Hamari Sister Didi 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Veer assures Amrita the civil security present in the hospital. Amrita asks could they know anything, and takes him inside a room. Veer says we couldn’t know about the third person, but will find it. Amrita says we know, you won’t spare him but she can’t understand who will be against Karan. Veer asks do you know about their past, as he and Dr. Avinash studied together. Veer says that no one should know about it. Dimple asks what no one should know. Veer says there is a big drama about the incident, with media. Dimple calls him in her office, so that he can inform the hospital management. Veer comes across Mehr, and thinks about her fake leg. She looks at him questionably, while Malika stares. Veer leaves. Mehr says that the one who looked for me in each sight, stole it; not everyone has the courage to live the truth.
Amrita thinks what is she searching for, Avinash loved Karan. Why did someone tried to kill him here. Mehr asks Maliks what decision management will take regarding their jobs. Malika tells her not to worry. They were discussing this, when they catch Veer looking at them. Mehr leaves to go inside. Malika comes to him, and says he betrayed her, he just saw the difficulty and left her. Veer says there is nothing like this. Malika says he fall off her eyes, one needs courage to love and goes inside.

Karan wakes up to find bouquets and nursing staff around. He asks what is this all. Malika says these have been sent by those who loves him, like patients, staff and everyone. Mehr says get well soon to him, Malika hugs him. Babay comes there. Malika ties a taweez on his hand. Amrita comes and asks what is going on, as the patient need peace and rest for recovery. She laughs, and says they must go out else Karan will say this in a while. They all leave, while Karan looks at the taweez and says he can’t digest this much love. He says he is here because of her, why she went inside, gets pain and starts again. She smiles. He asks who is so funny. She says him, welcome back. He argues he is here because of her. She says he is fine, because of her as well. He thanks her for nursing. She says she took the bullet out. They argue about it. He asks why she went in? She says she went in to give Lalit Prasad, but he jumped in. He says she must have got the bullet, had he not jumped in. There is a moment of silence, she gets up to give him medicine. He looks at her, as she prepares for the injection.

Management asks Dimple, why she gave such a statement, she has damaged the hospital’s image. Dimple argues that this is true. The management says this time, problem has been brought by her.

Karan argues, that all these medicines have side effects as muscle spasm, he won’t take it. She says he won’t eat it, she will. He asks has she gone mad, and is about to put it in mouth. He agrees to take them, she teases is he will really eat it? He tells her to take these flowers away. She says people have sent them with much love. He says she must inform people not to come to meet him, suspend Dr. s*xena’s licence and asks for AC’s remote. She keeps it on his side. He scolds her to keep it to his right. She asks is there something else. He asks her to tell people to keep silence.

Veer calls Mumbai Hospital as a normal person, and asks for Dr Karan. Veer says he knows he has gone to Patiala, and is calling to ask what kind of doctor he is. He says they have come to know, that has some enemity with someone. The manager says that Karan was and will be a good doctor.

The management says that at this time, Dimple had the responsibility to control media. Amrita is also the one to save Karan. Mrs. Kapoor sides Dimple, Dimple apologizes. The board gives Dimple some rules and regulations book.

Veer stops Amrita, she was annoyed at Karan. He tells Amrita, he called the Mumbai officer that the manager scolded him for asking him about Karan. He says that the man was disturbed, Amrita thinks Mummy ji and Dimple must know about it but they won’t even tell her.

PRECAP: Amrita says to Dimple that she will distribute the duty shift, but Dimple distributes them herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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