Tum Saath Ho Jab 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Younis tells the good news to Nasima and his Abbajaan. The 20th of next month has been fixed for Naima’s engagement. Shabbir’s Ammi was doing some drama initially but Shabbir handled things nicely. Nasima is happy and sure that Shabbir will keep Naima happy. mariam brings sweets for them. she gives one to Abbajaan too as it is a moment of happiness for all of them. nasima receives a call from her Ammi. Abbajaan remarks now the game has begun. Nasima gives the phone to Younis as Ammi wants to talk to him. Abbajaan makes him talk. He enjoys the convo but wonders why the MIL-SIL hasn’t fought yet. Younis loses his cool finally which brings a smile of relief on Abbajaan’s face. Younis suggests his MIL to talk to Nasima but they both end the call. He tells Nasima to send her brother to talk to Shabbir from now on. I don’t want to get in between all this. mariam tells him not to get angry. Bhabhi’s Ammi is alone so she must be worried, she trusts you a lot otherwise. She depends on you for everything. Nasima and Abbajaan make him understand. He says Nasima’s Ammi’s main tension is not the baraat but Shabbir who will take her daughter away from her. she is worried after the engagement date has been fixed that she will have no one to share her loneliness with her. this is the tradition of life. Daughters are like that only. You worry over her wedding all life but we get scared of losing her when her marriage gets fixed. Nasima’s eyes well up. Mariam too gets emotional.

All the kids want to talk to their Naima khala so that they can congratulate her on her engagement. They want to see Shabbir’s photo but Saba’s phone isn’t compatible for that. Mariam takes the phone from them and wishes Naima all the happiness in her life. Naima wants to talk to Saba. She takes all the younger kids with her. naima tells Saba to call Shabbir and fix a meeting for tomorrow. saba cannot understand why they have to meet now even when the engagement has been fixed. Naima wants to go on one date before her wedding. Real romance happens before wedding only. She emotionally blackmails Saba who finally gives in.

Jamaal takes Amma’s photo in his phone while Bilkish stands in a corner eyeing them angrily. Amma enjoys it when she notices that Bilkish is getting jealous. Bilkish prays that the suit gets stuck somewhere and gets torn. Jamaal gets to know that the suit piece was indeed Bilkish’s. He promises to buy a new suit for Bilkish tomorrow and a lunch date as well. Bilkish gets happy.

Mariam thinks of Abbajaan’s words as she pats a sleeping Najma’s head. she opens the cupboard and takes out Tauseef’s blazer. She thinks of Najma’s words about how handsome her Abbu would have looked in this blazer. She recalls how Tauseef had always wanted to play for his country. The light goes off. She looks outside and the outside lights light up. Tauseef walks inside the room wearing that blazer. She smiles as she finds Tauseef holding out his hand for her. she walks towards him. a past scene shows where they had danced romantically over Dhadkan Zara Ruk Gayi Hai in their room and outside on the terrace. In the present, Mariam dances while holding the sleeve of the blazer. Imran is out on her terrace. He coincidentally notices her dancing happily. he too smiles. Mariam suddenly notices him and stops in her tracks. He looks away while she hastily closes the windows of her room one by one. She lies down to sleep and Najma hugs her.

In the morning, Najma wakes up to find her Ammi praying. She greets her Ammi. She is confused to see the closed window. Mariam suggests her to leave it like that only but Najma wants to open it. we have no issue with new neighbour now. mariam stops her. najma eyes the window sadly.

Next morning, Altaf is making tea sadly. Imran asks for tea. Altaf wonders what has happened now that the window has been closed again. Imran tells him to focus on the tea.

Younis checks Abbajaan’s sugar level which is quite high. Mariam has brought bitter gourd juice for him. you have to drink it three times in a week. Abbajaan makes faces but Younis is not in any mood to relent. Mariam stands there while she waits for Abbajaan to empty the glass. Younis gets a call so excuses himself but not before asking Mariam to watch Abbajaan to make sure he drinks it. abbajaan finishes the whole glass of juice in one go somehow. You too are becoming my enemy nowadays. She denies. I want to become your Tasueef for you. He looks at her in surprise and then blesses her to be happy always.

Mariam is in the market. Imran was leaving on his bike when he notices her and stops his bike. He goes to talk to her. she isn’t comfortable being seen with him in the market. Imran apologizes to Mariam for what happened yester night. I was on my terrace and you were in (your room). I don’t want you to be worried because of me I am not a guy like that. She looks at him and then begins to go without saying anything. He starts walking too so she stops. She turns to look at him questioningly and he points out at his bike. She leaves smiling to herself while he sits on his bike.

Najma has been waiting for Imran since long. She sweetly points out that he is late whereas he points out that she came here before time. She says sorry when he shows her his watch. They both bicker again. she suggests her to start practise now as she doesn’t have much time. She gives him a chocolate for a new beginning. He says he doesn’t eat chocolates but she tells him to eat it for her sake then. ammi says you must do some things for others’ happiness at times. He takes it from her and eats it. they start their practise finally.

Saba tells Naima about her dinner date for tomorrow in Royal Cafe. Younis coughs so as to distract her. she ends the call. He scolds her for talking on phone all the time. Think about the bill. Mariam takes Saba’s side saying she wasn’t talking to her Naima Khala only. Plus Naima had called her. saba nods. Incoming is free. He sends her to bring water for him. Kids come home. Fiza and Najma greet him whereas Waqar takes his time to make his breathing normal. Fiza teases him about it. younis tells her not to say this in front of her Ammi or she will increase milk intake in the house by 1 kg. Fiza smiles. Najma wants to share so much with her Ammi as it was her first day. Younis gets curious. First day for what? Did something happen in school today? He too wants to know what she wanted to say to her Ammi. Najma thinks she cannot tell him anything as her tennis coaching might be banned if he gets to know about it.

Precap: Waqar is looking for Najma. He gets to know from another fellow student that she was in the back side a while ago. Najma is practising with Imran. She hears Waqar’s voice and gets worried.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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