Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s and raj’s residence
Avni helps out arpita when she messes up the rangoli, and then as they make a beautiful pattern, suket and bhawna who are watching compliment them on being the ideal daughter and daughter in law. Bhawna expresses her desire that they both do the puja today. Arpita asks avni to comply and she agrees. meanwhile, at raj’s place too, the morning arti begins, where Raj imagines that avni is doing it with him. raj tells avni that she is looking very beautiful and she too compliments him. Avni is drawn back to reality when Suket asks her to give Prashad. Avni starts thinking that she was dreaming of raj. Meanwhile, Raj too is drawn out of hallucinating about avni, by anjali. Avni is surprised to find Bhwana doing suket’s puja. Arpita tells avni that every wife does the arti of her husband. Avni is determined to do it too. Avni tells raj on the phone, that they would have to meet today, as she wants to do the ritual of doing his arti, while he says that he doesnt need all that. But avni is insistent. Raj asks if she would be able to leave amidst the diwali furore. she says that she would manage anyhow.

Later, Avni is about to leave, when suket asks her where is she going. She lies that she is going to devika’s place. He asks her to give the project file before going. She complies. After handing the file, she rushes to go out. As avni picks her purse and is about to leave, when it falls and things fall on the floor, seeing which Suket is shocked. avni is scared that seeing all this, suket would know everything. she tries to keep everything back, but suket notices and asks why. Before she can explain, he himself that this is all for devika, who is about to get married. she complies and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Avni picks up raj, on the road, and tells him that she has a special place to do the puja. He is impressed. they drive off. They reach the Martwadi samaj’s Communal celebration. they finally find a lonely spot, where noone can see them. She performs the puja, while raj watches her emotionally. They are oblivious that raj’s and Avni’s family has reached in just then, and they both confront each other, sternly. As raj and avni hug, they overhear their parents’ name, and are shocked and scared. Raj takes avni aside, where they hide, and hope that they ducked just in time. Avni thinks that got in love in hiding, and that now they have to keep their marriage in hiding, and laments at their situation, due to differences between the families. raj says that he would keep her happy, and never let her be sad, and like diwali, they shall win the good over evil, and that tonight they shall begin their operation to mend differneces between their families. He cheers her up, and they hug each other.

Meanwhile, Virat asks about raj from anjali, and just then raj comes in making an excuse of hanging out with friends. But virat is tensed, when he finds avni coming in from the same direction too, and is boggled wondering whats happening, and whether this is just a co-incidence. vikram asks virat to come over and socialise. Avni takes raj’s signal and mixes in with her family, who is ready to go. raj and avni both express their desire to wish the other family, for a Happy diwali, expressing how they should forget the past and move on. But both the family stands still, and are adamant that they wont. Raj says that iof they can forgive him, then why not they. Avni too asks them to move on, if she has. Finally they are about to turn over, but think that its better to avoid any kind of evil. raj and avni stand distraught, facing each other with the failure of their first attempt.

Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s and raj’s residence
Suket lashes out at what happened in the community, and hopw angry and in a rage he is over raj. Bhawna gets tensed, and avni asks him to calm down, and not increase his tension due to him. Suket leaves angrily. Avni calms down Bhawna, and she feels guilty. Avni thinks that she knows about bhawna and that she doesnt need to feel guilty.

In the night, raj and avni talk on the phone, about how their families arent even wanting to see each other in the eye. Avni calls raj and says that she is sure that nothing can separate them now ever and that they shall be united for sure, forever, along with their families. A determined Raj too agrees, and says that they shall get the families together but wonders how. Avni narrates her plan, saying that this time they wont give their families a chance to back out and raj loves it.

The next morning, Raj presents a teddy bear to pooja, madhuri’s daughter on her birthday and they decide to go out for a birthday bash, and raj leaves for making preparations. madhuri gives a chain to anjali, to keep it safe, that she has bought for pooja. Raj comes in finding anjali talking about the heritage bangles, that she finds as she takes out her jewellery box, that she wants to give these bangles to Raj’s wife. He rushes in and distracts them. They all leave, and he eyes the bangles.

Scene 4;
Location: Birthday Party Venue
Raj takes over the preparations, avni comes and surprises him, and compliments his arrangements too. she says that according to plan, she would get her families here only for a diwali lunch. She asks him why he called her early, as that wasnt a part of the plan. He says that he wanted to spend some time alone with her, and asks her to close the eyes. She complies, and he takes out the bangles, seeing which she is excited. he telkls about the history behind the bangles, and then confesses her love as to how much he loves her, kissing her on the hand, and that he would get her a place in the family. she hopes that the families dont fight this time. raj says that he has made a setting with the manager, who would set the fire alarm if any family tries to leave. While avni and raj are romancing, raj finds his father and points out avni’s attention to him. They both are shocked as they see him. The screen freezes on raj’s tensed face.

Precap: Pooja tells avni and her family that its her birthday and wont anyone wish her, and why arent they enjoying with her on her special day. All are tensed, while avni is overwhelmed with tears. Pooja turns away when they dont respond. Just then, avni comes from behind and happily wishes her a Happy birthday. she raies her hand to feed her cake. Avni is conscious that her bangles might be visible from the side of the Kurti arms. Anjali watcehs her and is tensed. raj too is scared that the bangles might be visible.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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