. Altaf jokes that I know you like it (her company) too. Imran smiles back at him. altaf’s phone rings again. He cuts the call and begins to go to the kitchen when his phone rings again. He runs to pick it before Imran. He goes aside and talks to the person. I told you I will talk to Imran. End the call. He turns and finds Imran standing in front him. Imran thinks that maybe his Mamu is siding with Shamima Khala in arranging his second marriage. Don’t even think about it. altaf replies that he cannot do it as his first wife is still after him. Imran is taken aback. He loses his cool and wants a reply from his Mamu. Whose call was that? Altaf says it was Zeenat’s husband, Asad. Zeenat wants to sell the land that you had bought in Allahabad. Imran says she cannot sell my property. Altaf points out that he had registered Zeenat’s name at the time of registry so legally she has a right over that land. Don’t take tension I will handle it. I have scolded Asad so nicely that he wont even dare to call you. He was asking for your number but I told him you don’t keep a phone. Don’t worry I will take care of things.

Mariam asks Najma if she had gone to learn or teach tennis. Najma says I had gone there to learn but he is and will continue to be arrogant. He insisted that I call him sir. I too want to say it but I am stuck with new neighbour. He made faces when I gave him chocolate. Mariam smiles. Who calls a teacher new neighbour? He was right. Najma wonders if she is taking his side. mariam says I am only saying what is right. Najma explains her the difference between tennis and badminton. Mariam is relieved to know that they were practising in school’s backyard. Najma hugs her Ammi. Thank you! I am playing tennis because of you and am able to fulfil my dream. Mariam tells her to stop being filmy. Najma says new neighbour says the same thing. she goes to change as it is time for lunch. Mariam prays for her daughter’s happiness.

Mariam is talking to her brother. We were supposed to come but Naima’s relation has been fixed so there’s lot to do. Nasima calls out for Mariam to give her phone back as its been too long already. Mariam ends the call agreeing to call back in a few days.

Altaf calls out for Imran saying the food is ready. Mariam finds Imran gulping down alcohol. She wonders what happened to him today. najma said he was really happy today. altaf takes the glass from Imran’s hand asking him to stop. Imran says why she doesn’t talk to me if she is right. One needs guts for that. Altaf calls them shameless people. Forget about them, I said I will handle everything. That Zeenat and Asad are anyways a shameless lot of people. What else will she snatch from my nephew? She is a pathetic woman that she is still after all this after whatever happened. he is sad to see Imran in that condition again. I was getting my old Imran back but! You (Imran) are at fault too. Why did you add her name while doing the registry? Imran shows Mehak’s photo. She was my Mehak’s Ammi. He starts throwing and breaking stuff while he shouts. She was my wife. Who should I have trusted if not her? she was my wife. He frees himself and walks out for there in pain, despair and anger. Mariam observes everything from terrace and gets thinking.

Younis checks Abbajaan’s sugar level which is normal today. this means bitter gourd juice is good for you. Abbajaan gives credit to Mariam. She says this wont mean that there wont be any bitter gourd juice for you from tomorrow. They all smile. Jamaal comes there all bruised and beaten up. He tells them that he had gone to a house to deliver money order. It was in the name of the FIL of that house but the DIL was taking it by forging signature. Today the MIL got to know. They both fought over it like anything. It was some Afreen Khan, Anwar Khan’s wife. Younis and Abbajaan talk about the couple. Anwar stays in Delhi while Afreen roams around everywhere. She has even enrolled her daughter in dancing classes without even telling her MIL. Jamaal too talks about the DIL’s doing new things nowadays. Mariam says not all the DIL’s are same. he calls her different than anyone else. Abbajaan agrees with him. I have full faith that she wont hide anything from me. mariam thinks about how she has enrolled Najma for tennis without telling Abbajaan. He will be really hurt when he will get to know about it. What am I doing!

Imran is lost in thoughts. Najma tells him that she isn’t able to serve nicely. She notices him disturbed and asks him about it. he tries to dismiss it but she doesn’t let go. I shared my secret (tennis) with you. Tell me whatever problem you have. I will tell Ammi or Dadajaan and they will sort it out in seconds. He reminds her to concentrate on tennis. She does as told. He observes as she serves the ball. Your eye isn’t coordinated with the movement of the ball. She says I do it while I play badminton but he points out that this isn’t badminton. This is tennis. Its racket, ball and grip are different. It causes a lot of difference. Try it again. she nods. She again tries to make him split out his problem but he wants her to focus on her game. You wont become a champion otherwise. She says you are talking like new neighbour again. Talk like a coach. I am not your neighbour here. He relents. You can do it this is why you are here. He appreciates her when she does it right this time.

Mariam is in the kitchen. Rehmat Bi finds her all lost. Is everything alright? Mariam nods but then moves to another corner to do something else. She murmurs to herself that she should tell Abbajaan everything. Rehmat Bi too wants to know it but Mariam dismisses it. she goes to talk to Abbajaan.

Salman Baig suggests Jamaal never to come in between when two women are fighting. Jamaal tells him about how he was beaten but then gets up to go. He greets Mariam as she comes inside. She asks him to have food but he has promised to take Bilkish out today. He leaves. Mariam tries to tell Abbajaan but she gets worried thinking what if Abbajaan says no.

Najma and Imran take a break while he gives her pointers. Don’t let your focus divert for even a single second. It will guide you well to victory. She asks him about how she is playing. He calls it ok. If I say bad then you will make faces, you will need some time to become good. Najma wants to know how much time she will take to become national player. He looks at her confused.

Mariam is unable to say anything. Abbajaan mistakes her silence. She is about to tell him when Nasima comes there with her Ammi.

Salman Baig and Mariam congratulate her. She complains to him about how Younis doesn’t talk to her on phone. He has fixed everything but hasn’t told me anything. He assures her that younis has told everything to Nasima’s brother. She wants Naima to get married in the municipality park. He too likes the idea. Mariam suggests him to talk to the government officials as he knows them. he agrees to do it. mariam thinks of talking to him some other time. This isn’t the right time. She goes to bring tea for them.

Najma serves well this time. He tries ending the session but she wants to play more. she wants to learn fast and play for their country. She looks at the racket emotionally and thinks, I want to fulfil my Abbu’s dream. He says that will take 5 years. She looks at him in shock. He asks her if she thought she will become champion just by holding the racket in her hand, that too a national level player? Is this some joke? There are crores of people in our country out of which lakhs of them are living with this dream, and are doing hard work for it. If you want to work that hard then you must stay focused. You will be able to play on national level then only.

Waqar and Fiza cannot see their Appi anywhere. Fiza teases him for being tired always. He finally gets up to go and find Najma.

Imran calls it a day but Najma repeats his dialogue. I need determination and hard work to overtake those lakhs of people. Waqar is looking for Najma. Najma is tensed that it will take around 5 years for her to reach national level. Is it true new neighbour? Can it not happen sooner? He tells her to focus on the ball. If you lose your focus like this only then you might take 10 years. Waqar gets to know from another fellow student that she was in the back side a while ago. Najma is practising with Imran. She hears Waqar’s voice and gets worried.

Precap: Mariam wants to tell Abbajaan about Najma starting to play tennis but is worried about his reaction. What if he too is against it like Younis bhai?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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